Best dried herb vapes for heavy consumers

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By Janelle Lassalle

Many connoisseurs will tell you the best way to fully enjoy cannabis’ unique tastes and smells is through vaping. After all, vaping doesn’t rely on combustion. This means the act of vaping preserves the plant’s volatile terpenes—and we all know terpenes play a key role in what your experience will be like. Vaping is also portable, discreet and gentler on the lungs and throat than smoking. 

Part of what makes vaping so unique are the infinite customization options it allows. You can invest in conduction or convection vapes (as well as hybrid models), customize your temperature to suit your vapour output, or even use your vape for concentrates.

You can find hundreds of vaporizers available on the market today. But which among them are truly the best of the best? Read on for our recommendations on the top 10 dry herb vaporizers below.

Arizer Solo II

The Arizer Solo II is a dry herb vaporizer. It’s a hybrid that combines the best of conduction and convection based technologies to deliver a superior vaping experience. In the case of this model, that means you can load your cannabis into a glass chamber (aroma tubes) that is then heated by a heating element. 

There’s a lot to love about the Arizer. The first thing that comes to mind is portability. In terms of size the Arizer II is fairly tiny, coming in at 11.4 cm x 4.5 cm x 3.5 cm and weighing a mere 210 grams. It can be discreetly slipped into just about any pocket. 

The aroma tubes that come with the Arizer can also be pre-filled with dried flower in advance; simply fill up your herb and slip on the cap. You’re now ready to take your pre-loaded flower on the go without worrying about spilling it in a purse or backpack. Not good enough? The Arizer II also comes with a belt clip that allows you to securely fasten your vape and aroma tubes, giving you unrestricted on the go access. 

You can also customize your experience to suit your vapour preferences. Choose a specific temperature of your choice via the LCD display. You’ll be good to go within 20 seconds, though those who prefer thicker vapour may want to wait a little longer for the Arizer to fully heat up. 

Firefly II 

The Firefly II is a convection-based vaporizer. It can be used for dry herb or concentrates, and is also known for producing high quality, flavourful vapour clouds. This is likely due to the generous temperature customization range as you can select any temperature between 200F to 500F, the widest range in any handheld vaporizer. And at a mere 3 seconds heating time, this vape is lightning fast.

The Firefly is stylish and easy to clean, keeping any unwanted smells to a minimum. It’s also got significantly improved air flow—33% more than the last model, to be exact. The battery recharges within 45 minutes. Cleaning it is also a breeze. 

You can also connect your Firefly to the app to unlock other customization options. These include a wider range of temperature settings as well as access to an information centre that provides you with videos on how to best use your Firefly.

Boundless CFV convection vaporizer

Most vaporizers will set you back a cool $200. The Boundless CFV, on the other hand, is a steal at $149.99. It’s an easy-to-use, completely convection-based dry herb vape that will easily fit in just about any pocket. 

The Boundless has a digital temperature LCD display so you can set your temperature to the exact degree of your choosing. The CFV also has a built-in memory function, meaning the device will remember your last heating temperature every time you turn it on. Plus, it has a three-year warranty.

One of the coolest aspects of the CFV are the interchangeable heat retention rings, which line the chamber. Modifying these rings will alter the CFV’s heat retention characteristics, allowing you to tailor the flavour profile of your herb to your liking. The wooden heat ring, for instance, doesn’t absorb heat, creating a much smoother and tastier vapour. The quartz ring is designed for those who like thicker vapour clouds. You can easily change the rings out with the chamber removal tool. 

The Mighty Vaporizer

The Mighty’s name is especially fitting, as it’s considered by many to be one of the best vaporizers on the market. It was released by the celebrated German engineers Storz & Bickel who created the infamous Volcano vaporizer. 

While its portability is somewhat restricted by the larger size, few other vaporizers on the market are capable of producing the massive clouds the Mighty is known for. It can be used for dry herb or concentrates, and comes with a two-year warranty.

The Mighty uses a hybrid model, utilizing both conduction and convection-based heating methods. Temperature controls are located on the front, with a screen that also helpfully displays battery life. 60 seconds is all you need to get the device heated up, and with a full charge in two hours, the Mighty is a great choice for outdoor social events, like a group hike.

