How to Choose the Right Vape Gift for Each Friend…

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Namaste Vapes Canada 12/12/2018

The Perfect Gift

It’s everyone’s favorite time of year and if you haven’t already made your purchase, you better start shopping for the perfect vaping gift. Whether it’s a present for your friend, family member, or another half, one thing’s for sure vapers are an easy bunch to buy for. Gifting a vaporizer might seem like a job until you approach the internet, and realize there are 1000s online. Different vapes suit different people and lifestyles, so we are going to try and make things a little less stressful by helping you match the right vape gift to the right friend.

Something For Everyone

The Mighty Vaporizer for that ‘Mighty Friend’

So if your vape loving friend is never out of the gym, loves a trip to the protein shop, and is always posting their workout videos online then this is the vaporizer for them. Similar to your nearest and dearest this device is Mighty by name and mighty by nature. Although technically still a portable it is a brute of a device and all for a good reason. The Mighty has earned its status as one of the top products on the market due to its ability to produce vapor which gives desktops a run for their money. Durability wise, you can take the Mighty almost anywhere worry-free, and with a larger design comes increased battery life.


As you may already know, Da Vinci is pretty reputable for their high-quality vaporizers. Think high-end and exclusive, vaporizers that are not just for anyone… The MIQRO is Da Vinci’s newest release and is around 33% smaller than the IQ. It would be the perfect gift for your high-rolling friend or coolest companion who lives a fast life. The small handheld device is extremely discreet and a zirconium ceramic pathway ensures only the coolest and smoothest vapor. With size reduction, the battery has unfortunately taken a little bit of a hit, however, the battery is removable meaning you can take a spare on the go and immediately double session life.

Pax 3 Vaporizer

Pax is the name on the market which dominates portable devices. The Pax 3 continues on the tradition by taking convenience to the next level. Weighing in at only 93 grams the pocket-sized device can be taken anywhere. Get this for your friend who never stops, the one who’s always in the go and doesn’t have time for a sit-down session. With an added dual function this vape can be used for both dry herbs and concentrates. It’s advanced and incredibly fast conduction heating system has four plus settings and delivers strong and pure vapor within 15 seconds. Not to mention new battery technology powers over 2x the strength of the Pax 2. With some next level oven power this device will blow you (and your friend) away!

Arizer Extreme Q

Made by Arizer, the new Extreme Q would be a great pressie for your more serious vape friend. You know, the one that really knows his stuff and possibly likes to let you know by unloading unwanted vape info/facts right in your face. The Extreme Q is one of the top high-end desktop vaporizers and some may say even the best, so try and make sure this gift isn’t wasted. Boasting a sleek and elegant design this product uses only the strongest and high-quality borosilicate glass parts. Of course, producing toxin free and the best-tasting vapor. The device works by a balloon bag feature and settings can be accessed using a remote control so users can sit back enjoy and have long satisfying sessions in the comfort of their own home.

Meta Description: Different vapes suit different people and lifestyles, so we are going to try and make things a little less stressful by helping you match the right vape gift to the right friend.