The advantages of a desktop vape

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By Spencer Brooks

Convenience is one of the main advantages of cannabis vaporizers (often called vapes). Most vapes are small enough to fit in your pocket, heat up in a few seconds, and produce cannabis effects you feel almost instantly -- all without any smoke. 

Portable vapes are the most common type of vaporizer on the market today. But did you know that there are desktop vapes, too?

It may sound strange -- giving up the portability and convenience of a vaporizer for something that sits on your desktop -- but desktop vapes offer several advantages that portable vapes do not. If you vape on a regular basis and you want the most pleasant, consistent vaping experience available, you may want to consider a desktop vaporizer. 

Here’s a look at the advantages of a desktop vape, as well as the three main types of desktop vape -- balloon vapes, whip vapes, and dual vapes -- and how each one works. 

The benefits of a desktop vape

In a nutshell, desktop vapes forego portability and convenience in favour of maximum quality. 

Desktop vapes are larger than their portable cousins, which gives them the room for more complex technology. As a result, desktop vapes come with a variety of features that you won’t find on smaller vaporizers.  

  • Temperature control. Desktop vapes plug directly into a wall, which allows them to use more sophisticated heating technology. With a desktop vape, you can control the temperature of the vaporizing chamber with maximum accuracy. Most desktop vapes have either a knob or a digital screen that lets you adjust the heating temperature to your liking. Lower heat produces smoother vapour that’s less likely to make you cough, while higher heat extracts more cannabinoids and terpenes for stronger symptom relief.  
  • Efficiency. The superior technology of desktop vapes also means they’re better at extracting cannabinoids and terpenes from cannabis. With a desktop vape, your cannabis will last longer and you’ll get more out of it.
  • Larger chambers. Many portable vapes have small heating chambers that you have to refill frequently, especially if you want stronger effects from your cannabis. Desktop vapes have larger chambers and can store significantly more cannabis at any given time. 
  • Smoother, more flavourful vapour. The combination of better heating technology and higher-quality parts means desktop vaporizers produce the highest-quality vapour possible. Vapour from desktop vapes is smoother on your lungs and preserves the terpenes and other aromatic compounds in cannabis, which leads to wonderful flavour. With a desktop vape, you’ll be able to taste pine, lemon, strawberry, diesel, and all the other flavour profiles in different cannabis strains. 
  • Lower long-term cost. Desktop vaporizers are an investment. They carry a higher price tag up front, but their quality construction means maintenance costs are minimal. If something does break, replacement parts are inexpensive and widely available. Desktop vapes also extract more active compounds from cannabis than portable vapes do, meaning you’ll spend less on cannabis over time.  

The different types of desktop vapes

There are three main types of desktop vape: balloon vapes, whip vapes, and dual vapes, which are a mix of balloon and whip vapes. Here’s a breakdown of each one. 

Balloon vape

Balloon vapes are unusual because you don’t turn on the vape and draw directly from the machine. Instead, you put your cannabis in the chamber, attach a large, balloon-like plastic bag, and turn the vape on. 

Over the couple minutes that follow, the balloon fills with vapour. Once it’s full (or as full as you want it to be), you take it off the machine and use the mouthpiece to draw from the vapour-filled balloon. The vapour in the balloon lasts about ten minutes. Balloon vapes offer an exceptionally smooth, gentle vaping experience. 

Whip vape

Whip vapes get their name from the long tubes that come off them. You use the tubes to draw vapour from the main vape chamber. 

Whip vapes excel at controlling the amount of vapour you get with each draw.. With the tubes, you can see the quantity and density of the vapour you’re about to inhale, and you can adjust the main unit to control the vaporization process. The result is perfect, consistent vapour each time you use a whip vape. 

Dual vape

Dual vapes give you the option of using either a balloon or a whip attachment. They’re the most flexible type of desktop vape, although they tend to be a bit more expensive than dedicated balloon or whip vaporizers. 

The best desktop vaporizer

If you’re looking for the best vaping experience possible, consider buying a desktop vaporizer. There are quite a few options on the market, but in terms of quality, nothing beats a Volcano

Volcano vaporizers have been the gold standard of the vaping world for more than a decade. They’re impeccably built, they last forever, they’re efficient, and they consistently produce smooth, flavourful vapour. 

Alternatively, if you don’t want to invest in a desktop vaporizer or you’re looking for a more convenient way to vape, you may want to buy a high-quality portable vaporizer. If you aren’t sure which one to choose, this article can help

Whatever model you choose, make sure you start slowly with it and work your way up. Cannabis affects everyone differently, and each vape is slightly different in terms of vapour potency. Desktop vapes are particularly powerful, and they can catch you off-guard if you’re used to using a portable vape. And, of course, consult a healthcare professional before using cannabis or changing how you use cannabis.