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Abrar Odoo 09/03/2017



With Mothers Day nearly upon us there is one vital thing that every loving son, daughter, boyfriend, or husband should be getting Mum this year, and that is a Vaporizer! This year its the time to start thinking outside of the box, time to ditch some of the boring mundane thinking associated with the big day. Now its time to embrace a new era- a new era where the vaporizer reigns supreme over households the length and breadth of the globe. And what better way to embrace this 'century of the vaporizer'  than to get your loved one that vape she always wanted? Or even if she doesn't vape maybe now is the perfect time to get her started on some vaping bliss.
Why not give her a mothers day present that will last a lifetime? Something solid and durable like the Pax 3? Or the Firefly 2? Give her a mothers day present that will stand the test of time. 

Of course, flowers and chocolates are great for a few hours, but a few hours is all  all you're going to be getting out of them as they're soon eaten or faded away into oblivion. In Contrast, a good quality vaporizer will stand the test of time like a monument to human endeavour and achievement. Something that will still be there for generations to come- to be passed down  the family line like a precious heirloom from one generation to the next.
Trust me, this is the year to grab the bull by the horns and give her a mothers day present that will be truly special. The year to move into the 21st Century and get the lady the vaporizer that she so richly deserves. And like I've already alluded to even if she doesn't vape maybe now is the perfect time to get her to start vaping- start her on the road to prosperous blissful vaporizer laden future. Because in many ways there is no more life changing event than getting your first vape. But what device should you buy the special lady for mothers day? There are so many marvellous machines out there such as the Pax3, Firefly 2, the Mighty, etc that you'll be sure to find the vape that will put a smile on your loved ones face. Below you'll find the ultimate guide to get your mum the perfect gift for the special day.

Why you should vape


Because what better way to show your mum that you love her than to give her the gift of a high from a vaporizer? You should have that special lady buzzing off her melons for the big day! Have her laid on her back as she's given access to the buzz of a lifetime.  Another major reason is because vaping  can help take your relationship with her to the next level. It has been scientifically proven that the family that vapes together stays together! Why is this you may ask? Well because vapes help to enhance the social interaction between people. For example, if you own a high quality vaporizer and you have it packed some of quality plant materials there is nothing that says 'I love you' more than passing the vape to the next person in the room and giving them the hit that they need. And the more that you pass around your vaporizer dispensing some of the most magnificent buzzes imaginable the more that you'll find your relationships being strengthened.  Your love for mum will be further cemented- forged together with the bonds of affection that only a vaporizer can produce.  With each vape induced laugh, with each vape induced buzz you'll be further solidifying your relationship to last through the ages.

Health Reasons


If your mother previously was a smoker well then there is no excuse for her not to take up vaping. Recent studies suggest that vaping can result in a reduction of up 89.5% in toxins entering into your bloodstream when compared to smoking. How vaping does this is it heats up your plant materials to a level where vapor is formed but not combusted. If combustion( meaning burning) is avoided this is when the major benefits occur. What this results in is an overall healthier and happier you. Once your mother looks healthier she'll begin to look more attractive and what lady doesn't want to look more attractive? Once there is a reduction in carcinogenics your entire body will begin to thank you for now and for ever. Another reason to take up the hobby is because taking CBD, which is a compound found in herbal, can help alleviate a whole host of conditions like anxiety, panic attacks, and many other ailments.  Now, instead of your mum having to breath in dirty toxins associated with combustion, she'll be able to get the maximum amount of enjoyment from her herbs because of the magnificence that are vaporizers.



Vaporizers are far more efficient and cost effective when compared to traditional methods of smoking. A fantastic benefit is that you'll only have to use a small portion of your herbs when compared to combustion. With vapes you'll be able to pull a small amount of concentrates into your machine and then you'll be happily vaping away. The same amount of herbs or materials would be far more costly if used with combustion methods. Why wouldn't you want to put a smile on your mothers face and put a smile on her bank account as it gets bigger and bigger and bigger by the second? Because at the end of the day, everyone likes to have extra money where they can buy things and this is what will happen when you own your first vape. An added benefit is that if she consumes alcohol, she'll no longer consume it at the same rate as vaporizers are proven to prevent excessive alcohol consumption. One of the reasons why this occurs is because people enjoy their plants so much that the thoughts of consuming other substances dwindle off into the distance. Because once you own a vaporizer you'll have everything you'll need in life for the buzzes your heart truly desires.

