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Canada Vaporizer News

The Arizer Solo 2 - A Step Above The Rest

on Jul 20, 2018

While the Arizer Solo paved the way for a high quality portable vaping experience, the new Arizer Solo 2 goes a step above in delivering results. This dry herb vaporizer is low maintenance, high performance. Here's a round-up of six reasons why the Arizer Solo 2 is an amazing vaporizer.    It Uses Hybrid Technology   As a hybrid vaporizer, the Arizer Solo 2 benefits from both convection and conduction heat. It heats up about 3x faster than the original arizer solo vaporizer, thanks to its hybrid technology. This hybrid technology allows for a quicker heating up time of a minimum 20 seconds to provide a light vapor. By waiting a little longer, you can easily increase the density of your vapor, while still producing a good substantial at low temperatures. Which leads us on to....   Expansive temperature range   The new Arizer Solo 2 also... Read more »

How the Arizer Argo changed how portable Arizer vapes could be.

on Jul 09, 2018

Every so often every industry experiences a new market shift that redefines what the base standards for that product should be. In the phone market, this shift came in the form of the iPhone, for the games consoles, the PlayStation, and for the bread market: the sliced pan.  The vaporizer industry is currently undergoing a massive shift thanks to the Arizer Argo.  Arizer is renowned for their vaporizer designs. Best known for their portable vapes, the Solo, and the Air. These great vaporizers have all raised the standard for the portable vape market. It’s little surprise that the new vape, the ArGo, has a lot of hype behind it.  The Arizer Go, or ArGo, is going to change the portable vape market forever. It features a sleek and compact frame and it is engineered from the ground up for vaping on... Read more »

Taking A Look At Arizer’s Legacy

on Apr 27, 2018

2017 was such a busy year for Arizer and now, in 2018, we have more of their amazing vaporizers then we ever had to choose from before! They stepped up their game in a big way and created a series of portable, flavor powerhouses. Each one has enough of a spin on the classic Arizer form of vaporizer construction that choosing the right Arizer vape can impact your session in a big way. Each of the models we’ll get into below now have different power outputs, different heating types and different levels of portability. We’ve never seen this level of diversity in Arizer’s products before so we’re really excited over the next coming months to see which product the customers... Read more »

Why Arizer Have Released Yet Another Vape - The Arizer Go

on Mar 21, 2018

The Arizer Go "ArGo" - What's New? Back in the Summer of last year, Canadian manufacturers, Arizer released the impressive Solo II dry herb vaporizer. This vape was widely regarded as one of the best vapes of 2017 and was a marked improvement over the original Solo - it had a vastly improved battery life, quick heat up time, smoother airflow and new digital features. Then came the Arizer Air II, which was marketed as a portable version of the Solo II. The Air II had the same great vapor quality but was smaller and could be more easily transported, although it sacrificed battery life and heat up time for this compactness. So what could the Arizer Go possibly offer as an alternative? The ArGo Offers... Read more »

Arizer Solo II vs Arizer Air II - The Battle of the Portable Arizers

on Jan 12, 2018

When people think Solo 2 and Air 2 they automatically think Arizer, which is correct, but this comparison isn’t like comparing you and Snoop Dogg at rapping, this comparison is more like comparing you and your best friend. You’re basically the same person but you might lack some skills where he shines and vice versa, it happens. This is what is happening with the Solo 2 and Air 2, but I’m going to break down the comparison with these headings. Battery life / Charge life Easy to use Portability Vapor Quality Build Quality Temperature Battery life / Charge life When I’m looking to buy a new Vaporizer the main feature I want in a Vaporizer is a good battery and... Read more »

Taking A Look At The Arizer Air 2

on Oct 19, 2017

The Arizer Air 2 has just been released so what we’re going to do is break it down and compare it to the original to see what’s changed and what’s improved compared to the original. The original Arizer Air was well loved because its dependability and focus on flavor and straight away we can say that this new model is more of the same but risen to a great new level. The great thing about The Arizer Air 2 is that you’re getting top-market quality especially in your vapor production but at an incredibly reasonable price. Looking for a delicious hit but don’t have too much to spend, then strongly consider the Arizer Air 2 because the clouds this amazing... Read more »

