The Best quality flavor and much less toxic, these Conduction Vapes are the best in the business

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Namaste Vapes Canada 03/09/2018

While we at Namaste believe that convection heat truly is the future, there are still plenty of great conduction devices on the market that we love. Conduction vaporizers are often many peoples first foray into the community, because they’re much cheaper to produce in comparison to the technology required with convection devices. 

However, because conduction vaporizers fall on the lower end of the production scale, there’s a lot of duds out there that fall victim to combustion and compromise the quality of your herb – as well as introducing smoke and carcinogens into your vapor, and in turn your lungs (yikes). So, if you’re going to go for a conduction device, make sure it’s one of these. 

Pax 3 Vaporizer - No Intro Needed

Pax Labs outdid themselves with the production of the Pax 3, the newest successor in their line of highly popular devices. Building off the success of the Pax 2, the Pax 3 is an incredibly versatile conduction device that can be used with both dry herb and wax concentrates.  

The Pax 3 comes in a compact and discreet design, with a sleek but sturdy finish. Weighing just 93 grams with dimensions of 9.8 cm x 3 cm x 2.1 cm, this a device that’s easy to travel with and discreet enough to use on the go – which is why we awarded it the best portable vaporizer of 2018. It's easily powered with any USB charger which is great for travel, however, we recommend using the special PAX charger with your device will help it reach full power in just 90 minutes.  

What makes the Pax 3 one of the best in the business? Despite its sleek, stylish finish and miniscule size, the Pax 3 is a BEAST. With its powerful heating elements, the Pax 3 reaches optimum temperature in just 15 seconds with one of the four pre-set heat settings. The Pax 3 vibrates to let you know when it’s reached the set temperature, which is another handy little feature that we love. Starting at 182ºC and reaching up to 215ºC, this is amazing heat power from such a tiny portable device, and it’s a good temperature range for whatever material you want to use. The chamber is crafted out of surgical stainless steel, and during use the whole chamber heats up to allow for even vapeage resulting in a smooth and tasty vapor even with conduction heat. 

DaVinci IQ - A Stellar Name in the Vape Industry

The DaVinci IQ is the latest release from DaVinci vaporizers, and arguably their best device yet. It’s especially hard to get great quality vapor from a conduction device because direct heat can create combustion, but the IQ truly is conduction technology at its finest – thanks to the high-quality materials used in its production.  

The vapor path of the DaVinci IQ is made from ceramic zirconia. The thermal conductivity of zirconia is about 1/10th of other ceramics, making it one of the best insulator materials. Zirconia also has the highest strength of all fine ceramics, making it the perfect choice when constructing a conduction oven which relies on high levels of heat. The result; a smooth and pure tasting vapor even at high temperatures. 

You’ll notice the interior construction of the DaVinci IQ is a little more complex than many other conduction vaporizers. As well as the zirconia vapor path and oven, the IQ also has an extra ‘Flavor chamber’ within the mouthpiece where you can pack other herb to enhance the taste experience of your herbs This chamber acts as an air path infuser, mingling with the vapor from your dry herb for a unique (and perhaps more discreet) flavor profile. You can of course leave this chamber empty, and just use it as a slightly extended mouthpiece - which is also constructed out of ceramic zirconia.  

One of our favorite features of the DaVinci models is their Smart Paths technology. DaVinci have perfectly engineered 4 pre-set temperature paths, which slowly increase in heat over a space of 10 minutes. The heat range of the IQ is a whopping 100ºC, ranging from Smart Paths 1, which starts at 120ºC, all the way to Smart Paths 4 which ends on 220ºC. With Smart Paths, you get the full taste experience of your herb through the low and slow heating, and end on a high note to truly get the best performance out of your material. It also works out as a perfectly timed session, solo or with a friend.  

Black Mamba Vaporizer - A Discreet, powerful contender

A lot of the appeal for conduction devices comes from their much more affordable price tag. But just because you don’t have the budget for something like the Mighty doesn’t mean your vaping experience should be any less effective. The Black Mamba is where great conduction heat meets affordability, which is why it made the cut for the best vaporizer of 2018 on our site.  

The unique shape of the Black Mamba is unlike any other vaporizer, which allows for an expansive chamber that can hold up 0.65 grams of dry herb. Material is particularly important in a conduction device, because this method of heating relies on great quality material to withstand high temperatures and conduct heat within the chamber for more even heating. The Black Mamba chamber is constructed out of high-quality ceramics, so you’ll get the best performance out of your herb for well under $100. Even though you’re scrimping on price you’re not losing out on quality, and the Black Mamba features an all-glass vapor path and food grade mouthpiece for smooth and tasty vapor that tastes like a million bucks. 

The Black Mamba has an amazing heat-up time of a mere 20 seconds, so you’re happily puffing away less than a minute after you take it out of your pocket. The Black Mamba comes with 5 pre-set temperatures perfectly created for its capabilities, ranging from 180 ° C to 220 °C.  

The Black Mamba is incredibly user friendly, making it a great choice for any new vapers on a tight budget. Its single button operated and charges up in just 2-3 hours and lasts for up to 2 hours of regular activity.