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Rosin Pressing Revolution | The New Way to Get High

Posted on Jul 21, 2017

As 2017 reaches its halfway point we're able to look back over some of the growing trends over the year so far, and it's been an interesting one to say the least! Vaping has grown to new heights with the release of some very cool weed vapes, and there are new ways to get high coming out every day! With trendy pen vapes like the KandyPens or the more solid Grizzly Pens, extracts have never been easier to enjoy. But as the world moves forward, there are more and more variants of extracts coming out each year. So many that I can't even name them all! Dabbing became quite popular on instagram and opened a lot of people's eyes to the world of concentrates. 2017 has also been a year of revelations, especially regarding how extracts are made and their effects on the human body. That's why today I'm writing about my personal favorite: Rosin! Rosin pressing is the future, now let's get into why.

History of Extracts

Though it might not be commonly known, extracts span back quite some time. Some of the earliest forms are tinctures and hash, the former known for being an easy way to ingest cannabinoids and the second for being in the back pocket of every high school kid at some point. That's right, hash is an extract! As technology and the marijuana industry have grown, thanks to legalization in certain countries, so have the varieties available to the public. This is the golden age of experimentation, there's a style for everyone! With the release of things like phoenix tears and shatter, traditional style bongs and vaporizers had to be adapted. Unfortunately, the first extraction processes weren't ideal.

A Chemical Cocktail

Extracts are perfect for medical marijuana purposes, as unlike buds or ground weed they can give an exact THC count on the label. Paired with vaporizers or weed vapes, this makes for a perfect pick to help ingest specific cannabinoids. With exact THC numbers and precision temperatures, you can choose exactly which will help you the most! Sadly research has come out showing that the original extraction processes for many types of concentrates still contain residue butane, a chemical used early on that can be harmful to the human body. In small doses, it can cause tummy upsets, and long-term it can create respiratory issues. If you're someone using concentrates and vapes, it's entirely possible to assume the last thing you want from getting high is breathing problems! They can also contain pesticides, some of which aren't even used on food. Thankfully legislation is coming out in many places now to restrict these kinds of problems, and already numbers are much further down. But what options do you have if you want to be 100% certain?

The Rosin Revolution

Rosin has to be the easiest and best way to create extracts in 2017! No chemicals, no lengthy lab process, making rosin is incredibly simple: just add heat and pressure! Back in the day this would be done with some tinfoil and a hair straightener. Let me be the millionth to say: Do not do this! Not only will you wreck your weed with dodgy temperature dispersion, but also your hair straightener. After discovering the methods, companies set up to create rosin on a bulk basis. The benefits of solvent-free extracts can be seen far and wide, and they wanted to help people see that. Rosin works in all concentrate pens and requires nothing extra, meaning no learning curve. It is also much more gentle on the throat, which is handy for those who find other extracts harsh. Did you buy a selection of product with names like Lemon Daze or Blueberry Pie? The snozzberries taste like snozzberries with rosin pressing! Thanks to the gentle nature of rosin, the flavors can be experienced like nothing before.


I don't want anyone to leave worried about other concentrates! A lot is being done to limit dangerous chemicals, so if you're really into shatter don't be super stressed. Rosin pressing is an ideal option if you find concentrates too harsh, or if you're very conscious of potential risks. Rosin is also ideal for medical marijuana purposes, where chemicals might disrupt the healing process. If you haven't tried it before, I definitely would as soon as possible! We stock a number of different home presses if you're up for some experimentation, which we highly recommend. If your local dispensary doesn't sell rosin, make it yourself at home with no fuss and see what everyone is raving about!

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