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When you take a drag out of a Firefly and many other vaporizers the world just seems that little bit sweeter. The sharp edges of life seem to be blunted and replaced with something more magical.  But sometimes in life we humans have a tendency to overindulge and enjoy ourselves a little bit too much and on these occasions physical activities can become almost impossible. For these situations we just have to lie back and enjoy the moment and here is a list of the top 5 things to do when you're stoned. 




          Once you're stoned the sound of music seems to be enhanced and taken to another level.  That guitar solo that you'd previously appreciated now has a different dimension with each pluck of the string seemingly vibrating your very soul. Perhaps if you're extremely high you'll almost feel like you've morphed into the musical instrument itself. 

          Once you're high and listening to music your favourite songs will be elevated  to another plain. Being stoned makes you more appreciative of every musical instrument and every lyric that you previously liked will have twice the power and resonance that it previously possessed. 

          But one key thing that you'll need to have done is have your playlist ready to go, because the last thing you'll need to be doing is messing around and trying to get some songs going when you're stoned. Once you're playlist is ready to go all you'll want to do is press that button and let the magic enter your ears.   


               2.  EATING



          Some things in life just seem to go well together, like they where just meant for each other like: Salt and chips, milk and cereal, sugar in tea, and we can now add to that illustrious list- getting stoned and eating junk food. These two activities  just seems to go hand in hand like they where born for each other. Two star crossed lovers who are destined to meet up and fufill a passionate romance.

          Any stoner worth is salt knows that when you smoke some herbs that the munchies are never too far away and  when the munchies  hit hard, they sometimes can really hit hard.  Some times you'd be that hungry and there was nothing to eat within the general vicinity that you'd nearly resort to cannibalism.  Your best friends leg might begin to look somewhat appetising.  Of course, this is a massive exageeration, but it just serves to drive home the point that when you vape some high quality herbal that the munchies will be upon you like a tonne of bricks. 

          Also, when stoned, soft drinks like Coca Cola seem to taste that little bit better with the caffeine content giving you that extra boost to keep you alert and counteract the effects of your herbal .But when stoned you'll need to be prepared in advance about how you're going to get your hands on your food. What self respecting herbal enthusiast would want to go to the effort of cooking a large meal after blasting the hell out of a Mighty Vaporizer or a Firefly Vaporizer? When stoned you'd just want to kick back, pick up the phone, order some food, and wait until that junk food lands on your lap.

          The problem may be that when the doorbell rings you might be left scratching your head wondering whether its your Mary Jane dealer or the Pizza  delivery man.  So the key thing is to be prepared in advance. 

             3. HOW TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD



          The great thing about smoking dope is that your mind seems to be freed from any shackles that may have previously have been upon it. After a few draws from a vaporizer you'll find that you'll be thinking more freely and more creatively and this might just end up with you dreaming about some grand plan to take over the world.  The idea could well be a hair brained pinkie and the brain scheme, but you never know, in your stoned state you could well stumble upon the secret to millions.  

          You might find yourself coming up with some fantastic business idea or you might find yourself having discovered the meaning  of life itself. Whatever it is you come up with you can be sure that your brain might never have contemplated

          But always make sure to look at your idea in the cold light of the day  when you're sober just in case the idea is not something so preposterous that it might result in you ending up in a lunatic asylum. Because what seems like a wonderful idea when stoned might not look so wonderful when you have a clear head. 

              4.  WATCH THE TV



          Binge watching some TV series is one of the must have stoner experiences. You might find yourself starting to watch  just one episode of a series, and then 10 episodes later you'll be wondering what the hell just happened with the day.  Once you're stoned you'll be mesmerised  by whatever program  you're watching.

          The beauty of vaporizing whilst watching TV is that you'll be so completely engrossed by the  program that you'll not find the time going by, and in doing so, you'll have a gloriously memorable experience as you  take in some the latest TV classics.

          Some of these shows can be addictive with or without your herbal products, but with your herbal products you'll find that the show you're watching will be superior and more engrossing. Once stoned, you could well find yourself transfixed and hypnotized by the latest TV show. 

               5. CHECK OUT THE STARS



           What better way to ponder the meaning of our very entire existence then to get stoned and stare up at some of our planetary  wonders. If its a nice night you and your vaporizer could  gaze up at the stars and ponder whether there is anything out there.

          As every stoner knows when you're high your whole life seems to have an entirely different  meaning. Perhaps, you'll get so stoned that you'll begin conversing with ET himself, maybe you'll find him a chilled out kind of guy, but then again maybe if you start hallucinating to this extent you show lay of your vaporizer for a little while!

          But when high everything does seem so much different with each star and twinkle in the sky seems to take on a new resonance and meaning. Stoners have been well known to stare at the sky dreaming away about limitless wonders . Perhaps you'll begin appreciating that you are but a tiny speck on a small round ball called earth and that the earth is also only a speck when you take into consideration the entire universe.