How the Arizer Argo changed how portable Arizer vapes could be.

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Affiliates Namaste 09/07/2018

Every so often every industry experiences a new market shift that redefines what the base standards for that product should be. In the phone market, this shift came in the form of the iPhone, for the games consoles, the PlayStation, and for the bread market: the sliced pan. 

The vaporizer industry is currently undergoing a massive shift thanks to the Arizer Argo. 

Arizer is renowned for their vaporizer designs. Best known for their portable vapes, the Solo, and the Air. These great vaporizers have all raised the standard for the portable vape market. It’s little surprise that the new vape, the ArGo, has a lot of hype behind it. 

The Arizer Go, or ArGo, is going to change the portable vape market forever. It features a sleek and compact frame and it is engineered from the ground up for vaping on the go. 

Compact Design 

The ArGo is built to be the most compact and portable vape in the Arizer range. It is a highly compact vape and can easily be carried in any pocket or bag. Its size belies the power within, the ArGo it is packed with power. At a tiny four inches, the ArGo is a portable vaporizer marvel when we look at how powerful the hybrid heating system in it is. The Arizer Go features a stylish and subtle plastic and metal body that can stand up to the day-to-day trials of the life of a portable vape. The metal and plastic body also allows the Arizer Go to easily dissipate heat, keeping your ArGo from overheating. 

Glass Mouthpiece 

Arizer has come to dominate the dry herb vaporizer scene because they know what works, and if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! The Arizer Air 2, and Solo 2 both feature an entirely glass airpath. This is because glass is a naturally, unreactive material that helps ensure that your vapor is smooth and untainted. The glass mouthpiece has become an Arizer signature, so naturally, the Go features an all glass airpath. On top of all these advantages keeping a glass airpath clear is a breeze. All you have to do is take a little cleaning fluid and a soft brush to gently break up and build-up of resin. The Arizer go is all about being compact and portable, and the delicate mouthpiece can be easily detached to make sure it doesn’t get damaged in transit.    

Digital Display 

The Arizer Go has a user-friendly OLED display. This means that you can easily read the settings of the Go to a precise degree. The ArGo's display can be tailored to suit your preferences, user thanks to its adjustable brightness. This means a vaper can preserve their battery life and have a more discreet vape session simply by lowering their backlight. 

Hybrid Heating 

There are two chief ways of heating in mainstream vape design; convection or conduction. Conduction works by heating the air surrounding your herb, gradually drawing out powerful, delicious vapor. Conduction is a far quicker method that directly heats your dry herb much in the same way a kitchen hob works. Both of these techniques have their own advantages, and often a vape fan is required to choose between one or the other. With the Arizer Go you can enjoy the best of both methods. 


The ArGo has laid the groundwork for the next big vape revolution. Any engineers in the industry would do well to follow its example.