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Abrar Odoo 20/01/2017



When non vapers see people using vapes and e-cigarettes many peoples reactions are negative. But this negative reaction is born out of ignorance rather than any real evidence. People who aren't acquainted with vaporizers automatically see the vapours and smoke rising and they wrongly assume that vaporizers are bad for the health. But this view is in stark contrast to  all available medical evidence which points to the direction that vaporizers are actually good for you. People using vaporizers have seen a reduction of toxins and carcinogens entering the blood stream and this has led to healthier more productive people advocating the benefits of vaporizers.  In short, peoples lives have been changed for the better.


When it comes to vaporizing the keyword is ‘misinformation’ as many of the naysayers are ignorant of the benefits to using vapes. These naysayers would be the same people who continually shout from the rooftops that your herbal is bad for you when all available evidence seems to point otherwise. Many of these ignoramuses are resistant to change, and are burying their heads in the sand when it comes to a lot of issues, including vaporizers.  


But the good news is that much of society is now becoming more educated about vapes and their wholesale benefit to the human body. Like any new device, or any new invention, initially people can be sceptical in regards to the pros and cons, but as more information comes to light people gradually become more aware of whether the device is worth it or not, and when it comes to vaporizers, they are most definitely worth it. The blog I’ve written below is designed to further educate the masses in regards to vaporizers. In this blog I will attempt to show how vapapeorizers operate and what technology makes them tick.


One of the main driving forces of vaporizers is the battery. A strong battery can ensure that your vaporizer will last for many vapes and will be ready for vaping when you are.  The majority of vaporizers are powered using lithium ion battery's. One of the reasons why lithium ion batterys are used is because they are rechargeable, and because they reduce cost. Other vaporizers, usually desktop ones, require that they are plugged into the wall so that they are fully operational, but the majority of vaporizers usually go with the battery technology.  There are usually two different types of battery s the manual and the automatic, and both can be used depending on your own specific needs.    




There are usually two different types of vaporizing technology that is used for your herbs: Conduction technology and Convection technology.


  • CONVECTION: Convection is where hot air is blown over your herbs to heat it up and this results in your herbs getting vaporized at the perfect consistency. Many people have spoken out about how reliable and how convection technology is compared to some of the other methods of heating your herbs. What convection ensures is that your herbs are always heated at the perfect consistency. But the one small gripe I would have with convection is that, because this method is the best the vaporizers can be very expensive to purchase. But in my opinion you shouldn't let the price-tag put you off, because if you want a superior product you shouldn't be afraid of paying top dollar to get it.


  • CONDUCTION: Conduction is the method whereby your herbs are vaporized when they come into direct contact with a heated object. Conduction was the very first method that was used in vaporizers and e-cigarettes, and this method has most definitely served its purpose, but conduction has come in for some criticism due to its uneven heating of your herbs. The main problem with conduction is that this method only heats the portion of your herbs that comes into contact with the heating element. Another issue is that if your turn up the heat too high then the rest of your herbs can have a tendency to combust.  



What happens when you take a draw is that the vapour travels down through a pipe and into a mouthpiece where you can then suck the nutritious herbs into your lungs. Of course, there are many different type of vaporizers which can vary in terms of quality and design. Some vaporizers have longer pipes that transfer your herbs and other vaporizers have shorter pipes. If you’re thinking of enjoying your herbs when moving about well then a portable vaporizer such as the Pax3 might be the one for you, but if you’re thinking of enjoying your herbs at home well then a desktop such a Volcano might be what you’re looking for.




Many researchers believe that vaporizers are an excellent way for people to improve their overall health and well being.  There has been widespread research which supports the thesis that vaporizers are far healthier than traditional methods of taking your herbs. When it comes to using medical herbal Doctors in whole host of country have begun advising patients to use vaporizers when taking their herbal. The main reason why health professionals have begun advocating using vaporizers is because of the decreased amount of toxins that will be in your bloodstream. Traditional methods such as rolling up a joint and packing it full of herbal and tobacco has been proven to be a health hazard and this is where vaporizers come in to solve this problem. Overall, vaporizers offer a fantastic alternative for herbal afficandos, an alternative that is cleaner, healthier, and better for you.