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Healthy Rips Fury 2 – Healthy For You and Your Pocket

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Affiliates Namaste 10/08/2018

The Fury 2 is a fantastic vaporizer for those of us who want full temperature control without breaking the bank. 

All you'll get with every hit from a vape is smooth, tasty vapor full of your favorite active ingredients. 

The Fury 2  

So, with this in mind, it is totally understandable for a vape manufacturer to lean on the angle when it comes to their design philosophy. Their latest vaporizer, the Fury 2, is an upgrade of the original Fury, fancy that. It features an additional stealth mode for discreet vaping, upgraded silicone seals, and a 3 click activation system.  


The Fury 2 is an exceedingly user-friendly device. It can easily be loaded by simply removing the mouthpiece, this exposes the chamber, which can hold around 0.15 grams of herb. When you're packing your herb it's important to make sure that you finely grind your herb. Doing this allows you to put more of your herb's surface area in contact with your heating system, leading to a higher amount of high-quality vapor. 

After this just tap the activation button 3 times and then take a rip, simple as that. No funny draw techniques, just a great vape experience. 

Adjustable Temperature Settings 

The Fury 2 offers you a fully adjustable array of temperature settings. To give you full control over your temperature, the Fury 2 features an LCD screen. It's important to remember that temperature control is usually the purview of the more expensive vaporizers, so it's nice to see a more affordable vaporizer like the Fury 2 with the great adaptability of fully adjustable temperature settings. 

Conduction Vaping 

The Fury 2 has a great quality conduction heating system. This works by putting your herb into direct contact with the heating system.  Much the same way as a kitchen stove. The advantages of conduction heating include speed and ease of use. Conduction is incredibly easy to use and you won't have to wait long for it to heat up to optimal vaping temperatures. 

Technical Features 

The Fury 2 has a rubberized coating to make sure you don't accidentally drop it when you're using it on the go. The mouthpiece is made of a slightly cheap plastic, luckily though this doesn't impact the taste too much. 

It's nice and easy to clean, with a small removable steel screen that lets you thoroughly clean out your chamber, making sure your flavour remains fresh. 

It comes bundled with an accessories featuring a cleaning kit, spare gaskets, concentrates tank, protective cover, and a charger. 

Battery Life 

The battery is a 1600mAh model that offers a fantastic level of heating for up to 10 sessions. It's built in, unfortunately so you can't swap it for spares and when it wears out it's gone. 


For a cheaper vaporizer the Fury 2 certainly has a host of amazing properties. The downsides of the plastic mouthpiece and non-replaceable battery are overshadowed by the fantastic battery of pros. 


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