Davinci MIQRO | This Summers Best New Vaporizer! Let the summer begin!

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The eagerly awaited newest vaporizer in the DaVinci range has finally arrived and it was well worth the wait. If you loved the DaVinci IQ then be prepared to be equally seduced by their latest addition the DaVinci MIQRO vaporizer. This is everything, and we mean everything that you loved about the IQ wrapped up in a smaller package. You might have doubted that DaVinci could come up with anything smaller but prepare to be amazed because the MIQRO is here and we think it will be staying. We have taken a good look at the MIQRO and put together everything you need to know about this elegant and super small sized new kid on the block. And don’t be fooled by its price tag, which is smaller than that of the IQ – it still has all the features you could ask for.

Just how small is it?

The MIQRO is in essence a smaller version of its big brother the IQ, with a few differences. It is certainly on the compact size measuring in at just 8cm tall, 3.5cm wide and with a depth of 2cm. It is the perfect fit for discretely carrying in the palm of the hand, making it a great choice for using when you are out. And as for the weight? In keeping with its altogether daintier size the MIQRO weighs in at around 100 grams. That makes it 40% lighter than the IQ, which itself isn’t exactly a heavyweight at 140 grams.

DaVinci Miqro

Charging the Davinci MIQRO

The MIQRO is powered using two 18350 rechargeable batteries and charged via USB cable. It can be charged really easily when out and about. The only problem that we can see is that the batteries must be inside the unit to charge them. However, this isn’t too problematic. The full charge time isn’t too bad either at just 90 minutes and the MIQRO allows users to make use of the pass-through charging feature and use the vaporizer whilst it is actively charging. The batteries offer a full charge time of 50 minutes which is really rather impressive for a unit of the MIQRO’s size – and on a par with other units which are a little bigger.


The MIQRO is rather speedy to heat up, taking just 45 seconds, and again it is comparable to other similar spec vapes on the market. It is a conduction type vaporizer and makes a rather good tasting vapour. This can be attributed to the superior quality of materials that DaVinci have put into manufacturing it. The bowl, vapour path, air path and mouthpiece are all made of Ceramic zirconium. The end result is a vapour that is cool and pure. There are distinct advantages to using Ceramic zirconium and they are not limited to the superb vaping experience alone. The MIQRO is incredibly easy to clean. Using the small brush, which is included, all you need to do is empty the oven and brush down all the solid parts of the vaporizer. You might find that after 10 – 15 uses you get a stronger draw resistance but this is easy to deal with by removing and cleaning the vapor path. The DaVinci MIQRO is suitable for use only with loose leaves and shouldn’t be used for anything else. It has a good-sized oven, especially when you take into account its rather diminutive size and can take 0.25 grams of dry herb when packed tightly. This can however be reduced down to 0.15 grams if you use the adjustable pearl screw. This is a good way of using less herb yet still retaining the maximum experience. The attached lid really helps when it comes to giving you optimal heating and packing in those loose herbs.

Smart Path technology

DaVinci MIQRO use a signature Smart Path feature in all their vaporizers and despite its size they have managed to put it into the MIQRO as well. All you need is to choose a 10-minute session and the MIQRO will increase the temperature slowly at 20°F/12°C minute intervals. The MIQRO has 4 pre-set Smart Paths:

  • Smart Path 1 (350° F / 176°C - 370°F / 187°C)
  • Smart Path 2 (370°F/187°C - 390°F/199°C)
  • Smart Path 3 (390° F / 199°C - 410°F/ 210°C)
  • Smart Path 4 (410°F/210°C - 430°F/222°C)

Whether you want to use the MIQRO for a short session alone or with friends the Smart Path feature can offer you a vaping session that is timed to suit you.


The DaVinci MIQRO is small but it is not lacking. It has all the features you would expect from any other vaporiser from DaVinci, or indeed similar models from other manufacturers. The size is a distinct advantage, offering a vaporizer that is really discrete and it offers a great vaping experience.


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