Arizer Solo 2 vs Arizer Air 2 vs Arizer Extreme Q

on Sep 27, 2017

If you’re an Arizer fan, you might have thought maybe which one of Arizer’s fantastic vaporizers are the best? Or even just which one is for you? We’re breaking down and comparing Arizer’s three most prominent models out right now, the Solo 2, the Air 2 and their desktop model, Extreme Q. With The Arizer Air 2 coming soon to our stores, we thought it was best to compare it to the other Arizer models to see where it places among this quickly growing line of excellence. No matter what your vaping needs right now are, We’re sure Arizer’s got something for you, or in the case of the Arizer Air, out soon. Arizer Solo 2 The Arizer Solo 2... Read more »

Arizer Air 2 - The Anticipation of Quality

on Sep 08, 2017

The Arizer Air 2 is out, and while we wait for our models to come in, giving us a chance to bring some of the savings to you, we decided to have a serious think about what it could mean for this new vaporizer to hit the market. When the first Arizer Air came out, we recognized it for what it was; A real competitor for other portable vapes on the market. The flavor coming out of this thing was just some of the best for its time and gave models like the Firefly and the Crafty a run for their money. We’re hoping this new Air does the same thing again, and we’re excited to see the other manufacturers... Read more »

Why an All Glass Airway is Good!

on May 25, 2017

BUY THE ARIZER AIR RIGHT NOW! Using glass or rather incorporating glass into the design of airways, air path and vapor path in vaporizers have long been in existence and it is obviously as old as vaporizers itself. glass is one of the most desirable material used in the heating chamber of vaporizers today because it has proven to be advantageous to human health as it is believed that glass inspired airways poses the lowest risk to human health while offering the purest and cleanest way to vaporize herbs or concentrates. Because glasses are inert, they do not participate in the reaction or production of vapor which implies that nothing tempers with the vapor produced from the heating chamber irrespective... Read more »

What Vaporizers Give the Best Flavor?

on May 23, 2017

Most times, features like digital display, control system and aesthetics appeals to consumers in Canada when it comes to vaporizer procurement. This is no way a problem but on my path, I would prepare to weigh a commodity by the content it features on the inside than make judgement's from the outward appearance. Some of you might think I don’t value style or maybe I am not fashionable but on the contrary, maybe I like commodities I purchase to come accompanied with all the possible advantages. Note that when it comes to vaporizers, it is vital that you know the important things to look out for. One of the most important part of a vaporizer is the heating chamber, it... Read more »

Arizer Solo 2 vs DaVinci IQ

on May 22, 2017

The vaping industry in Canada is getting more and more competitive by the day, with several innovations and advancement in technology. Vaporizers are becoming more like robots rather than just the conventional devices for heating herbs or concentrates. 2017 has recorded a tremendous success in the vape industry and personally I see 2017 as a breakeven point for vaporizers, as manufacturers of vapes are proofing to be on top of their games on any product they offer to the market. BUY THE DAVINCI IQ RIGHT HERE! The Arizer is one of such companies that have proven to be reliable, innovative and consistent in the production and delivery of quality vapes that always top the list of ‘the most wanted vaporizers’... Read more »

Arizer Solo 2 Vaporizer: Arizer is back with a bang!

on Apr 14, 2017

One of the biggest and most popular vaporizer manufacturers, Canada's own Arizer, are releasing their brand new Vaporizer the Solo 2 Vape.  The Arizer Solo 2 Vaporizer is the successor to the tried and tested original Solo Vaporizer. The Arizer Solo Vaporizer was a massive success when it was first released and is still the Vaporizer of choice for many people today - which just goes to show that it is truly a timeless classic. With our first look at this new release, it looks as if Arizer have taken everything that we loved about the Solo Vape and improved and made significantly better with the successor, the Solo 2. Also included in the Solo 2 Vape are some new... Read more »

Best Dry Herb Vapes you can get | NamasteVapes Canada

on Dec 23, 2016

Hi guys, thanks for checking out today's blog post where we're going to be talking about the best vapes to buy in Canada for dry herbs. As we know some vapes work for dry herbs, some for waxes/oils and others for liquids. So today we're just going to focus on the most popular category of vaporizers and that is for use with dry herbs! From famous brands like Storz & Bickel (Crafy, Mighty, Volcano), Pax and Firefly through to less known gems like the Boundless CFX vaporizer and the Grizzly Guru, we're going to tackle all the best portable and desktop dry herb vaporizers on the market today.  Desktop Vaporizers - Volcano Vape Rules the Roost So lets start old school... Read more »

