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Canada Vaporizer News

The Chewy Grinder | Chew, don't grind!

on Oct 16, 2018

All About Chewy And I'm sorry, I don't mean Chewbacca. Several years ago, a passionate Irish team that specializes in the design of products ranging from a design studio to designing and engineering vaporizers, spotted a need in the herb grinder market and took a revolutionary step towards addressing this need. Pulling all weights and expertise available, chewy grinder team of designers and engineers one year after the idea was initiated, manufactured the chewy herb grinder and this grinder totally revolutionized herb grinding and recorded an unimaginable network of distribution across the globe upon release into the market and is still the talk of the entire industry till date. When the chewy grinder released the specifications for this device, I... Read more »

New From Kannastor - The GR8TR V2 Grinder

on Oct 16, 2018

Kannastor’s new GR8TR V2 solid body herbal grinder is an updated version of their widely popular GR8TR model. The breakthrough modular design and technology of the V2 GR8TR has everything you have ever dreamed of for mastering your grind. Described as one of the world’s most advanced grinders for good reason, it will not only take your herb grinding to a new level but become your grinding partner for life.  With all the modularity that you can ever hope for, this device is so much more than your run-of-the-mill grinder.  With both standard and vape easy-change grinder plates, mesh stainless steel easy change screen, and bonus storage, this device is second to none.  When Kannastor designed the V2 GR8TR they were not only... Read more »

What is ABV | Already Been Vaped or something Else

on Oct 16, 2018

Hi guys, thanks for checking out our post today where we’re going to be talking about ABV or ‘Already Been Vaped’ herbs. It’s crazy to think that hundreds of years ago, when people combusted their herbs, that the ashes would not only smell bad and also had no use! What the heck am I talking about? ABV man! When you use a vaporizer, the left over material, called ABV still contains a LOT of special ingredients! There are several ways to make the most of your ABV that we’re going to talk about, but how cool is it that vaporizers are already way more efficient than combustion but on top if it, that you can use your expended material again!... Read more »

6 facts that will make you instantly want a convection vaporizer

on Oct 16, 2018

The two most prominent heating elements dominating the vaporizer market, conduction and convection. All vaporizers will use one of these two heating elements, or a combination of the two which is known as hybrid heating technology.   Conduction vs Convection – What does it mean?  Conduction heat is a process of moving heat or electricity directly from one solid substance to another substance, that has a different temperature when they are touching each other (oven – dry herb). The walls of the herb chamber are usually made with steel or high-quality ceramics and are directly heated to in turn heat your herb.  Convection heat on the other hand, uses a sort of middle man by relying on liquid or gas to move the heat from one... Read more »

If You Haven’t Dabbed By Now, You Should Be

on Oct 16, 2018

710 day is almost on us. Even in Canada, it’s the unofficial day for concentrate, oils and dabbing, getting its name from the fact that if you turn the number 710 upside down it resembles the word oil. A necessary celebration of a newer form of herb consumption that’s been taking the world by storm and changing people’s opinions for the better. The concentrate, or dab as the most popular form of them are called. Dabs are the latest thing in the game, becoming more popular and more widely available as more laws are passed and more opinions are turned. As long as you can get your hands on them, they are in, in almost every way, better than traditional... Read more »

Which Great Canadian Vaporizer Are You?

on Oct 16, 2018

We enjoy a relaxed Canada Day just as much as the next Canuck, and there's nothing quite like a vape session to get you nice and chill! But as the day gets nearer, we start to wonder about which Canadian vaporizer would suit us best. Canada is such a melting pot of people and hobbies, and there's a vape for everyone! Which great vape are you?   Arizer Solo 2/1 You like the newest, shiniest thing, but don't mistake that as being showy! You value quality and like to get your money's worth, and that is no bad thing. You like to research before you buy (hello!) and spend hours reading different articles trying to compare features and appearance. You... Read more »

Flowermate V5.0 Pro vs Black Mamba | Best Budget Beast

on Oct 16, 2018

Two budget-friendly herbal vapes enter, and only one leaves! Thankfully this is only a showdown, not a Mad Max style fight to the death, but we're just as serious about our worthwhile vaporizers as they are about Thunderdomes. The Flowermate V5.0 Pro was a famous name before it was released, and has gained a reputation as a perfect vape for people who value portability and high quality. Can it stand up to the Black Mamba though? A vape which definitely has a bite to it, it is ideal for beginner vapers who are moving from bongs or blunts over to vaporizers.  So back to back, which of these is the perfect budget herbal vape? Crave Ceramic and Master Materials Ceramic ovens... Read more »

