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All You Need To Know About The Volcano Digit Vaporizer

on Jun 29, 2018

The Volcano Digit Vaporizer is rated as a superior desktop-vaporizer manufactured by a German company known as Storz and Bickel. Even though the classic Volcano was first released in 2000, the U.S only received this version in 2003, while the digital model was released in 2007.

With its innovative technology which started off with their unique and patented detachable balloon which has continued with its temperature system that is computer-controlled, Storz and Bickel is associated with vaporizer royalty.

Proven And Trusted Quality

The Volcano Digit Vaporizer comes with a 3-year warranty, but you can expect this device to last for decades to come. The digital version has taken the very same quality as the Classic version and improved on it. This includes a computerized temperature-control that has the ability to pinpoint the temperature to an individual degree. The main design rule when it comes to the Volcano’s involves separating users from the process of heating. It is this medical-grade precision that has resulted in a potential potency of as much as 75% with both the Digital and Classic. One of the other improvements on the Digital is an auto-off function, which makes it even easier to set the device up and just forget about it.

Two Valve Types

Another improvement on the Volcano Digit Vaporizer is the valves used that attach the device to the balloons. Below are the 2 styles you are able to select from with your digital vaporizer:

1. Solid Valve

The valve offers a metal-valve production which is reliant on placing the individual balloons on the valve. There is more work involved with this choice, as you need to fit your valve with the balloon-material. The valve will usually last like the device will. This more cost-effective option will last longer but requires more upkeep.

2. Easy Valve

If you choose this option, it comes with plastic valves which are already attached to the pre-made balloons. All that is required is to attach your valve onto the device you are using. The individual bag/valve combos are expected to last for around 150 uses. This is an option that costs a bit more but is a lot more convenient.

What’s Inside The Box?

  • - The Volcano Digital Vaporizer
  • - Herb Grinder
  • - Easy Or Solid Valve Balloon Set
  • - Liquid Pad
  • - Instruction Manual
  • - Air Filter
  • - Normal Screen-Set
  • - Cleaning Brush


You may have already seen this vaporizer in use on the show Disjointed on Netflix, or on popular video clips, this Volcano vaporizer is already a living legend. This product is a true classic when it comes to forced-air desktop vaporizers, and the only option when you are in search of superior performance along with outstanding reliability. It will probably take a few years, but you will definitely make the money back that you spent on this purchase when you find out how long it will last. It is said that by the time a Volcano has worn out, you would have probably wasted your money on at least 2 to 3 lesser vaporizers.


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