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Canada Vaporizer News

Why Arizer Have Released Yet Another Vape - The Arizer Go

on Mar 21, 2018

The Arizer Go "ArGo" - What's New? Back in the Summer of last year, Canadian manufacturers, Arizer released the impressive Solo II dry herb vaporizer. This vape was widely regarded as one of the best vapes of 2017 and was a marked improvement over the original Solo - it had a vastly improved battery life, quick heat up time, smoother airflow and new digital features. Then came the Arizer Air II, which was marketed as a portable version of the Solo II. The Air II had the same great vapor quality but was smaller and could be more easily transported, although it sacrificed battery life and heat up time for this compactness. So what could the Arizer Go possibly offer as an alternative? The ArGo Offers... Read more »

NamasteVapes Canada Black Friday Sale 2017

on Nov 16, 2017

November is a long, cold, miserable month, and we in Canada don’t even have our Thanksgiving at the end for us to look forward too! If anything, that’s why Black Friday through to Cyber Monday is so important here. Gives us that push through the winter blues and sends us headlong towards Christmas! In one whole weekend you could do all of the shopping your heart desires, and NamasteVapes is privileged to be apart of that! Why bother going out into the cold this year for your end of year purchases. Do it from the comfort of your own home, prepare yourself for the holiday season and pick yourself up a lung-warming vape. With some of the amazing offers we’re... Read more »

Breaking Down Pax's New Pricing Options

on Nov 08, 2017

About a year ago now, Pax brought out their latest model, The Pax 3, which has since dominated the portable conduction market. However, all good things must come to an end, and like all vaporizers, the Pax started to drop in sale. This is completely normal, especially for top-market, luxury products like this, but Pax wanted to keep themselves updated and relevant and came up with a plan. Pax split their basic vape package into two separate kits. Essentially, the Complete Kit now offers a lot more, but manages to stay at the same price as the old Pax 3 kit, while the Device Only kit contains far less accessories but comes in at an astonishingly slashed price. If you’ve... Read more »

IPhone X and Apple Removing Access To Vaping Apps

on Oct 03, 2017

Are you an apple phone user as well as a vaper? With the release of the IPhone X as well as some new policy changes that Apple haven’t fully advertised, vapers' may want to be careful when it comes to their next phone or vape purchase. Apple are now taking steps to prevent the future downloading and updating of all vaporizer applications, be them herb based or tobacco related. There are millions of vapers in the world, just as there are millions of IPhone users, and there’s bound to be some overlap there. The issue now comes with the IPhone X. A whole bunch of people are about to go out and buy a new phone which may not even... Read more »

The Latest Pax Colors Coming In The Pax Update

on Sep 22, 2017

Though quite a lot smaller, The Pax 3 looks almost the exact same as The Pax 2, except with the glistening matte finish the Pax 3 is more of a fashion statement, being a trademark for the high-end vaporization market. The Pax 3 has been the elegant, stylish, fully portable, conduction heated wonder-vape of the past nearly 11 months. It has set the tone and standard for portable vapes and, as the weeks leading up to its release ticked by, the world was on the edge of its seat with anticipation. Pax 3 Color Update We’ve already written a blog about the crazily affordable price drops Pax Labs have just dropped on us (you can check that out Here), but... Read more »

The Boundless Tera Vaporizer - Boundless’ Latest Leap

on Sep 19, 2017

Recently, Boundless released that they were preparing to release a set of three new vaporizers. These were the CFX 2.0, a currently unnamed Desktop unit and the new, fully convection, fully portable, Tera vaporizer. Not a lot of info has come out about this vape just yet, only a few essential facts. The vape is set to come out sometime in October but it’s already got people raving and speculating about it. One of the biggest rumours about it is that people are thinking this must be the sequel to the incredibly popular Boundless CFV, but Boundless have come out recently and said that it is in fact called the Tera. The Tera’s Features The Tera, because it’s packing extra,... Read more »

Bringing The Best To You - Pax Labs Latest Price Cuts

on Sep 18, 2017

Pax Labs isn’t done with us yet! 10 months ago, Pax released their latest smart vaporizer, the Pax 3, which was immediately welcomed in with open arms by the vaping community for it’s delicious and efficient vapor production as well as its small, discreet shape. Pax are dedicated to bringing the ultimate vaporization experience to the consumer with innovative and premium models. Now, Pax have brought out a couple of deals that’ll really bring down the price of their vapes, the Pax 3 and the Pax 2 while also offering a few more bonuses along with it. With the release of these new price cuts, you can expect to see our prices go way down in the near future as... Read more »

