Pax 3 vs Firefly 2 | Which is best for you?

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CSR Team 08/05/2017

There has never been such a hotly contested fight for the role of top dog within the vaporizer community, and I know people who would throw the Mighty or it's older brother the Volcano into the mix but for me, it's between the Pax 3 and the Firefly 2. They might not have the same name value as the Volcano, which anyone who has even looked at Amsterdam can recognize in an instant, but they are super sleek and able to fit in your pocket. That said, which one is the best of the two? It's not easy to say! Both vaporizers have features that would appeal to different types of smokers and that's what makes this such a tight contest. Even if you're someone like me who chooses tech based on looks, they're both equally good looking!

Temperature Control

If you are someone who likes having precision accuracy with your sessions then both of these are pretty equally matched. The Pax 3 comes with 4 preset temperatures but if you download the app you can change it degree by degree to the heat you want! The Firefly 2, however, comes with 6 preset heats and is also customizable from the app. For someone who really wants to hit exactly a specific oven heat the Pax 3 might be more up your street, whereas the Firefly 2 has more potential to be ready to go straight out the box with so many available heat choices. Temperature is a very important aspect of vaping, with higher and lower heats and arcs helping release different aspects of your dry herb or concentrates. While this is something specific to each individual smoker, I definitely recommend having a read up to find which one will help you the most! Getting the cleanest possible flavor and some nice fluffy clouds are some of the best parts of using a vaporizer, and they are both down to the heat you use.

Oven and Air Path

Hand in hand with heat, the choice in air path and oven can alter your session completely. Many people invest in vaporizers to reduce the number of toxins they consume, especially compared to those inhaled due to blunts or papers. A cheaper oven can burn your herb instead of using conduction or convection technology like they have advertised, and a lower quality air path can add unwanted tastes or affect your vapor.

The Firefly 2 has a gorgeous looking vapor path, and the glass bowl for your herb stays cool to touch even while in use. One of the best parts of the Firefly is this little bowl, as well as looking stunning and stylish it only heats what you use, meaning it is ideal for long days out in the Canadian countryside or hanging out with friends. You can spread a session across a day instead of having to keep refilling your bowl with small amounts. The Pax 3 comes with 3 different ovens interchangeable so you can get exactly what you want from your vaporizer. There's a full oven at the average size, ideal for sharing or individual sessions. Alongside that, there's a half-sized oven for smaller bowls. If you're someone who, like with the Firefly 2 above, prefers smaller bowls then this is an option for you. Finally, it also comes with another oven specifically for essential oils or concentrates. There's one final feature to consider, though it is one that might only be important to a minority of people The Firefly 2 heats up almost instantly, and cools almost instantly, making it ideal for sneaky hits or speedy sessions. The Pax 3 however heats in around 15-22 seconds. Between the two, the Firefly 2 is better for someone who wants to spread their smoke over the day but the Pax 3 is the winner for more choice and group scenarios. 

Battery Power

Summer or Winter, if you're making plans to enjoy some Canadian sunshine outside then the last thing you want is to be out of battery with no outlets nearby! Luckily, I'm here to give you the scoop on which of these will help you go all day. The Pax 3 has improved on the Pax 2, with a noticably bigger battery. It can go around 7 sessions on average on a single charge, making it great for scenarios where you will be out of the house all day. It can take about 2 hours to charge up fully though, so if you have plans to head out make sure to stick it on charge in the morning or the evening before! The Firefly might have the upper hand here though, with their new cable design you can charge your piece in aabout 45 minutes! No technology is this fast, even phones taking at least an hour to get most of the way there. You also receive two replaceable batteries with your purchase so even if one happens to die, you have the other!


Could I even write this post without talking about two good looking these two pieces are? Both come in very sleek exteriors, a step up on their predecessors. The Pax 3 has upgraded from a matte look to a shiny new form, with an LED logo on the front that changed color with the temperature. This too can be customized with the app, giving you some real freedom to play around with your device. It has a more discrete look too, with the oven hidden subtly underneath. The Firefly 2 has also changed some amount, reducing size overall but keeping the 60s look it is well known for. Both come in an array of colors, the Pax 3 being more futuristic with metalic shades while the Firefly 2 is reminiscent of older Beetle cars. This one is fully up to preference, if you like iPhones and minimalist design then the Pax 3 is a bit more down your way, the Firefly 2 appealing more to people who like a splash of color and fun.

Overall both are very strong and hardworking devices, really showing the variety available on the Canadian market today! Very different pieces but both equally appealing, the sky is the limit on where both companies could go next!