The Herbalizer Vaporizer Review

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Affiliates Namaste 25/06/2018

The Herbalizer vaporizer is a vape pen with a difference, that offers people unprecedented control and flexibility when vaping. The Herbalizer vaporizer allows people to enjoy the oils that they want, at the best settings, with a consistent hit each and every time.

The Herbalizer is an uplifting, powerful and flexible vaporizer that can be used for both aromatherapy and vaportherapy. It has flexible settings and intuitive controls, so that you can get the perfect hit each and every time.

Precise Temperature Controls

There are several temperature settings that allow you to get the perfect set up for the oils that you are vaping. The Uplifting setting is designed to use with oils to help you feel more alert, and more peaceful. The Balanced setting offers a more euphoric, and creative mood, while the ultra-hot Intense setting is for those who want a relaxed, painless and liberated feeling.

The Herbalizer can be used as an aromatherapy device by applying essential oils to the aroma pad, and activating the aromatherapy setting. The vaporizer setting can be used for natural herbs and concentrates, and provides smoke-free delivery for those things. It puts you in control and gives you a discrete, consistent and reliable experience no matter what it is that you are vaping. The intelligent sensors take the guesswork out of the process and offer the best and most reliable vaping experience at all times.

Vaporization Releases The Goodness in Herbs

Vaporization is cleaner than combustion, and gives you a reliable experience at all times. It ensures that you get the goodness out of the herbs, without any burning smell and without the noxious gasses that are associated with smoking.

Each plant releases different essential oils at different temperatures, and the beauty of the Herbalizer is that it lets you control what gases are extracted by taking care of the temperatures associated with the gases. For the majority of people, mid-range temperatures will offer a balanced effect, while the effect

at higher temperatures is more powerful. If you are new to vaping, then it’s a good idea to start at a lower temperature, and then work up until you find something that is as strong as you were hoping for.

This is not a vape pen. It is intended for in-home use to get more of an aromatherapy experience. The thermal reaction chamber heats up instantly, and the halogen technology in the device can reach temperatures as high as 440 degrees Fahrenheit in less than 15 seconds. This ensures that the oils and herbs are vaporized rather than slowly boiled or burned. You get clean, instant vapor with no need to worry about smoke or noxious gases. That’s not to say that vaporizing will eliminate every single toxin that could be present in the substance that you vaporize. The effects are as good or as bad as the substance that you work with. Many do feel that herbalizers offer a better experience for long term use than smoking a traditional cigar or cigarette.