Urgent! - New Boundless Vapes Coming In October

on Sep 18, 2017

Boundless Technologies. The company behind some of the most impressive yet affordable vaporizers on the market. Dedicated manufacturers whose sole purpose is to bring quality aromatherapy devices to the public. What they’ve only gone and done is announce the release of three new models of vaporizers coming this October 2017. We’re always excited to hear from Boundless as they’re just the best when it comes to making quality, sturdy, delicious vaporizers but on a budget. The original CFX, which was compared to the Mighty at the time for also including hybrid heat, was under $200, and now a sequel to that amazing vape is one of the ones being announced. Boundless CFX 2.0 This has got to be the model... Read more »

Does Your Dad Have Pipe Dreams?

on Jun 09, 2017

These days, all of the news from the smoking community you hear about are from the vaporizers or dabbing rigs. Really, all the market is doing is leaning towards the latest and greatest innovations, which is great, but I still have that mental image of my dear old dad smoking a pipe, I don’t know about you. There may come a day when people stop using the traditional pipe altogether. Water pipes might stick around longer than the dry pipes, but will they one day get swallowed up by the vaping craze too? Luckily, none of that is going to happen anytime soon and the reason why is because of fantastic models that are still coming out, and in honor... Read more »

The Rise and Continous Rise of Vaporizers

on Nov 30, 2016

  Vaporizers are leading the charge towards the dawn of a healthy new age in the smoking and herbal industry where people will no longer have to draw thousands of chemicals  into their lungs with each draw of a cigarette or a joint.  Nowadays there is a healthier alternative available in the form of electronic vaporizers and this technology was first made available way back in 1963.  At the time a man named ,Herbert A Gilbert from Pennsylvania, filed a patent for a "smokeless non tobacco cigarette." The product worked by heating up a nicotine solution  which was made into a steam and then smoked through another device that he had invented. When he'd invented the vaporizer Gilbert began trying to market it as a cheaper healthier version to cigarettes.  But nobody was... Read more »

Pax 3 vs Davinci IQ Vaporizer show down

on Oct 28, 2016

Today it is time for the Pax 3 vs Davinci IQ vape comparison. These Vapes are coming to Canada and we are exctited. We're going to be talking about two new and exciting Portable Vaporizers that are about to launch on the market - the Pax 3 by Pax Labs and the IQ Vaporizer by Davinci. So lets break into the Pax 3 vs Davinci IQ vape battle. Both Pax Labs and Davinci carry a long standing history of developing innovative products. Pax Labs first launched the original Pax vaporizer which was a global success, then to launch the Pax 2 which very quickly became the best selling portable vaporizer online. Now Pax Labs has announced the launch of the... Read more »

Pax 3 Announced - Along with Pax Air and Pax Era

on Sep 22, 2016

Who does it better than Pax Labs? No one that's who. The creators of the 'iPhone of Vaporizers' are back at it again with 3 brand new models for us to drool over. Adding to their already esteemed repertoire (the OG Pax and the uber successful Pax 2) Pax Labs have gone ahead and given us a sneak peak of the new generation of vaporizers. First up we have the eagerly anticipated successor to the Pax 2; the Pax 3 (What else could it be?). On top of this, Pax Labs have listened to their fans and recognised the serious demand for concentrate vaporizers and are bringing out the Pax Era, the first Pax Vaporizer pen - solely for use with... Read more »

Vaping in Canada

on Jun 24, 2016

The Vape Scene in Canada  The Canadian vape market has burst into life in recent years and is continuing to grow all the time, with more people daily opting to switch to vaporizing their materials instead of burning. In recent years we can see more and more people embracing healthy living and aiming to live an outright healthier lifestyle. Many people in Canada are searching for the healthiest way of consuming their materials, with the majority turning towards vaporization. All in all we can easily say that  the Canadian vape scene is booming! The overall market of vaporizers in Canada can be segmented into three main categories. First we have the liquid vaporizers, more commonly known as e-cigarettes, e-cigs, Mods, tanks etc.... Read more »

