Is your vaporizer giving a burnt taste?

Posted by Namaste Vapes on

It’s a Friday evening and you’ve just settled in from a hard week a work. You sit down, load up your vape with your favourite herbs, inhale, and, to your surprise, experience a burnt taste.

Vaporizers don’t burn dry herbs, so you may be wondering why yours is giving a burnt flavour. While a burnt hit is unpleasant and can ruin your session, you may be making a few simple mistakes that are allowing this to happen.

Here’s how to avoid the burning taste of your herb:

Find the right temperature

Experimenting with different temperatures is something most of us do when first starting out. Many vapers have ruined batches of bud due to messing with the temperatures controls. Vaping at temperatures between 175 to 200C (347 to 392F) is ideal, and lessens the chance of burning your material.

Pause between draws

Taking big, long draws without pausing? Chain vaping? This can overheat your vape's chamber, which doesn't give it enough time to cool down efficiently. If you are continuously doing this, it may have detrimental effects to your vaporizer and heating chamber, resulting in burnt bud.

Do a burn-off test

When you first got your vaporizer, did you do the ever-important burn-off test? A burn-off is the first (empty) session you do with your vape to burn off any remains from the manufacturing processes. Switch your vaporizer to the highest temp, allow the unit time to heat up, and do not inhale and do not pack the chamber; this is a dry burn-off! Leave it for approximately five minutes and then allow time to cool down. You should be ready to vape your dry herbs as normal. Doing this will ensure your vaporizer produces the best-tasting and highest quality vapour possible.