Firefly 2 Vape 2016 - Did it Live Up To The Hype

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Abrar Odoo 28/11/2016


Did the Firefly 2 live up to the hype? Well the answer to that is- does the sun rise in the morning? Is water wet? Is the world round? Of course the Firefly 2 lived up to the hype!! It lived up to the hype and more. These vaporizers  are like priceless gold bars that should be stored in Fort Knox. For any vaping aficionado The Firefly 2 is something to be worshipped and put up on a very high pedestal.



One can only imagine the process  that is involved in making a Firefly 2, but allegedly, to produce one of these gems it  takes an average of 150 man hours. The finest craftsmen's on the planet work around the clock honing and perfecting this unique vaporizer until  its just perfect. When the Firefly is finished the products are immediately stored in a high security vault in  preparation for their removal. The vaporizers are then moved at night under the cover darkness in order to protect them from the masses.  In order to provide an extra layer of protection a fully armed swat team is present during every step of the removal process. We call these people 'The Vape Squad' and they've pledged to protect the Firefly 2 with their lives if necessary- allegedly!  

Why go to all of this fuss you may ask? Well, the simple answer is that the Firefly 2 is a sensational vaporizer that has the power to knock you flat on your back if  you're not careful.  The vaporizer is neat, handy, portable, and can easily be slipped into your pocket. The product is incredibly easy to use because of the simple two button mechanism. All you have to do to get this little beauty working is, load the bowl up, put your finger on the button, and then off you go and start inhaling some beautiful nutritious herbs. 


The first time I ever used the Firefly 2 I was like a little child at Christmas -when the postman came to the door with the package, I ran out, grabbed the package, and furiously began tearing the wrapping apart until there looking up at me was my beautiful red Firefly 2. I charged the vaporizer for around 40 minutes, and when It was finished charging I took out my herbs, loaded them into the bowl, pressed the button, and began inhaling some of the most delicious vapes I've ever had the pleasure of receiving in my life. One of the first things that I noticed was that the Firefly 2 heats up almost instantly delivering a smooth, clean, crisp, and aromatic vape direct into your body.

You're  probably thinking that this cant be true, that it cant be this easy, that there has to be some complexity in operating the Firefly 2, like there is with most other vaporizers, but  I kid you not it is this easy. The brilliance of the Firefly 2 is its simplicity- all you have to do is insert your herbs, press the button, and then you'll be smoking bliss direct into your lungs.  The Firefly is a convection vape, which means that your herbs are only heated when you're inhaling and so this convection technology ensures that none of your precious herbs are ever wasted!

One thing to take note of  is that your herbs are always heated evenly and because of this the last hit is every bit as powerful as the first, and this is where you can run into trouble if you're not careful. I found out to my detriment that when you pack the small bowl to the brim and vape the entire lot of it you'll receive a very intense high.  And with an extremely intense high this can only mean one thing, and that is a bad case of the munchies that will leave you devouring every last morsel of food within sight.  You'll be like a man stranded in the outback who has survived on berry's for months who is then suddenly let loose in McDonalds.


In my case, what happened was, my  girlfriends Dad had purchased a fully cooked Chicken, and  he left it  in the fridge in preparation for the Sunday Dinner the very next day, but unbeknownst to him I was getting stoned in his daughters bedroom(fantastic catch I know)  and when I drew the last drop out of the Firefly 2 I was starving.  And so, down to the kitchen I went and I opened up the fridge, and  there staring at me is a beautiful brown and fully cooked Chicken. I knew he'd go mental if I ate any of the Chicken, but I decided to eat just a little bit, sure he'll not notice a little bit gone, or so I thought. But the more I ate, the more I had to have, and before I knew it I had eaten all of the meat of the chicken, but in my stoned state I thought that her dad wouldn't notice if I left the brown skin of the Chicken covering the bones. I honestly thought that he wouldn't notice the meat gone, because the skin was still covering the bones, and this just illustrates the sheer power of the Firefly2- when it hits you it hits you!! What happened was the next morning my girlfriends dad , got up, opened the fridge, and was immediately horrified  by the fact that his previously plum piece of meat had turned into the most anorexic looking Chicken you'd ever see- the Sunday Dinner had been reduced to a carcass, a bag of bones. Needless to say he began screaming and shouting, dragged me out of his daughters bed, and kicked me out of his house.



Additionally, in spite of getting dumped by my girlfriend over this Chicken incident , one thing I still had was my Firefly 2, and the more I smoked it the more impressed I became by it. I no longer had to worry about dirty ashes scattering all over the floor, or I no longer had to worry about the smell that you'd get from a traditional joint. Now, I could remain fresh and clean ,with a direct access to a beautiful hit at the click of a button.An additional feature that impressed me very much with the Firefly 2 was the durability of the battery which lasted me nearly three days. The fact that the product comes equipped with an extra battery just adds a bit of icing on the cake- as all you have to do when one battery runs out, is pop the other one in, and off you go vaping again.  

Overall,  I have to state that the Firefly 2 is a wonderful product that will not only meet your expectations, but will exceed your expectations. The Firefly is more convenient than a standard joint, healthier, cleaner, and it will deliver you a hit that will surpass  anything else out there on the market. So to answer the question, whether the Firefly 2 lived up to the hype, yes it most certainly did live up to the hype, it lived up to hype and more.