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Top 10 Weed Vapes Under $100 | 2017

Posted on Jul 25, 2017

Whether you're an experienced vaper or you're just looking for the perfect starting vaporizer, these vapes are the perfect mix of budget friendly and brilliant! We're excited to bring together these ten weed vapes, with a good mix of traditional weed vapes and concentrate friendly contraptions. No matter your preferred style, we have an option for you! Especially ideal for beginners who don't want to break their budget while they're sticking their toes in.


Flowermate V5.0 NamasteVapes CA

Flowermate V5.0 Pro

The Flowermate is one of the best sellers on our site, and with good reason! It comes with a ceramic oven and a fully isolated air path, meaning some of the cleanest and smoothest vapor you've ever experienced.

This is a top quality weed vape for just under $100, it comes with a USB port and fully charges within 4 hours. Don't get stuck on the go anymore, as you can charge it in your car! Enjoy around 3 hours of uninterrupted delicious vaping with the Flowermate V5.0 pro, only made with top medical grade materials.


Linx Hypnos Zero NamasteVapes CA

Linx Hypnos Zero

Another one of our top sellers, the Linx Hypos Zero is a slick and elegant concentrate vape that can be carried around in your pocket with ease. The exterior is as strong as it is smooth, with a stainless steel shell that will keep your sessions stylish. The innovative design contains a wickless ceramic plate at the bottom of the chamber, making your vapor smoother and limits your concentrates contact with other materials.

A charge time of 60-90 minutes means you'll be on the go in no time, with half an hour of continuous use. This is great for people who have previously purchased a cheaper extracts pen and are looking to upgrade a bit!


Twisty Glass Blunt NamasteVapes CA

Twisty Glass Blunt

Does this count as cheating? Not technically a vape pen or a vaporizer, but something I consider a key part of any list on budget best bits. The Twisty Glass Blunt has a truly innovative design whereby it can simultaneously hold herb, dispense it down towards the heat, and discard the burnt material.

The clear glass makes the gold interior visible, a twist design that is both gorgeous and useful. With the bubbler kit, you can slip your twisty glass piece into your favorite bong, as the joint fits into both 14mm and 18mm sections!


Grizzly HoneyDab Pen NamasteVapes CA

Grizzly HoneyDab Pen

One of my favorites on the site, the Grizzly HoneyDap Pen is perfect for beginners! With an affordable price, this Grizzly pen has almost no learning curve and with a sturdy design, it can be brought to festivals or outdoor activities without any issues.  

Two atomizers mean double the productivity, you'll never meet a harder working vaporizer! The fun packaging and sleek exterior make this a fan favorite across Canada, and with a USB port, it can be charged almost anywhere!


G Pen NamasteVapes Canada

G Pen

The G Pen from Grenco is portable, productive, and perfect for everyone! Fewer parts mean less stress, you won't have to spend ages taking apart your vape to clean it now. Simply fill your cartridge with your desired concentrate and watch it go! Grenco has paired up with Snoop a handful of times now, but the G Pen is probably their most well-known piece.

Coming in at a subtle 5 inches, this is one vape that will fit in your pocket comfortably. Easily cleaned and carried around, it really is up there with other dream vapes!


PuffIT 2 Vape NamasteVapes CA


The Puffit 2 is one of our Top 15 Vapes, and with good reason. The inhaler design makes this one of the most discrete vapes on our site, and in Canada! Many similarly designed pieces (either novelty or misdirection) tend to be one-hitters, where you use combustion and end up ingesting toxins. With the Puffit 2, you can experience the ease of carrying your vape around with the safety of vaporizer technology!

Thanks to hours and hours of research, this is their longest lasting vape yet with 75% longer times across the board. Haptic feedback means you'll always be kept in the loop, as the vibrations let you know when your device is fully heated up.


Black Mamba Weed Vape NamasteVapes Canada

Black Mamba

A two-second heat up time? An all glass vapor path and food grade mouthpiece? A USB charging port? The Black Mamba vape is a daydream! Faster than many high-end vapes, this small piece is smooth and can slip into your bag or pocket without looking like weed paraphernalia.

This type of nearly oval design is becoming increasingly trendy, as it fits in your hand comfortably with the soft plastic outside. 


KandyPen Galaxy Concentrate Pen NamasteVapes CA

KandyPen Galaxy

The KandyPens have grown super popular in recent years, thanks to a very attractive design and filling a hole in the vaping market: great value, good looking, concentrate vapes. Many vaporizers forget about appearance, not that that's everything but nobody wants to show off a busted piece!

The KandyPen Galaxy is their introductory piece, showing but a snippet of everything the company has to offer you! And hey, if it's good enough for Dj Kahled and Fetty Wap, it's good enough for me!


G Pro Vape NamasteVapes Canada

GPro Vaporizer

Another beauty from Grenco Science, the GPro is their true convection oven style piece. If you have a preference for one or the other then this is the best budget-friendly option on the Canadian market today. USB charging means being able to go anywhere, and the stainless steel heating chamber helps bypass harmful toxins linked with combustion. You can choose between three different heating temperatures, making this a fully customizable experience and varying per user.

If you have tried conduction and aren't sure if it's for you, then this piece is perfect to test out convection!


Pulsar APX Namaste Vapes Canada

Pulsar APX

The Pulsar APX has many great features, so let's see if I can fit them all in this one paragraph! Standing at 3.5 inches, it can be carried anywhere within the palm of your hand. One of our smallest pieces, it is incredibly discrete.

With a pure quartz chamber you'll be skipping any and all possible toxins, and thanks to a 5 second heating time you'll experience the best of both worlds! 5-second dabs are finally a thing thanks to the Pulsar APX. Enjoy one of the best vapes available for concentrates today!


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