Dr Dabber Boost Vs Puffco Peak - 2 brand NEW dab vapes on the market

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Namaste Vapes Canada 25/01/2019

The Dr. Dabber Boost and the Puffco Peak are the two newest electronic dab rigs on the market, and we couldn’t be more excited. Bridging the gap between portable dab rigs and traditional e-rigs, these two vaporizers are set to change the way we think about dabbing forever.

How are they better than traditional dab rigs?

Both the Dr. Dabber Boost and the Puffco Peak have done an amazing job at filling the gap in the market between portable dab pens and traditional dab rigs that require a blow torch to use. Since neither of these devices requires getting up close and personal with a blow torch, they are much more user-friendly and particularly suitable for newbie dabbers who would have initially been intimidated by using traditional e-nails.

Both devices are essentially idiot-proof, making them a great choice for new dabbers and seasoned users who are looking for something a little less high maintenance than your typical dab rig. Read on for our break down of these two amazing vaporizers to see which one is for you.

Puffco Peak

The Puffco Peak isn’t just another e-nail dropping into the market.  Best described as a home-portable electronic dabbing rig, the Puffco peak gives you excellent, consistent performance with every hit, and is perfect for new users looking to start dabbing.

It’s also an infinitely safer device for new users to try out than traditional dab rigs which require a blow torch to use - so if you’ve been wanting to try out dabbing for a while but were a little apprehensive to give it a go, try out the Puffco Peak!


Branded as a “smart rig”, the Puffco Peak measures in at 7 inches tall, 2.7 inches wide at the bottom, with three main components, the glass attachment, the atomizer and the base.

The filtration in the glass attachment does an amazing job of cooling down your vapor, to give you cool, smooth and potent hits with lots of flavor.

This filtration also ensures that you get consistently great hits, without needing to be very skilled at using traditional dab rigs - the Peak handles all of the technical tricks for you.

How to Use

Remove the glass attachment and fill it with water enough to cover the two air holes on the base of the pipe, being sure not to get water in the inner section of the attachment. Pop the glass attachment back in, aligning it with the hole in front of your atomizer, and you’re ready to go!

Choose your heat setting by clicking the power button - the Peak takes just 20 seconds to reach your desired temperature, instead of the 3 minutes on average taken with typical dab rigs.

The Puffco Peak has a much more expansive temperature range than the Dr. Dabber Boost, with four heat settings indicated on the LED light band on the base of your device - ranging from blue (450F) green (500F) red (550F) and white (600F).

Load your device with your loading tool either by hot loading (melting your material into the device when it’s on) or cold loading (adding the material to the oven, then let it heat up). Just be sure to place the carb cap on your oven before you start vaping.

One drawback of the Puffco Peak is that there is no automatic shut off feature, so be mindful of this when you’re using it. The Peak reaches full charge in about 2 hours, via a wall USB charger - you’ll notice the LED lights will stop pulsing white when your device reaches full charge. You can check the battery level by clicking the button on your vape 3 times. If you’re stuck without an outlet you could charge it from your laptop, however, it will take much longer to reach full charge this way. 

Extra Features

The Puffco Peak has an excellent Sesh function feature, which is great for using in a larger group setting. By enabling Sesh mode, the Puffco Peak allows you to extend your session into a social dab experience, by giving you an extra 15 seconds of heat mode before it cools down.

Engage Sesh mode by double-clicking on the power button, as many times as you like throughout your session. Thanks to intelligent temperature calibration, you won’t have to worry about getting too hot or uncomfortable draws during Sesh mode, and each hit will be as cool and smooth as the last.

The Puffco Peak also features Haptic feedback, which keeps your timing in check so you always get a perfect, consistent hit. The Peak also comes with an excellent sturdy travel case for taking your device on the go with you.

Dr. Dabber Boost

The Dr. Dabber Boost is an innovative new vaping experience that is pushing the boundaries of concentrate devices. Best described as an all-in-one e-rig, the Dr. Dabber manages to condense rig dabbing into an easily portable and handheld device that is simple, safe and straightforward to use.

Straight off the bat, it’s easy to see that while both of these devices are portable dab rigs, the Dr. Dabber Boost is without a doubt the more travel-friendly option. It has a look and feel that is similar to the Arizer Solo 2 dry herb vaporizer, and is definitely a much easier device to hold in the palm of your hand than the Puffco Peak, which looks more like a desktop device.

That being said, neither of these devices is exactly “subtle” for outdoor use - if that’s what you’re looking for, move on to a dab pen - but in terms of easy portability for casual use, the Dr. Dabber Boost fills the gap in quality between tabletop dab rigs and portable dab pens.


With it’s sturdy cylindrical body, the Dr. Dabber Boost can easily hold its own left standing on your countertop, while still being light enough to comfortably hold. If you’re too nervous about leaving this guy unattended, don’t worry - the kit also comes with a magnetic stand which safely holds the unit upright.

One of our favorite design features of the Dr Dabber Boost is the spill-proof water tool, which even includes a UFO percolator. The innovative design means that the water tool is sturdy without being top-heavy enough to throw the balance off your vape.

And while the water tool is tiny compared to traditional dabbings rigs, you still get the benefits of a UFO percolator while feeling like you’re using a traditional rig. The Dr. Dabber also used a glass water filtration system that expertly replicates the performance of a high-quality desktop device. This filtration system along with the ceramic heating element ensures that you’ll get smooth, tasty vapor with every hit.

How to Use

Using your Dr. Dabber Boost to vape concentrates couldn’t be simpler - all you have to do is turn it on, wait 30 seconds, and when the light turns blue load your wax directly onto the titanium nail. Switching between the two pre-configured temperature settings is a breeze, with a choice of either 260°C and 315°C.

The battery will last on average between 30-40 button presses. The Dr.Dabber Boost also has a handy magnetic dab tool to make loading your device even easier.  

Extra Features

With the Black edition, you get even more amazing features and extras! You’ll get three extra nails in a variety of excellent materials that are 50% larger than the original Dr. Dabber Boost nails. Customize your sessions by switching between the quartz, ceramic and titanium nails to switch up your flavor and temperature preferences.

The quartz nail provides the same great-tasting cool vapor as ceramic and titanium needles while being considerably cheaper to repurchase. Just keep in mind that they don’t hold heat for as long as ceramic and titanium nails do, so are probably best used for solo use rather than group sessions.

The ceramic nail provides incredibly smooth, clean vapor while remaining hot for a longer period of time, making them the perfect choice for long sessions with a larger group.  

The titanium nail is widely considered the best nail to use for dab sessions because they’re sturdy, they heat up quickly and they hold heat incredibly well. They’re practically indestructible and are very easy to use and clean - a great option for newbie dabbers.

While they are a bit more pricey to repurchase (especially high-quality titanium nails like the ones in the Dr.Dabber kit) they stand the test of time well.

Which is the best?

Deciding which vaporizer is best for you really depends on what features you value most in a dab rig. If you’re someone who likes to play around with temperatures, the Puffco Peak without a doubt has the edge here - with an expansive temperature range that easily outperforms the Dr Dabber’s two pre-configured settings.

However, if you’re more concerned with ease of use and portability, the Dr Dabber boost may be the best choice for you thanks to its easily hand-held design.