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Namaste Vapes Canada 16/10/2018


Two budget-friendly herbal vapes enter, and only one leaves! Thankfully this is only a showdown, not a Mad Max style fight to the death, but we're just as serious about our worthwhile vaporizers as they are about Thunderdomes. The Flowermate V5.0 Pro was a famous name before it was released, and has gained a reputation as a perfect vape for people who value portability and high quality. Can it stand up to the Black Mamba though? A vape which definitely has a bite to it, it is ideal for beginner vapers who are moving from bongs or blunts over to vaporizers Flowermate V5.0 boasts a full borosilicate glass mouth piece, meaning a pure and smooth hit every time! Borosilicate glass is what is used by most high-quality bong companies for its hardiness and resistance. Easier to clean and definitely able to take a few knocks, this is a noticeable benefit to the Flowermate! Although it may not have the same glass, the Black Mamba does have an all glass vapor path which assists a smooth flavorsome hit.

Another difference is the grade quality between the two, the Black Mamba is food grade and the Flowermate is medical grade. The main change between the two is that medical grade tends to be slightly higher quality, but both are still great and it won't affect your vaping session! 

Black Mamba Conduction Vaporizer NamasteVapes CA


It's Heating Up!

The Black Mamba shows it can be ideal for novices with 5 temperature options, between 356F and 428F. There are perfect heats for extracting different cannabinoids, and many of these can be chosen with the presets. For beginners finding precision heats can be daunting and an extreme cliff to face, so having the heats set for you is much easier.

The Flowermate, however, has a digital display so you can set exact heats for within your ceramic chamber. This device varies from 104F to 446F meaning it can be appealing for those with a bit more experience.

The two devices look quite different but fit comfortably in the category of portable vapes. The Flowermate V5.0 has a sturdy rectangular shape and an attachable glass stem for inhaling. It carries enough weight to feel safe rather than heavy and fits comfortably in your hand or pocket. A sleek black device and a small logo on the front, it exudes class. Similar to the Arizer Air or the Apollo Airvape!

The Black Mamba is small and equally sleek, with a matte exterior that is soft to the touch. A comparable vaporizer would be the Boundless CFC conduction vaporizer! Perfectly shaped for conduction vaping, the teardrop shape slips into any bag or pocket without issue. Perfectly discrete and easy to carry around, it is great for people who want to bring something with them casually.


Both vaporizers bring different things to the table. Overall there is a slight price difference between the two, but as far as quality goes these are two of the best made budget vapes on the market today. We've seen both fly out off our shelves in recent months and with good reason! They are very closely matched but the Flowermate can boast a few more features for the more advanced crowd. If you are someone who is moving away from bongs then the Black Mamba could be for you! With a fully packed bowl and a decent price tag, it is great for making the transition toward vaping forever!