Concentrates are the Future - and Shatterizer is leading the Way

on Oct 16, 2018

There was a time in the not too distant past that concentrates were a niche offering. Only the most dedicated would reach the dizzying heights of making their own concentrates (they were hard to find and inconsistent when you could find them) or using them regularly. To compare that with the current market for concentrates is like looking at sepia photographs of your grandparents: you know they were young once, but the way they lived was so different. Shatterizer is a company that is taking that revolution further, offering high quality and consistently excellent concentrate vaporizers that were impossible to source for any reasonable price only a few years ago. Catering to a more grown-up market of professionals and people... Read more »


on Oct 16, 2018

    With Saint Patricks Day nearly here one thing we can be sure of is that the Irish like a good party, and what better way to make that party a little bit sweeter than adding a vaporizer into the mixture?  Of course, Irish people are well known for their love of Guinness and being an Irishman myself I can attest to this fact! Make no mistake about it, the Vaporizer Guru, is not just partial to a few vapes he loves pints of Guinness too!! I once fell into a large Guinness Brewery tank and began to sink to the bottom, but when I was rescued by some good Samaritan I punched this 'have a go hero' in... Read more »

Kandypens: Gravity vs Galaxy | A Stellar Showdown

on Oct 16, 2018

Kandypens have grown massively in popularity since their launch, and with good reason. The concentrate vapes use true convection technology to bring some of the smoothest vapor we've ever seen come from vape pens! That said, the Gravity and the Galaxy seem very similar on first glance. We're here to break down the differences between the two for you! Turn Up The Heat Like with other Kandypens, these two lovely pieces include the color-coded light system! This is one of the few areas where the devices really differ. The Galaxy has three temperatures available, and with different heats come different preferences! The Red heat means low, the Green represents medium, and the Blue is high. If you've watched any videos or... Read more »

Desktop Vaporizers or Portable Vaporizers | Why & when?

on Oct 16, 2018

    With so many Desktop and Portable vapes out there choosing which vaporizer to use can be like feeling your way through a minefield. Vaporizing is the zeitgeist of the modern era offering consumers an affordable and healthy alternative to the traditional methods of smoking.  The modern technology works on an entirely different level   to traditional methods of using bongs or smoking a joint- what vaporizers do is to heat up the herbs instead of combusting it and this results in a smoother more refined smoke. The heating process acts to ensure that your smoke with be a healthier and more nutritious than from what you  what you'd previously be accustomed  to.  The big question for consumers is which Desktop or Portable vape should... Read more »

The Best Halloween Costumes for A Herb Fan

on Oct 05, 2018

Halloween is the one time of year where you can dress whatever way you want as long as it isn’t racist. Even then some people don’t care. So, when the time comes to choose a Halloween costume its important to pick something that reflects your personality, unless its racist. Of course, the internet is inundated with listicles packed with tepid ideas for Halloween costumes, and here’s another one. To set ourselves apart from the milieu, we have decided to focus on costumes solely for herb fans, this will not only allow you to dress up for Halloween, but you can let people know that, ‘Hey, I like the herb’, so this could be seen as a list of effort saving... Read more »

Snoop Dogg has a cookbook and we want to try ALL the food

on Oct 03, 2018

Snoop Dogg is a modern renaissance man. He has turned his hand from everything from rap, DJing, soccer coaching, vape manufacturing, bong design, and now; cooking. Celebrity books are usually a non-event, with barely a month going by without some B-lister releasing an ego-boosting autobiography in a feeble attempt to gain some kind of relevance. Snoop’s new book is another beast, after all, why would a legend need to resort to such petty publicity stunts. His new book is a cook book. This isn’t as strange as it sounds, 2Chainz, a fellow rapper, released a slim cookbook in the past. However, knowing Snoop, this book will be on another level. Crook to Cook Snoop will be packing his book with... Read more »

