Common Myths About Vaporizers

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Namaste Vapes Canada 12/12/2018

Considered as a ground-breaking means of tobacco harm reduction, vaping has become quite the popular option from those trying to stay away from combustion methods. Vaporizers give smokers the opportunity to consume their preferred herb without the inhalation of harmful chemicals.

As the growth of vaporizers soars, many myths are carried through the mouths of the general public and through the public.

There are many myths we are sure many of you have heard before as to pertains to vaping dry herbs and vaping in general. With an enormous selection of dry herb consumption, especially over here at NamasteVapes Canada, it is no wonder people get the facts mixed up with the lies.

Second-hand vapor is toxic

The vapor that emerges from a dry-herb vaporizer is not toxic. This is a false accusation. A vaporizer no matter the category (desktop, portable, pen) heats your herbs up to a precise and accurate temperature that releases the active ingredients of your herb without burning or igniting it. The vapor that you exhale is just evaporated molecules, which dissipate into the air faster than exhaled smoke ever could.

Vaping is just as bad as smoking.

False. Vaping is significantly less harmful than the direct smoke inhalation of herbs. Vaping is not exempt from containing toxins and contains less than 5% of carcinogens that are also found in smoking herbs. Vaping is far less to cause any respiratory infections or any irritation. Without the needed use of papers, man-made chemicals or combustion, vaping is a much better choice for dry herb consumption. In terms of vaping, you are not inhaling smoke therefore, you are not inhaling the harmful toxins and tar found in smoking.

vaping is better than smoking

Vaping Smells

We can all agree that herb has a very distinctive and memorable smell that, unfortunately, tends to linger. Not only does it linger but it seeps into our hair, furniture, and clothes and depending on the strain or kind of herb, can be very pungent indeed. Some of us spend hours opening doors and windows trying to banish the smell from our homes. People worry that the diffusion of herb into vapor can cause the smell to linger longer.

Good news is that vapor doesn’t last as long as smoke does. This is because the vapor is not as dense as smoke and simply diffuses into the air into the nothingness. So no need to worry, your clothes, those prying nostrils, and hair need not worry, because it won’t linger!

Do your Research

As we have briefly explained, don’t believe everything you hear! When it comes to herb vaping, do your research and try out different vaporizers and blends of herbs and then make your judgment on herbal vaping.