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If You Love Wax You Need to See These

on Aug 17, 2018

It’s no secret that wax has quickly become the most popular way to vape. As little as a few years ago we might not have even considered what the best vape pen for wax could have been, hell, we might not have even been writing about wax then. Vaping wax concentrates is more potent and offers much more powerful highs.  

But you already know this? That’s why you’re here of course. So if you’re trying to decide what the best vape pen for wax might be or you're just looking to get yourself something nice then we have a couple things that might interest you.  

LINX Hypnos Zero Vaporizer 

By far one of the most popular choices for concentrate vaporizer, the Hypno Zero Vaporizer. This is an extremely compact concentrate vaporizer with four preset heating levels and a storage capacity of up to 0.20 grams. It uses a conduction heating system combined with ceramic material which is the very best when it comes to vaporization because it doesn’t affect the taste of your vapor. Plus, the nozzle is made from glass so it’s easy to clean and again won’t affect the delicious vapor on its way to your mouth.  

G Pen Vaporizer 

Do you enjoy convenience, portability, and power in your pen vaporizers? Of course, you do.  That’s why this pen vaporizer could be the one for you. Made by the good people over at Grenco Science, the G Pen is a convenient, effective, and most importantly discreet vaporizer you can bring with you anywhere for vaping concentrates. At only 5” long this is a vaporizer you’d have no problem throwing in your pocket right before heading out the door. Plus there are only a few parts that make it up so it’s ridiculously easy to clean and maintain.  

Shatterizer Concentrate Vaporizer 

If you’re looking to get the most powerful concentrate vaporizer experience you could do far worse than investing in a Shatterizer Concentrate Vaporizer. Capable of working with both wax and shatter these things really pack a punch, providing potent hit after potent hit along with thick, full clouds. Made from the best materials, including a borosilicate glass top and quartz coil, you’re only going to be getting the very best from your Shatterizer Vaporizer.  The use of the glass top is particularly great because the material is non-reactive and means you won’t be left with any taints to your hits. Just pure vapor.  

Despite its power the Shatterizer is incredibly simple to use, with a sleek design and intuitive controls for the heating system.