CFC vs CFV | New Members of the Boundless Family

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CSR Team 06/06/2017

Boundless had us all delighted when they announced more vaporizers joining their selection, with the CF and the CFX being many vapers first choice when they want to chill out after a long day but not always ideal for being completely compact. Vaporizers are getting smaller again, just like mobile phones, and with many more countries bringing in legalization portable vaporizers are becoming a necessity more than a luxury! Here's why we think the CFC and the CFV are a dream to try, especially if you're someone who wants to vape on the go!

Oven Style

Both boasting a fully ceramic oven, the true sign of a high-quality vaporizer thanks to minimizing waste and toxins, the main difference between the Boundless CFC and CFV are conduction and convection technology. The CFC stays firmly within the Boundless tradition of mixing both styles, combining the hot air technique with a heated chamber for dual vaporization. The CFV, however, is the first vaporizer from this company to branch out and try pure convection technology. The amount this affects your vaping experience is up to you! Personal preference weighs heavily when it comes to vaporization techniques.

Heat Up How Hot

Similarly, both Boundless vaporizers heat up between 140 and 445 degrees Fahrenheit in and around 30 seconds, which is extremely quick for a vape! The effect temperature has on dry herb is very interesting, with different aspects of cannabinoids being released at lower and higher temperatures. The main reason vaping is preferred to smoking is for this; rather than burning your herb with combustion/flames, you can safely inhale at precision chosen temperatures. Equally, with such speedy heat up times you'll be able to have a discrete session without feeling stressed!

Deciding Differences

This is where the two vaporizers truly differ. The Boundless CFC has an impressive oven size, able to hold a noticeably higher amount of mix than the CFV. This teardrop shaped vaporizer is perfect for people on the go, or who want to be able to enjoy a session while out for the day. The CFV, however, has their first ever removable oven, compatible with a set of oven rings you receive with your device. These wood rings truly are gorgeous, and they also equip you with a quartz ring if you want to mix some conduction into the mix!

Which to Want?

If you're looking for a fun portable to bring around the town or out to the beach, the CFC is for you. The C stands for Compact, it's the perfect portable! With its tiny shape it fits easily into your pocket, it is equal in size to the Pax 3 which is known for leaving space in your jeans. If you want a high-quality vaporizer that will deliver top-notch vapor and flavor while being easily brought over to friends or a festival, the long lasting CFV is your call. The customizable rings add a level of class and style to the device, as well as impacting the flavor of your session just subtle enough to enhance it. Ultimately the real decision maker to me is whether you're a die-hard convection fan or you're crazy for conduction!