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Top 5 Vaporizers as Canadian Foods

on Jun 30, 2017

As Canada Day nears, we've been treating ourselves a little more than usual. Hey, eating a full box of Timbits counts as patriotism! As we've been munching our way through the country's wide variety of food options, we had the brainwave: food and vapes go so well together, so why not mix the two and find which great vaporizers fit which culinary delights!



Starting with the classic, poutine. Everyone has their own technique or favorite spot, but at the end of the day it's pure simplicity that wins. A perfect mix of heat and taste make poutine the classic Canadian dish, iconic worldwide! If it's not broken, why fix it? The Twisty Glass Blunt is the same, a mix of classic techniques make for a traditional style session but with its own unique twist (get it?). There will always be the new thing, the shiniest new toy, but ultimately tradition is tradition because it's good! Simple use with everything you could need makes the Twisty a perfect addition to any Canadian's vaporizer collection.


Butter Tart

A favorite of mine, the butter tart is not what it seems at a first glance. A little rough around the edges, not as polished-seeming as some other options out there, the soft gooey center wins you over every time. A delight for the senses, there's a reason butter tarts are a Canadian classic! Like the Firefly 2, everything changes when you reach the middle. Doing things in a wholly unique way, separate from the herd, both maintain a strong identity in a world of big personalities. Together they show us that you don't need to look like every other vaporizer to bring quality, top class flavor to the table, and aren't we glad they did!


Salmon Jerky

Something to get accustomed to, salmon jerky is a whole level of its own. The rest of the world might stand by beef, but we know who the real MVP is. Salmon jerky does how it does, unabashedly itself all the way and paving a way for new ways of thinking across the world! A great Canadian food should be matched with a great Canadian vaporizer, like the Honeydab Pen! Discover new ways of doing things, and new ways of seeing the world, with these two. Don't forget to use the code TOQUE to get 10% off the Honeydab!


Double Double

Ahh, where would any of us be without the ol' reliable, the Double Double? I can't guarantee I'd be writing this at all without having my coffee beforehand, if you cut me I would probably bleed doughnuts and caffeine. Vaporizers should be reliable as coffee, and that's why I'm calling the Crafty for this one. Few vaporizers will do you so long and so well as a Crafty, they're historically known for always delivering! Start your morning right with something as sweet and consistent as your daily coffee, the Crafty will always be there for you.


Beaver Tail

A newer addition to Canadian cuisine, the beaver tail is unique in that every person has their own way to order it! With a million different toppings to choose from, you can mix and match until you find the perfect set-up for you. An almost instant classic, the people who don't enjoy one of these are few and in between. That's why they remind me of the Pax 3, a no-nonsense vaporizer that has more accessories available than I can count! Make it perfect for you while enjoying something consistently delicious. 


Keep an eye out for our next 5 Canadian Vapes as Canadian Foods!