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GoBoof Alfa Portable Vaporizer - Review

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Abrar Odoo 01/07/2016

Alfa Vaporizer Design 

GoBoof Alfa Vaporizer NamasteVapes CanadaThe Alfa Vaporizer is one of the smallest vaporizers on the market at the moment. The GoBoof Alfa is was designed and manufactured in Ireland and has a sleek and subtle design which is compact and disguises the piece very well.  Located at the top of the piece is a removable silicone mouthpiece which is very efficient for active users and also a rotary heat setting dial which allows for greater temperature customization. Also if we take a look at the bottom of the Alfa Vaporizer there is a latch which allows access to the herb chamber.

The GoBoof heating chamber is very innovative in that they have added in an extra heating-pin that sticks up directly through the middle of the oven. Most other vaporizers have an open chamber design, however the Alfa Vaporizer uses the heating pin to heat your material in a more even manner from the inside out.


Alfa Vaporizer Vapor Quality

The GoBoof Alfa vaporizer ranks right up at the top of the list of portable vaporizers when we talk about vapor production and quality. The Alfa Vaporizer on most settings, produces a smooth, tasty, and pure.  For the best vaping experience we would recommend the low and medium heat settings, that’s where the real flavor and smoothness occur. Even when on the MID setting, you will find yourself producing cloud after cloud of some seriously pure and tasty vapor. The strength of the vapor as great for a portable vaporizer, the Alfa Vaporizer can produce satisfying end results.


Alfa Vaporizer Battery & Charging

Alfa Vape NamasteVapes CanadaThe Alfa Vaporizer has a unique battery technology that provides roughly 2 hours of run-time on each charge. When we look at the battery life and energy, the Alfa Vaporizer works shrewdly and efficiently. With only 30 seconds to heat up, it gives you up to 2 hours on when fully charged. The Alfa Vaporizer is very power friendly, so when you’re not using the Alfa vape, it conserves energy itself thanks to a intelligent automatic shutoff function. So, if the Alfa Vape detects that you’re not using it, the device will shut off after 15 minutes as it has not detected that the piece is not in use.


Alfa Vaporizer Warranty

There is a 2 year warranty from the date of purchase, during which time GoBoof will repair or replace any units with defects. Sometimes GoBoof will handle claims through their distribution factory in Ireland, and other times they’ll go through retailers or distributors depending on where you live and where the Alfa Vaporizer was purchased.



If the Alfa Vaporizers isn't for you, then we recommend checking out the Grizzly Guru Vaporizer! New to the market and extremely impressive, the Grizzly Guru is the newest hit Vape on the scene.  



Alfa Vaporizer Pros and Cons 


  • The Alfa Vaporizer offers great flexibility to users by allowing them to choose between short and long draws. 
  • The Alfa Vape has an exceptional standard of vapor for a portable vaporizer. 
  • Very compact and small, the Alfa Vaporizer is a discreet vaper's dream device. 
  • Multiple heat settings, including two automatic variable temperatures allow for greater customisation for users of the Alfa Vaporizer. 
  • Good battery life, providing up to 2 hours on a full charge, the Alfa Vape is up there with the best of them.


  • Sometimes the short and light draws go undetected whilst in the automatic mode.
  • The Alfa Vaporizer has a relatively small chamber which can be hard to load without creating a mess.

Conclusion on the Alfa Vaporizer 

Overall, the GoBoof Alfa Vaporizer is a fantastic portable vaporizer with solid build quality. The Alfa Vape would definitely be recommended to casual or first time users who plan on vaping loose dry-herbs. If you are in the market for a portable vaporizer, especially with the view to vaping discreetly whilst on the go, the Alfa Vape is the outstanding option for you.


Alternative Recommendations 

If the Alfa Vaporizers isn't for you, then we recommend checking out the Grizzly Guru Vaporizer! New to the market and extremely impressive, the Grizzly Guru is the newest hit Vape on the scene. 

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