Kandypens: Gravity vs Galaxy | A Stellar Showdown

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Kandypens have grown massively in popularity since their launch, and with good reason. The concentrate vapes use true convection technology to bring some of the smoothest vapor we've ever seen come from vape pens! That said, the Gravity and the Galaxy seem very similar on first glance. We're here to break down the differences between the two for you!

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Turn Up The Heat

Like with other Kandypens, these two lovely pieces include the color-coded light system! This is one of the few areas where the devices really differ. The Galaxy has three temperatures available, and with different heats come different preferences! The Red heat means low, the Green represents medium, and the Blue is high. If you've watched any videos or read any reviews, you'll know that there's no one "perfect" option. It's very much a personal choice! 

The Gravity uses the same system, but with a new option: Pink. This is an even lower heat, meaning you have more options to choose from and a larger experience from the piece. Certain heats release different cannabinoids from your material, so experimenting is the best thing you can do. Find your perfect chill!

One thing they both have in common is a 10 second auto-shutoff feature, that helps you keep your material safe for when you want to use it and keep your device nice and cool. From personal experience, this is a must have! There are few things harder to remove from the inside of your coat pocket than a melted vape pen. Better off investing in a proper vape from the start!

Enter the Chamber

One benefit to Kandypens across the board is their dedication to high-quality materials. Neither device has wicks or dyes, and they're both 510 thread! You can be assured of a top class vape session with them, which is great given their budget friendly price.

The first chamber both have is a quartz crystal piece with dual quartz rods. These chambers are surrounded fully by ceramic, meaning they're going to reach a perfectly equal heat in no time! As well as that, you'll experience some gorgeous fluffy clouds thanks to the quartz rods.

Where they split is the Gravity's coil-less ceramic dish, a deep oven that gives exceptional flavor. You won't be doing mad vape tricks with this one, but you will be able to taste every drop of flavor within your material. Ideal for people who find some ovens too harsh, this is a more gentle approach to vaping.

KandyPens Galaxy NamasteVapes CA

Let It Flow

One common complaint people have with vape pens is clogging, either by packing their chambers too tightly (it doesn't need a whole bunch to get you sky high!) or by dodgy device design. Kandypens have researched and worked tirelessly to stop this from happening with their pieces, and the Galaxy and Gravity are no different. Kandypen reviews everywhere can vouch for this!

With a simple addition of an aircarb mouthpiece, you have more control over your hits, making them as soft or as strong as you like! The elevated airflow technology inside assists this, if you have a look inside your chambers you'll notice little holes that help disperse the vapor around for some smooth clouds.

Sleek as Silk

With a design as smart and modern as the Kandypens have you can understand why they have the support of celebrities like A$AP Rocky and DJ Khaled.

The Gravity shows off a sandblasted black case, with the famous K logo button on the front. The Galaxy has a smooth black enamel case, with the mouthpiece and the center in a metallic contrast to the rest of the device.

Both fit comfortably in your hand, and with the growing popularity of e-cigs people won't question you if you use it in public. They are very discrete regardless, though the light at the end can occasionally be bright in the night it can also be covered easily with a finger or your palm.


Ultimately the Gravity and the Galaxy are very similar, the main difference between the two is CHOICE. If you are a beginner but want something that will last, I'd go with the Galaxy. The Gravity comes with more temperature options and another oven, but if you are just starting with concentrates then I'd stick to basics. If you are someone who likes to experiment with their extracts and has specific heats in mind, the Gravity is for you!

Both are top shelf vape pens for a pocket friendly price, that will slip discretely into any bag without melting inside it (thank you auto shut-off!) and look gorgeous while doing so!