Ghost MV1 Vaporizer

The Ghost MV1 vaporizer is one of the most beloved portable dry herb vaporizers on the market. It enjoys this reputation on account of the thick, flavourful vapour clouds it produces. The ergonomic design feels nice to the touch and is comfortable in your hand.

The body is a lightweight alloy and features a robust 2600 mAh battery. It’s a convection based vaporizer that utilizes dry herb and concentrates alike. The mouthpiece is made of borosilicate glass and is retractable, ensuring you won’t break off the mouthpiece when transporting your Ghost. The removable ceramic chamber is also an added bonus as it makes for very easy cleanup. You may also notice that the Ghost has a unique heat sink at the top to help cool vapour down even further, ensuring the smoothest clouds possible. This efficient setup is a great way to maximize your dry herb.

Users can modify their experience even further by connecting the Ghost to its namesake app. 

Pax 3

The Pax 3 is one of the most ubiquitous dry herb vaporizers around. It can also utilize concentrates. As such it’s available both as a standalone model ($199.99) or as a kit that comes with additional accessories ($249.99). The kit includes items like a concentrate insert for concentrate use. 

In terms of size, the Pax 3 is one of the most convenient dry herb vapes to slip into a pocket unnoticed. The exterior is a high-polished anodized aluminium body with a matte finish. The vapour produced by the PAX is cool and flavourful thanks to a lip sensor that heats the PAX when you bring it to your lips and cools when you set it down. 


The PAX 3 can also be integrated with the PAX app for additional features and customization options. Select from one of five pre-set temperature programs via the Pax app.

One of the biggest selling points for the Pax 3 is its speedy heat up time, touted as “best in class” at 20-22 seconds (less than half the time of the PAX 2). Battery power is 3500mAH, with a reduced 90 minute charge time that’s good for 8-10 sessions per charge. Did we mention it also has a 10-year warranty?


The DaVinci MIQRO is the little brother of the original DaVinci IQ Vaporizer. Part of its appeal is its unparalleled portability. It’s so small that the body of the vaporizer can neatly fit within the palm of your hand. 

This little dry herb vaporizer is capable of a whole lot. In terms of heating the MIQRO’s range is 300°F-430°F. It has a zirconium ceramic vapour path and mouthpiece to ensure you’re getting the highest quality, best tasting vape around. 


Other fun features that allow you to further customize your experience include innovative smart path technology, boost mode, and standby mode. Smart paths designates four separate temperature ranges for you to choose from while boost mode increases temperature rapidly until you release. Standby mode helps you conserve your dry herb by rapidly cooling down the vaporizer, a feature that also helps conserve battery.

Heating time is 30 seconds. The battery is a 8350 900mAh battery and can be swapped out and reaches a full charge within 45 minutes.

The Crafty

The Crafty is the kid brother of the big Mighty, so you know it’s a high quality product. It’s a dry herb vape with concentrate capabilities that enjoys a simple, ergonomic design and one-button operation. You can even connect The Crafty via a Bluetooth app. The haptic vibration will notify you once your Crafty is heated up and ready to go. 


This vaporizer utilizes a combination of full hot air convection and conduction heating. While pre-set temperatures are configured between 356°F and 383°F, you can also control temperature precisely with the Bluetooth app. The chamber is made of stainless steel and ceramic, ensuring uniform, even heating of your starting materials. 

The Crafty is a much more portable version of the Mighty which nets it plenty of brownie points. With a 45 minute to an hour long session time and a two-year warranty, it’s easy to see why a smaller version of the Mighty could be so beloved. Few vapes are so portable and simultaneously produce such high quality vapour. 


Vaping allows for users to experience the most cannabis has to offer. By utilizing conduction and convection based technologies vaporizers avoid combustion. As such volatile compounds like terpenes are preserved in the final product, ensuring smooth, flavourful clouds of vapour. 

We’ve selected several vaporizers as top of the line models. These include the Arizer Solo II, the Firefly II, the Boundless CFV, the Mighty, Ghost MV1, Pax 3, DaVinci MIQRO and the Crafty. Each of these vaporizers was evaluated with two primary characteristics in mind: quality of vapour and portability.