Three Reasons Why Your Best Vaporizer Might not be Working and how to fix Them 

on Sep 28, 2018

Wear and Tear One minute you are puffing away, all is good in the world and then out of nowhere the magic stops. You’re not quite sure what has gone wrong but your vape just isn’t right. All vaporizers, no matter the quality, brand, or price can begin to have problems after extended use. It can be difficult to pinpoint these. Some products may have brand specific issues, you could be misusing your device, or it may be down to wear and tear. Luckily for you, your vape can more than likely be fixed and it could be quite a simple solution. Top Three Reasons Why Your Vapor Taste Burnt If your vapor begins to taste burnt you could need... Read more »

Not Getting Enough Vapor from your Mighty Vape?

on Sep 26, 2018

Packs a Punch The Mighty Vaporizer by Storz & Bickel remains as a force to be reckoned with, still standing as one of the most popular and best value vapes on the market. Although it may not sound small this device is definitely portable. It might not offer a feature of discreetness, but it does ensure a lasting battery for as long as you may need. The hybrid device is well known for packing a punch and providing users with flavourful hits but what if you’re not getting the best out of your product? Tips and Tricks for the Mighty Vaporizer Clean Your Cooling Unit As most of you will already know, the mighty is equipped with an innovative and... Read more »

Davinci MIQRO | This Summers Best New Vaporizer! Let the summer begin!

on Sep 25, 2018

The eagerly awaited newest vaporizer in the DaVinci range has finally arrived and it was well worth the wait. If you loved the DaVinci IQ then be prepared to be equally seduced by their latest addition the DaVinci MIQRO vaporizer. This is everything, and we mean everything that you loved about the IQ wrapped up in a smaller package. You might have doubted that DaVinci could come up with anything smaller but prepare to be amazed because the MIQRO is here and we think it will be staying. We have taken a good look at the MIQRO and put together everything you need to know about this elegant and super small sized new kid on the block. And don’t be... Read more »

3 Essential Life Hacks For Your Wax Pen

on Sep 24, 2018

Hey, you; do you love your wax vaporizer? Do you love wax concentrates? Do you want the two things that you love to work better than they do already? Your probably do, unless you love inefficacy, you luddite. Wax pens are an amazing innovation that let you enjoy dry herb concentrates safely and conveniently. They generally work with one or two of the main forms of concentrate and feature a high-quality heating element that can effectively vaporizer your concentrate without the need for the butane torch associated with dabbing rigs. With a bit of innovation, you can push your vaporizer harder, and further. You can get more from it, you can vape so efficiently that Germans will start taking notes... Read more »

Is your vaporizer giving a burnt taste?

on Sep 07, 2018

It’s a Friday evening, you’ve just settled in from a hard week a work. Tony in the office didn’t stop running his mouth this week and you need to get his nagging voice out of your head, you turn on The Office (US one because that’s the best one) grab your trusty vape, load up with your favourite herbs, inhale and…. Yuck! What is that burning taste, vaporizers don’t burn dry herbs, so what is with the horrid taste? A burnt hit is very unpleasant and at times, can ruin your session. Who wants that?  There could be a few mistakes you’re making with your vape that is allowing this to happen, don’t beat yourself up though. We were all beginners at one... Read more »

The Best quality flavor and much less toxic, these Conduction Vapes are the best in the business

on Sep 03, 2018

While we at Namaste believe that convection heat truly is the future, there are still plenty of great conduction devices on the market that we love. Conduction vaporizers are often many peoples first foray into the community, because they’re much cheaper to produce in comparison to the technology required with convection devices.   However, because conduction vaporizers fall on the lower end of the production scale, there’s a lot of duds out there that fall victim to combustion and compromise the quality of your herb – as well as introducing smoke and carcinogens into your vapor, and in turn your lungs (yikes). So, if you’re going to go for a conduction device, make sure it’s one of these.   Pax 3 Vaporizer - No Intro Needed Pax... Read more »

E-Nails make Dabbing a much easier and cleaner experience 

on Aug 29, 2018

Dabbing is the lesser known, and far more potent way to enjoy the active ingredients of your dry herb. Dabbing concentrates are made through a process known as solvent concentration. This process uses a chemical solvent, usually butane, to push the active ingredients out of the plant matter of dry herb and into a solvent solution. Obviously putting butane anywhere near a heat source is a good way to blow the majority of your torso off, so the next step involves purging the solvent from the solution. This is done with a vacuum oven that lowers the boiling point of the butane to a safe temperature.   This process results in one of three forms of concentrate: Oil, this is the lease potent and pure... Read more »

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