Black Friday Vaporizer Sales: The Do’s and Don’ts

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Namaste Vapes Canada 05/11/2018

Thanksgiving Holiday will be here before we know it. You’ll just be finished your second helping of turkey before the thoughts of savings begin to creep in. Here is how to land your perfect vaporizer 


Thanksgiving Holiday will be here before we know it. It can be a crazy time of year and you’ll just be finished your second helping of turkey before the thoughts of savings begin to creep in. It is the unofficial start of the Christmas Shopping season and almost every store in town will have Doorbuster sales and prices that you won’t want to miss. If you’re wondering how Black Friday came to be, there is quite some speculation over its origins. Some suggest the phrase was coined by The Philadelphia Police Department as a means to describe the chaos of the crowds turning out to shop. Others take a more practical stance and explain that it refers to the basis, that when a shop operates a loss they are “in the red” and when they profit, they’re “in the black”. Who knows, anyway here are the do’s and don’ts of Black Friday Vape sales.  

Your Guide to Black Friday  

Things tend to get a little out of hand on Black Friday and we have all seen the viral clips of shoppers fighting like animals over the last Xbox or wide screen TV, please do not do this! Our suggestion is to come prepared, be more than prepared, be on top of your Black Friday game. Get the best deals not only stress free but injury free from the comfort of your home.  

Do: Be Prepared 

If we haven’t stressed this enough already, preparation is key. Don’t be fooled into thinking things online will be much easier. With your trusty computer and credit card in hand, you still need to be ready and remain calm. Chances are if you’re reading this article, you are already a fan of vaporizers and maybe just in search of a new model or upgrade. We suggest you make some use of your much loved (but old) device and have a pre-sale session. Not only will it help calm the nerves, but if you try an uplifting Sativa blend it can also give you a boost of energy. Last but not least in the area of preparation, keep an eye on websites the week beforehand, Namaste Vapes always tend to have some pretty great savings on vaporizers, the website will give you some idea of Black Friday savings and when the sales kick off.  

Don’t: Impulse Buy  

Some of the Black Friday savings can be very distracting and as soon as you switch on your computer you are sure to be inundated with sales and offers. We urge you to remember why you are here, key your eyes on the prize (that brand new vape) and try not to impulse buy. Once you have it safely in the bag and checked out, then you can go back to browsing some accessories or that shaving set that your brother, boyfriend, husband, or dad will never use.  

Do: Put in Some Research  

Before making any big purchase, you should always put in a little bit of research on brands and products. After all, some of the vaporizers are far from cheap and you don’t want to end up with a product you’re really not happy with. You will need to decide beforehand what you want your vape for; Would you like to use it on the go or do you plan on staying at home? Do you want to vape dry herbs, E-liquids, concentrates? How much would you ideally like to spend? Try to think of a vaporizer as a long-term investment and the more expensive it is, the bigger than saving! If you do opt for a high-quality vaporizer, chances are you’ll not have to replace it for ten plus years.  

Don’t: Put all Your Energy into the one Product 

We can put in as much planning and preparation for Black Friday as we like but sometimes, when it comes down to it things just don’t go to plan. Websites can crash, maybe the one thing you wanted is out of stock and you’re sent into a spiral of panic. Not this year. There is a long list of top quality vaporizers on the market, we suggest you pick your top three. This way if one is sold are you will more than likely get the second or third. It means you won’t miss out on any savings and you can still get excited about your new vaporizer. 

Don’t forget to check back on NamasteVapes for big savings and great deals both Cyber Monday and Black Friday!