Da Vinci IQ v Pax 3 v Firefly

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Abrar Odoo 14/12/2016




To pick the best vaporizer between a Da Vinci IQ, a Pax 3, and a Firefly is almost an impossible task. How can you pick a product  out from such a line up of exalted excellence? Its a bit like saying  Caravaggio is better than Picasso, or Monet was superior to Vincent Van Gogh, or James Joyce was superior to Oscar Wilde.  How can a man decide which peacock in all their beautiful blue, gold, and red plum is the superior bird? How can you choose whether ones mans  experience standing on top of Everest, the top of the world, is better than another mans? It truly is an impossible task, because sometimes in life we humans reach the pinnacle of such excellence that distinguishing between the greats becomes a task of such monumental difficulty that ultimately the task becomes an exercise in sheer futility.  But in this blog, in spite of the difficulty of the task at hand, we will try and distinguish between the vaping greats, and come up with an answer as to who reigns supreme amongst the vaping leviathans  of the world.



Pax 3


Lets start off with The Pax 3 which is a colossal vaporizer setting the standard for vaping excellence throughout the world.   What you get when you purchase a Pax 3 is  real quality vaporizer with a superb nutritious hit. The Pax is one of them products that not only will meet your expectations, but will blow away your expectations.  After a few puffs from one of these little beauty's you'll come away from the experience like a new man, revitalized and refreshed and ready to take on the world.  Nothing will phase you anymore, as you, and your Pax, look towards your vaping future with confidence. 

The device is more or less the same size as the Pax 2 and has many of the same features only better. The Pax 3 has a higher glossed metal finish in comparison to the Pax 2, and overall the vaporizer looks sleeker and more refined. The Vaporizer will heat up in a matter of seconds and this is due to the enhanced 3000mah battery which packs far more power when it comes to getting your device up and running.

The most significant advancement is the products ability to work superbly with concentrates. This vaporizer when using concentrates will provide you with a high of such magnitude and impact that you’ll be pinching yourself afterwards wondering did it really happen. As most vaping connoisseurs are aware the Pax and the Pax 2 struggled badly when it came to working with dry herbs, but thankfully with the fantastic new upgrade in the Pax 3 these struggles are  coming to an end.  This new machine from Pax Labs has truly set the benchmark when it comes to vaping excellence. 

Additionally, there are also a number of other accessories which come along with the Pax 3 such as the second oven lid which is designed for use with your half baked bowls. Another major black mark against the Pax 2 was that you had to pack the chamber to the brim in order to achieve peak performance, but Pax Labs have solved this problem by including the second oven lid. The product does stick to using conduction technology for heating but we don’t see this as being a major issue when you take into consideration the vapes overall performance. Your Pax 3 will also come equipped with a stainless steel chamber which helps to make your vape more flavourful and enjoyable.  

Overall, the Pax 3 is marvellous device that you cant but help being impressed with. This is a product of the finest perfection that  gives you an extraordinary  unforgettable vape. A machine of such quality that you’ll nearly be blinded by its sublime astonishing  beauty. Every last component of the Pax 3 seems to have been made with user satisfaction in mind and user enjoyment being at the forefront of PaxLabs goals. In finishing, all I can say is that as soon as you purchase a Pax 3 the product will become like a beloved member of the family supporting and reassuring you in your time of needs. 



Da Vinci IQ Vaporizer



When it comes to the Da Vinci IQ  you'll get your hands on a vaporizer of extravagant self indulgence.  You'll receive a high of ravishing quality that will leave you drooling at the mouth with the mere thought of your next hit. This product is designed to take your vaping expectations to the next level. By using only select premium quality materials, that all serve to enhance your vaping to the next level, Da Vinci has set the benchmark for vaping excellence.


The first thing you'll notice you when you purchase a Da Vinci is the size of the device. I saw some pics of the vaporizer before I bought it so I knew it wasn't exactly big, but I was surprised at how small it actually was  when it finally did arrive in the door. In spite of its small size the vaporizer does weigh more than what you would expect, with it feeling solid and durable when you hold it in your hands. 


In comparison to the PAX 3, which weighs around 95grams, the IQ weighs in at 145 grams, which is heavier, but its not exactly like carrying a tonne of bricks so the weight shouldn't be much of an issue. The overall size of the device makes the extra weight a small price to pay when you take into account the entire package that is on offer.

The buttons on the Da Vinci all work like they should and you wont encounter any issues here.


I have to say that I love the zirconia ceramic style which adds flavour and panache to the overall package. Every bit of space in the device is utilized to the highest degree with every thought seemingly going into how to provide you with a superior vaping experience. Another factor in the IQ's favour is that it doesn't seem to emit the same level of smell that some devices emit. An overpowering smell can be off putting to some people but this is something you wont have to worry about with the IQ.