What to do if Your Vaporizer is Leaking?

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A leaking tank is more common than what you think, it happens to the best of us. There are however a few things you can do to keep leaks to a minimum and combat active leaks.  

It Happens Everyone 

A leaking tank is more common than what you think, it happens to the best of us and despite the annoying clean-up, it won’t harm your vaporizer. Fortunately for vape lovers everywhere, a leaking tank is easily fixed and in the majority of cases doesn’t mean your device is damaged. Leaks usually happen when e-juice escapes from the tank and can range from just a few drops to the whole contents of your container (not a good look for your trousers). Leakages have been troubling vape users for years however there are a few things you can do to keep leaks to a minimum and combat active leaks.  

Common Problems 

Check Your Seal

This is an obvious one, almost as annoying as when someone says, ‘Have you got It plugged in?’, you’re only halfway through explaining that you’re not an idiot when you see the plug on the floor. So as silly as this seems it can be a good place to start. Always make sure the threads are in sync, closed tightly but not too tight. Also try to make sure the threads are not crossed.  

Fill Your Vape Right

Every tank has a central airflow tube running from the body up to the chimney and if e-liquid spills inside this tube it can cause gurgling and leaking. In the event that this does happen it is best clean out the area with a paper towel to avoid any permanent or more sinister damage. One tip to make sure your e-liquid isn’t transferring over is to never fully fill your tank, always leaving a small air pocket.  

Check For O-Ring Damage

Damaged O-rings are one of the more common causes of vaporizer leaks. To check if this is your problem simply take apart your tank, remove the O-rings and examine. If you see any signs of damage, wear and tear, or missing O-rings then the air seal of your tank has been compromised. Luckily, these are pretty cheap to replace, just make sure to get the right size.  

Check Your Airflow

Always, always make sure that your airflow holes are closed over when filling up your tank. When in use they should be slightly open, enough to allow you to inhale without major effort. Inhaling too strongly can run the risk of bringing excess e-liquid into the coil, leaking to leakage.  

Check for Cracks

Considering how often we drop our expensive mobile phones it should come as no surprise that dropping your tank can cause leaks and damage. Chances are you will never even notice these small cracks until close inspection. They can mean that your device is no longer airtight causing liquid to leak. If your glass is cracked it can be easily fixed and may even come covered under your warranty.