Top 12 budget vaporizers

on Dec 21, 2016

    Vaporizing has exploded onto the publics consciousness this past number of years with vapes becoming ever more prevalent in all areas of society.   With massive growth in vaporizers this can only mean one thing, that there is a proverbial minefield of products in which you have to try and pick your way through in order to find the best deals .  Many of the machines on offer can be very costly, resulting in your bank account shrinking at a dramatic rate, but amongst all of these pricey devices  there are still lots of bargains to be got.   By providing this list we aim to show you can get your hands on some of the best vaporizers at the best rates.   Guru Vaporizer... Read more »

Namaste Vapes Top 5 Desktop Vaporizers

on Jun 30, 2015

NAMASTE'S TOP 5 DESKTOP Here's NamasteVapes Top 5 Desktop Vaporizers.  We put some of the best vaporizers in the world head-to-head to pick out who could make the top 5.  Hope you enjoy, and if you don't already own one of these, go check them out!   1)  Volcano Digital   The first and most famous of all vaporizers: the Volcano by storz and bickel is the summation of all that is vaporizers, which is why it higher-tech brother makes our number 1 spot.  The Volcano Digital is made in Germany and is an extremely high quality product.  The new digital version is a convection based forced-air system that is designed for bag/balloon fills. the volcano digital is available in solid valve or... Read more »

Namaste Vapes Top 3 Portable Vaporizers

on Jun 18, 2015

NAMASTE'S TOP 3 PORTABLE Here's NamasteVapes Top 3 Portable Vaporizers.  We put some of the best vaporizers in the world head-to-head to pick out who could make the top 3.  Hope you enjoy, and if you don't already own one of these, go check them out!       1)  Mighty    Manufactured by Storz & Bickel, The Mighty Vaporizer offers the best vapor production possible out of a portable.  The Mighty uses convection heating technology, and is an extremely high quality vaporizer that can work with dry herbs and concentrates using the Storz & Bickel concentrate pads.  The Mighty Vaporizer has excellent battery life, and a sleek digital temperature control screen on the front of the unit.  This is a higher... Read more »

Video Review: Arizer Solo Vaporizer

on Mar 31, 2015

One of the top selling portable vaporizers in the world is the Arizer Solo. Known to be highly reliable and reasonably priced, Solo also generates quality vapor and despite smaller modifications hasn't changed too much since it's release. Arizer makes some of the top selling and most reliable vaporizers available and the Solo, of course, is no exception. This week we've decided to review the classic Arizer Solo. NamasteVapes carries other popular vaporizers by Arizer including the Air portable vaporizer and the Extreme Q desktop vaporizer. The Air is actually built to function in a similar manner to the Solo but in a more compact design. If you need accessories, spare or replacement parts for your Arizer vaporizers we also... Read more »

Video Review: Arizer Air Vaporizer

on Jan 23, 2015

We hope you've been enjoying our vaporizer video reviews. This week, we decided to review the latest model from Arizer, the portable Air. Check out the review below and contact us if you have any other questions or need clarification. Check out the Arizer Air page for more details and to get your own today! Thanks for watching! Video Transcript Very excited today to be reviewing the new Arizer Air, which is now in stock at NamasteVapes on all of our websites. We have them in stock in black and silver. This is a brand new product that was just released on the market. It follows along with the great reputation of a company that manufactures these in Canada. They... Read more »

Vape Review: Arizer Air

on Jan 13, 2015

Made in Canada the new Arizer Air portable vaporizer has hit the market with a bang! The Air is essentially a smaller and much more stealthy version of the already famous Arizer Solo. What Is It? With the Air, Arizer looked to improve upon the excellent and reliable Arizer Solo and make it more portable. The Solo is battery powered and classified as a portable vaporizer, however it is a bit bulky compared to the PAX and DaVinci Ascent which can easily fit in your pocket. Similar to the Solo, the Air has a strong body and a good weight but Arizer has reduced the size substantially. What We Like About The Air As with all Arizer products, the Air... Read more »

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