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Best Desktop Vaporizers 2019

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Namaste Vapes Canada 23/01/2019

Looking to upgrade your sessions? Make 2019 the year you invest in a desktop device! While it might seem like a huge splurge, desktop devices are perfect for anyone looking to vape more efficiently.

All desktop vaporizers are primarily powered by convection heating, which maximises the performance of your herb while stretching it’s life span, which means longer sessions! Less waste and cleaner technology means a desktop device works out as the more environmentally (and economically) friendly option in the long term.

So what are you waiting for? Here is the Namaste definitive list of the best desktop vaporizers of 2019.

Storz & Bickel Volcano Digit and Classic

Other than the release of the Volcano Digit, there have been essentially no changes to the design and functionality of the legendary Volcano desktop vaporizer since it exploded onto the market almost two decades ago. And why would there be?

The Volcano continually peaks on Best Vaporizer lists every year thanks to its amazing vapor quality, which is unparalleled across the market to this day. The Classic Volcano remains as one of the most user-friendly desktop devices on the market.

Volcano Digital

Just push a button and wait for your balloon attachment to fill up with the tastiest, smoothest, convection-powered vapor. And if you’re worried about how to manage a whole bag in one sitting, don’t be - Volcano balloons hold vapor for an incredible 8 hours so you can enjoy long, leisurely sessions at your own pace.

The Volcano Classic comes with 9 pre-set temperature levels, while the Digit offers users full temperature control down to single degree increments. Both the Digit and the Classic model have a temperature range of 130°C - 230°C, which is sure to cater to all tastes and heat preferences.

However because the Classic is powered by analog technology, you’ll never have to worry about electrical problems shortening the lifespan of your device - which is largely why the Volcano Classic is considered the sturdier of the two models.

Whether you go for the old reliable Volcano Classic or splash out on a Digital Model - get ready for the tastiest vapor you’ll ever experience for years to come! Volcano owners regularly report their devices lasting over a decade, thanks to Storz & Bickel’s incredible German engineering.

Arizer Extreme Q

The Extreme Q from Arizer is one of the most versatile desktop vaporizers on the market, giving users the fun of experimenting with several different vaping styles. The Extreme Q can be used with water pipes, balloon attachments AND whip attachments, making it the perfect desktop vaporizer for the vaper who wants the best of all worlds!

Available for a fraction of the price of other desktop vaporizers (and even some portable models), this offering from Arizer gives you high-quality vapor in a sleek and stylish desktop model that won’t break the bank.  The ceramic heating element and convection based heating system work together to give the customer completely untainted vapor.

Extreme Q

One of the most notable features of the Extreme Q is how it is completely constructed around amplifying the user’s experience, through it’s versatile functionality and user-friendly design. The device is also remote control operated, which takes user accessibility to a whole new level. Whether you’re busy tidying up for a night in with friends, or simply too lazy to get off the couch - you can have your vape heating up in the corner and ready to go at the touch of a button.

The Extreme Q also has a handy little automatic shut-off timer, which can be easily set to your own preferred time frame. This is a wonderful feature, which means you won’t ever have to worry about that gut-wrenching moment when you think “Wait, did I forget to turn the vape off?” and pray you don’t come back to your house to find it engulfed in flames.

Swapping between the balloon attachment and the whip attachment couldn’t be easier, it’s simply a matter of taking one out and fitting the other snuggly into the chamber. The balloon attachment is easily filled in a matter of minutes and coupled with the fan assist feature, you’ll have your balloon ready to hit in no time! To take your session to the next level, once your balloon is filled you can vape it through a water pipe for the smoothest possible draw.

The whip attachment provides a longer vapor path for the coolest, tastiest vapor even at high heats, and using the whip in tandem with the fan assist feature will cool your vapor even more.

Speaking of temperature, the Extreme Q has an expansive heat range of 50°C - 250°C, which is sure to cater to all preferences and get the maximum performance out of your material. Whether you want to vape low and slow or blast through your herb to finish off your session on a high note, Arizer have you covered with this device.

The Arizer Extreme Q brings desktop vaping to new heights while pushing price tags down to affordable lows - so an excellent vaping experience can be for the many, not just a privileged few.

Storz & Bickel Plenty

This might seem like a bit of a wildcard choice, but the hugely underrated Plenty from Storz & Bickel has made it on to this list because it is so incredibly unique and unlike any other popular desktop model available on the market. Best described as a hand-held portable desktop vape, the Plenty takes the best of convection technology only achievable with a desktop device and matches it with the easy, casual use of a portable vaporizer.


What’s so great about this vape? Well, the clue is in the name - the Plenty has an even larger herb chamber than the Volcano, and provides dense clouds of tasty, thick vapor. With an even wider surface area than the Volcano, your herb has more space to spread out which allows for even more efficient heating and even cooking.

The Plenty also has a unique whip-style cooling coil mouthpiece, which effectively cools down your vapor even further by extending the distance between the herb chamber and the mouthpiece.

While most desktop vapes are best enjoyed as a sort of party-piece in a group, the Plenty performs just as well in a solo session. Whether you pack your chamber to the brim or go with just a pinch of material, you’ll still get the same dense vapor and satisfying draws as you would with a larger pack.

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