New Products: G Pro by GrencoScience and Inhalater INH05

on Feb 06, 2015

We're happy to announce that we've picked up two exciting new products for our NamasteVapes™ customers! G PRO by GrencoScience The G Pro is one of the most popular vaporizers by GrencoScience The G Pro by GrencoScience is a technological marvel offering vaporization in its truest form, the G Pro is a pocket friendly portable that heats aromatic blends evenly for a satisfying vapor experience and at an affordable price! The G Pro is very similar in style and discreetness to the Pinnacle and Pinnacle Pro but substantially cheaper in price. Check out Kory's review below! Inhalater™ INH05 The Inhalater INH05 in Black and Silver finishes The Inhalater INH05 uses a dual conduction-convection system to evenly heat your Dry blends.... Read more »

Happy New Year from NamasteVapes

on Dec 30, 2014

Well, its about time to say Goodbye to 2014 and ring in the New Year! The Crafty and Mighty - two new portable models released in 2014 by Storz & Bickel We've had a busy year at Namaste Vapes. We've been very pleased to bring you all the latest and most innovative vaporizers hitting the market like the Crafty and the Mighty which have proven themselves to live up to the reputation of their makers at Storz and Bickel and most recently picking up the latest HazeVape V2.5 from Haze Technologies, the first dual bowl vaporizer on the market! NamasteVapes became proud authorized resellers for Haze Technologies Haze Vape in 2014 We've been working hard on producing informative vaporizer reviews for... Read more »

Holiday Post: What's New at Namaste Vapes

on Dec 17, 2014

It's the holiday season and we've been very busy here at Namaste Vapes. We've picked up some new products to offer and are in the final stages of prototyping our new vaporizer called the Guru. This blog post is to get our customers up to speed on what we've been up to. Some of the new products we've added to the site are the Haze Vaporizer, the Mighty and Crafty vaporizers by Storz & Bickel.  The Haze vaporizer is a brand new vape that is produced by a company called Haze Technologies based in Georgia USA. They are the first company to make a dual bowl vaporizer which allows the user to pre-load two individual chambers in the unit and... Read more »

Vapes in the News! - Vape: the #1 Word of 2014

on Nov 20, 2014

Yesterday we were sent this amazing link from one of our customers:   http://time.com/3590093/oxfords-2014-word-of-the-year-is-vape/   Oxford’s lexicographers keep watch over billions of words every month—from literary novels to academic journals to blogs—and at the end of the year they put their brainy heads together to select a single word that best embodies the zeitgeist. Out of this year’s haze of nominees and debate emerged four little letters. Oxford’s word of the year for 2014 is vape. It is truly remarkable to see where we are in the life cycle of vaporizing. When I founded this company I kept thinking to myself, "We're on to something fantastic!" To see an article like this, it is just confirms how exciting the next few years will be.... Read more »

Welcome to Namaste News!

on Sep 08, 2014

What a month it's been! We're growing fast, all thanks to you, our customers, and our shared love of vaping. In the interest of sharing, we're going to have one of our managing directors, Namaste Sean, talk about what's been going on lately. You're going to be seeing a lot more of Sean on the blog soon, so please enjoy the video below. If you're having trouble viewing the video, or just want to follow along, we've also included a transcript - and you can find the original clip on our YouTube channel. Video Transcript: Hey, thanks again for checking in today. My name is Namaste Sean with Namaste vapes, currently in 20 countries around the world. We’re always growing,... Read more »

NamasteVapes is now officially a Magic Flight Partner!

on Aug 19, 2014

Good news! NamasteVapes is proud to announce we are now an official partner for Magic-Flight vaporizers! We’ve worked hard to make sure our distribution channels are top notch. From improving our distribution center to making agreements with top manufacturers to handle warranty services directly, everything we do has to ensure we’re giving you the best support possible. Our new partnership with Magic-Flight is no exception. Thanks to our partnership, you can be completely certain that every Magic-Flight product purchased from NamasteVapes is authentic, and carries the lifetime warranty Magic Flight are known for! Check out our available Magic-Flight vaporizer products and order with confidence today!   Read more »

NamasteVapes now offering widest selection

on Apr 14, 2014

Check out our NEW SELECTION OF PREMIUM VAPORIZERS including the famous Pinnacle, Pinnacle DLX, Vapir NO2 and Volcano! Free domestic shipping on all orders of $85.00 and up! There's nowhere else on the internet that offers this amazing selection all in one place. The cheapest and best vaporizers around without a shadow of a doubt! Read more »

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