Which Vaporizers

There are a huge amount of vaporizers that people can purchase for the mothers day, but not everyone is going to suit your mum!  For example, whilst Volcano Vaporizers by Stroz and Bickel are excellent devices in my opinion they'll be just too big and bulky for any lady. You don't want mum dragging around a case with some huge vaporizer inside it that looks like a goddamn pirates chest! What you'll want to try and do is to keep everything as small and easy as possible. So what do I recommend?  I would recommend that people side with purchasing a small portable vaporizer, something like a Pax 3 or a Firefly 2.  These devices are easily concealable and will slip into the lady's handbag unnoticed. What this concealability will allow is for her to access her hits no matter where she is- the shopping centre, bingo, out with her mates- no matter where she is she'll be able to enjoy some herbal bliss.  Another thing that makes the smaller devices the perfect gift is that they just look so cool and sexy- almost like a piece of precious Jewellery that you'd find around your mums neck, or a priceless wedding ring on her finger. Trust me, by the time mum becomes acquainted  with her Firefly or Pax both of these devices will become as precious as any piece of Jewellery, if not more so!

The Pax 3


For years the holy grail of vaping was- portability, concealability, and smooth tasting vapor, and with the Pax 3 the holy grail has been reached. That mythical star in the sky has not only has been reached. We are dancing on top of the summit of the mountain, we have scaled the peak, we have done the impossible and the Pax 3 is testament to all of these facts. This little beauty  comes in four gorgeous looking colours- Gold, silver, black, and rose red. Each colour is so slick and sexy looking that its scarcely believable. Trust me, everything about the Pax3 just oozes pure class. The device itself comes with an extended battery life that provides for long interrupted vaping nirvana. The machine utilizes conduction technology which vapes your herbs at the perfect temperature. Not only does the Pax 3 vaporize your herbs at the perfect consistency it also performs just as efficiently when using concentrates. This truly is the complete vaporizer, and is a must have present for mothers day.   

The Firefly 2


The Firefly 2 is another vaporizer that excels when it comes to performance. Make no mistake about it the Firefly 2 is leading the charge in a revolution of vaporizer excellence. A small, neat, and portable design marks this unit out as being one of the most portable anywhere in the world. The machine has a rapid fire mechanism  that delivers instant buzzes into your body at the click of a button. The flavours that you'll receive will be crispy, delicious, and will have that must have consistency that everyone aspires to achieve. Another real plus in favour of the Firefly 2 is that the device utilizes convection technology. What this ensures is that your herbs will very rarely combust, and so, this results in far less toxins entering into your bloodstream. And with less carcinogenics entering  your bloodstream you'll find that there'll be a happier and healthier you.  The Firefly 2 performs excellently with all manner of materials resulting in some quite superb vaping experiences that will be etched into your memory for eternity.   If there is one vaporizer that you should purchase for mothers day then the Firefly 2 is that Vaporizer- you'll be sure to have that precious lady smiling from ear to ear.


There are many reasons for you to purchase your loved one a vaporizer for mothers day, not least because she deserves it. Of course, she's going to love getting her big Bouquet of Flowers and her box of chocolate, but what if you added that special vaporizer to the mix? The most precious lady in your life surely deserves the best buzz that life can offer. What is the point of going through life suffering rather than soaking up all the best pleasures that mother earth can offer? And one of the main pleasures in life is owning a vaporizer that will have the capacity to deliver some of the most nutritious, delicious, and extraordinary vapes imaginable. Mothers day is all about putting a smile on the lady's face, and not only a temporary smile but a permanent smile that will last for many a year. The thing is, if you purchase a vape for Mothers Day she can experience repeated enjoyment from the device. Unlike Chocolates, it wont be a once off transient experience that will pass in a few moments, but it will be an experience that she'll be able to have again and again. So come on folks! Just give her the respect she deserves by giving her the vape she deserves! Who knows, in the future the lines from the famous rhyme could be changed to 'Roses are red, violets are blue, I got my love a vaporizer too!!'



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