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E-Nails make Dabbing a much easier and cleaner experience 

on Aug 29, 2018

Dabbing is the lesser known, and far more potent way to enjoy the active ingredients of your dry herb. Dabbing concentrates are made through a process known as solvent concentration. This process uses a chemical solvent, usually butane, to push the active ingredients out of the plant matter of dry herb and into a solvent solution. Obviously putting butane anywhere near a heat source is a good way to blow the majority of your torso off, so the next step involves purging the solvent from the solution. This is done with a vacuum oven that lowers the boiling point of the butane to a safe temperature.  

This process results in one of three forms of concentrate: Oil, this is the lease potent and pure form of concentrate; wax, a crumbly, waxy concentrate that is the second most pure form of concentrate and one of the most popular; finally, shatter, is the most potent form of concentrate and has a brittle, candy-like texture and is the most powerful form of concentrate. 

Dabbing Rigs 

Dabbing rigs are specialized kits that allow you to consume concentrates. On a surface level they resemble dry herb bongs, but there are some key differences. The first difference you may notice is an attachment called a nail. This differs from a traditional bowl in that it is pre-heated with a butane torch before the material is added to it. Once the nail has been heated to an extremely high temperature with the torch the concentrate is dropped onto it with a specialized dabbing tool. The concentrate is instantly vaporized and inhaled, being drawn through and cooled by the rig’s water.  


Not everyone is comfortable with the user of a butane torch, naked flames aren't the safest thing in the world.  So naturally some innovative souls looked for a way to redefine what a dabbing nail can be. An e-nail is just that, a nail that is heated electronically. This means that you don’t need a butane torch to bring your nail up to dabbing temperature.  

The safety aspect isn’t the only advantage of e-nails, they are far more user friendly, allowing even novices to dab effectively. Also, there’s the fact that having an e-nail allows you to have a more compact and easier to store dabbing kit. E-nails open up a whole world of dabbing to more people than ever. 

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