A Review of the Puffco Peak

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Unlock the Power of Concentrates

Brought to you by Puffco, the Peak is the latest in dabbing technology and a first in portable e-rigs, offering control and a unique experience. Puffco says that it’s newest vape can unlock the ‘power of concentrates’ and provide the clearest expression of potency and flavor.

The Puffco Peak has an impressive range of heat settings making it perfect for beginners and experts. At first glance, it’s easy to see why this device has been so popular so far.

With a speedy heat-up time of 20 seconds and long last battery, it is efficient as well as enjoyable. Additionally, SmartWare technology automatically adjusts heat up times to provide a more consistent experience.

In an ever expanding market Puffco have made sure that the Peak stands out and offers some originality. The vape device comes in a range of colors with the limited edition lightning Peak stealing the show.

Throw discretion out the window with this vaporizer and make sure to take advantage of the LED light glow, whereby a range of luminous colors shine through the translucent peak. When it comes to dabbing Puffco have produced a breakthrough device.

What’s in the box?

the puffco peak for dabs
  • Puffco Peak Vaporizer
  • Loading Tool
  • Cleaning Swabs
  • Carry Case
  • Carb Cap
  • Micro USB Charger and Supercharger
  • Extra Ceramic Bowl


The Peak device is all about originality and the folks at Puffco have somewhat taken things to the next level with its design. The unit itself is finished with a glossed metallic and the bottom is made from non-slip silicone, each part feels well crafted and premium.

When activated, the pulsing light indicator looks all the more classy as well as futuristic. On design alone, it’s well done to the manufacturers from us.


So, its decided that the Peak has a pretty smart and interesting design. It comes complete with a cone-shaped vaping unit and embedded water pipe with vertical mount-like-peak (hence the name). Everything about the design is very modern and best of all it still seems to have kept some sturdiness.

A silicone base ensures this vaporizer doesn’t slip or slide and as most of the weight is distributed at the bottom it shouldn’t tip over with any slight knocks. The Peak’s glass is high quality and hand-blown to ensure pure and great tasting vapor. The bowl is made from high-grade ceramic and can easily be removed for cleaning.

As well as having a super long lasting time, this vaporizer can be fully charged within just two hours using the supercharger (you’ll be happy to know). This should give users on average around 30 dabs and the device can hold a charge for three/four days, which is pretty impressive.
When the battery on the Peak is running low it will alert you with three red flashes, five flashes is for a short circuit, and a steady red light means overheating.


With four predetermined settings, the temperature of the Puffco Peak ranges from 450-600°F. Some vape lovers could see this as a downfall as many other devices in the same price range do come with precise temperature controls, however, the flavor doesn’t really seem affected.

The intelligent calibration settings can be fun to play around with and you can cycle through at the click of a button. For small loads the low setting is recommended, this is 450°F and takes around 20 seconds to heat up. For medium loads use medium (500°F and 20 seconds), for large the high setting (550°F and 25 seconds), and for extra large loads users can avail of the peak setting (600°F and 25 second heat up).

Ease of Use

The Puffco Peak comes with some very cool and useful features including a haptic feedback which will gently vibrate to let you know that it is time to vape. On top of this there is also the optional LED light band located at the front. This can show either battery level or heat settings and can be turned on and off for discretion (or showing off) when needed.

When it comes to the maintenance of the Peak the glass and carb cap are easily cleaned and the atomizer can be cleaned fully assembled or disassembled. This and the gold connector can easily be freshened up with some cotton swabs and isopropyl alcohol.

When cleaning, users should be careful not to get the bottom of the device wet as it is electrical and may break. Cleaning is roughly recommended after 20 uses and it is advised to wait until the bowl cools down before removing. This part as well as the glass bubbler are cleaned with ease so feel free to share your low maintenance Peak with friends at parties, worry free.


Whilst there is no doubt that the Puffco Peak is not a discrete or portable device, it is versatile. The Peak is perfect for sharing and bringing to parties but also great for chilling at home and having some solo sessions.

Before using the vaporizer it is important to have it fully charged and whilst charging the Peak should pulsate and light up white. It will turn off when fully charged. If wanted, you can fill the glass section with water (above the air holes) but make sure never to do this when the base is attached. The side button when held down for three seconds will allow you to lock and unlock the device, after which you can place the carb cap on top and double click to activate.

Vapor Quality

The Puffco Peak definitely has top notch flavour. The hits can be made pretty big and are high quality as well as potent. Not to mention the water filtration does a nice job of cooling down the vapor before it reaches your mouth. The materials used in manufacturing means that you can expect nothing less than clean hits and thanks to the ceramic cups, your materials are at no risk of combustion.


  • Haptic feedback
  • Session mode perfect for social dabbing
  • Fast heating time
  • 2-hour charging times using a supercharger
  • Long-lasting charge
  • Removable bowl
  • Shareable


  • Cannot be used while charging
  • Pre-set temperatures