Is your vaporizer giving a burnt taste?

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Affiliates Namaste 07/09/2018

It’s a Friday evening, you’ve just settled in from a hard week a work. Tony in the office didn’t stop running his mouth this week and you need to get his nagging voice out of your head, you turn on The Office (US one because that’s the best one) grab your trusty vape, load up with your favourite herbs, inhale and…. Yuck! What is that burning taste, vaporizers don’t burn dry herbs, so what is with the horrid taste? A burnt hit is very unpleasant and at times, can ruin your session. Who wants that?  There could be a few mistakes you’re making with your vape that is allowing this to happen, don’t beat yourself up though. We were all beginners at one stage making mistakes here and there. Luckily, if you are a beginner, vaping has been around for some time now, so you get to benefit from all the mistakes vapers made and have shared to make sure that doesn’t happen for you! Without further ado, here’s a list of things to avoid when vaping dry herbs.  

Vaping Temperatures  

Messing with the buttons on your vape is something we all do either to experiment with temperatures or as a distraction, new fidget spinners, eh? Many a vaper has ruined batches of bud messing with the temperatures controls. Of course, experiment all you want, you’re young but vaping at temperatures between 175C to 200C (347-392F) is ideal. At this heat, the active ingredients in the botanical are heated first for a tasty and potent hit.  

Chain Vaping 

Taking big, long draws without pausing or chain vaping? Chain vaping heats the chamber up too much and give the vaporizer no time to efficiently cool down. If you are continuously doing this, it may have detrimental effects to your vaporizer and heating chamber which may result in burnt bud and bad tasting bud and none of us want that! 

Burn-off Test 

When you first got your vaporizer, did you do the ever-important burn-off? If you don’t know what a burn-off is then you didn’t do the burn-off. A burn-off is the first (empty) session you do with your vape to burn off any remains from the manufacturing processes. Switch your vaporizer to the highest temp, allow the unit time to heat up, do not inhale and do not pack the chamber; this is a dry burn-off! Go for about 5 mins and then allow time to cool down and you should be ready to vape your dry herbs as normal! Doing this will ensure your vaporizer will produce the best tasting and quality vapor it can! 

Follow these steps! 

Having a burning taste in your mouth is horrible and unpleasant. Ensuring you take these steps will help you avoid that taste. We hope we have managed to answer some of your questions. Onward to sweet tasting vapor and relaxing sessions friends!