Best Desktop Vaporizers of 2018

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CSR Team 19/01/2018

Best of 2018 - Desktop Vaporizers

Desktop Vaporizers vs Portable Vaporizers is like arguments you had with your friends about which gaming console was the best, Xbox or PlayStation. Desktop Vaporizers to me are the way forward since I switched, and in the past few years I was all for portable and completely against desktop vaporizers. Now, since I’ve bought a desktop vaporizer I can now see why people where all on for desktop vaporizers. Why did I upgraded? I always used portable vaporizers and the only place I use the vaporizer was at my house, so I decided to upgrade to the desktop vaporizer for that reason and also, to see what the big deal about the desktop vaporizers was all about. If you only vape at home I would highly recommend you switch over. Or if you have a friend or family that has one call over and test it before you make the big purchase.

So, I’ve picked 3 top vaporizers on the market and give you a bit of an insight to which one would suit you and your needs.

Volcano Digital Vaporizer

Volcano Digital Vaporizer Namaste Vapes Canada

The Volcano Digital Vaporizer is made by a company called Storz and Bickel who makes all their products in Germany, in my opinion Storz and Bickel are the Muhammed Ali of Boxing, everyone knows them, and they know what vaporizers they make. The Volcano Digital comes from the Volcano Classic, the same machine except the Volcano Digital has an LED display and the up and down buttons to change the temperature instead of the twisty knob that the Volcano Classic has. I find the Digital display is better as you have more control over what temperature you use. The Volcano Digital is a convection based system that is designed for bags and balloons. They're two versions of the Volcano Digital, the solid valve systems and the easy valve system this all depends on what the user needs/wants. The solid valve comes in three main parts and two other pieces that are essential for use. The main three parts are the filling chamber, the mouthpiece and the solid valve. The other pieces are the filling chamber insert and the solid valve clip. The easy valve comes in one piece, but it does split into two parts, so you can fill the mouthpiece with your herbs. The easy valve is the easiest one out of the two of them and involves a lot less cleaning, the more parts the more cleaning so you'll be all day cleaning the solid valve. This desktop vaporizer is definitely for you if you love vaping with bags and balloons and if your'e not a fan of that, stay well away for the Volcano Digital.

Arizer V Tower

Arizer V Tower Namaste Vapes Canada

The V-Tower is made by Arizer. Arizer is a Canadian company who make the vaporizers, some would call them the Canadian Gods of vaporizers. They make desktop and portable, so they definitely have something you would like. The Arizer V-Tower is a Desktop Vaporizer, it’s a lot different from the Volcano Digital, as with the V-Tower you can vape whatever way you like, and you aren’t designed for bags and balloons only like the Volcano Digital. You get some pretty cool accessories with the V-Tower when you order from NamasteVapes. These cool accessories included:

  • 1x Glass Cyclone
  • 1x Glass Aromatherapy
  • 1x Aromatic Botanicals Sample
  • 1x Screen
  • 1x Glass Stirring Tool
  • 1x 3ft Whip

These accessories alone cost a bomb and your getting them with the V-Tower. These make your vaping experience even better. If you use the V Tower as an Aromatherapy for your house, to using the glass cyclone bowl with the whip as a vaping station. I prefer the V Tower to any other desktop vaporizer as I bought the V Tower, so I could move to desktop vaporizer, it has so many features from having a vaping session with it, then being able to switch the glass cyclone with the aromatherapy so you can get the smell of the herbs out of the room you vape in. If you like an all in one device that does nearly everything, then you would be a fan of this vaporizer.

Herbalizer Vaporizer

Herbalizer Namaste Vapes Canada

This is what I call the all in one egg-shaped vaporizer, this desktop vaporizer was made by two former NASA engineers in the US. Compared to the other two this one stands out a mile in terms of design because it's huge but not tall while the others were tall but not huge. This vaporizer is the used for many ways, whether you’re a fan of balloons or you’re a fan off using the whip with fan assisted, it also has The Herbalizer has a LED Screen to display the temperatures and gives you the ability to change your temperature by the degree. When it comes to storage of the like of the whip, the whip actually wraps around the device and you can place the lid down and it will still shut down and close with no problems. When you're using the aromatherapy on the device you can close over the lid and let the vapors flow. If you’re a fan of a nice small sleek design of a desktop vaporizer I would stay away from the Herbalizer and get one of the two above, but if you are a fan of the funky looking stuff and a device that is an all in one I would definitely go for this. Design aside for a minute this vaporizer I definitely up there with the best and is probably one of the best the only thing that turns me off this vaporizer is the design, and usually design doesn’t bother me but for some reason this vaporizer really bothers me but the performance of the vaporizer really outshines the design.