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on Mar 15, 2017

Man Vapes NamasteVapes Canada


I've always been a big fan of  joints, blunts, and bongs, but over this last number of years smoking vaporized herb has become my preferred option.  One of the reasons why smoking vaporized herb has become my favoured method is because of the quality of the vape that I receive. And not only will the vape be pure quality, but I also wont have to contend with issues of smelly smoke, dirty ashes dropping all over the place, and having to spend lots of extra cash on plants. There really is nothing worse than taking a big dirty joint with ashes scattering all over the floor, but fortunately these issues are avoided when you use vaporizers. And when you factor in that vaporizing is far cheaper and more cost effective you begin to appreciate why you should be using these devices.Smoking vaporized herb provides so many benefits that it would be nearly impossible to list them all, but in this blog I'll attempt to get down to the bottom of why smoking vaporized herb is the only way to go when you're consuming your plants. Below you'll find a top 6 list as to why you should be smoking vaporizer herb.

You Can Do It anywhere

Smoking vaporized herb allows you to take your plants  no matter where you are.  For example, you could be in a bar, a shopping center, or outside a church and you still would be able to enjoy the benefits of your herbs. The reason why this is the case is because vaping is so discreet and so cool looking. Vaporizers have become so fashionable that they're being used in photoshoots and by models on the catwalk.  Owning a vaporizer has become like the must have fashion accessory of the century- a vital piece of equipment if you intend to fit into the modern era where image is everything.  Unlike when you're combusting your herbs using a joint or a blunt there wont be any nasty smells that you'll have to contend with- the smoke from your plants wont be wafting all over the place telling everyone within a one mile radius that you're enjoying a few plants. Smoking vaporized herb allows you to enjoy the moment, but in a discreet and tactful manner.

Its Healthier


Combusting your herbs using traditional methods has been proven to cause a whole host of illnesses such as cancer, heart attacks, and many other diseases.  One of the reasons why combustion is so dangerous is that it causes your plants to produce carcinogenics, tar, and other toxins that results in the negative health effects. What vaporizers do is they heat your herbs up to a certain level where a vapor comes off them, but the herbs are never combusted. What this method results in is a far healthier and cleaner experience for users to enjoy. It has been proven that smoking vaporizered herb results in a reduction of 87.6% in harmful by-products entering into your body- this is a huge reduction of chemicals entering into your bloodstream!!  And at the end of the day, who doesn't want to be fitter, healthier, and more productive? Vaporizers not only will make you fitter, but if used in moderation they have the potential to transform your life for the better.

Its More Flavourful


In my opinion, vaporized herb results in far better tasting end product. One of the reasons for this is because vaporized herb extracts only the best component's from your plants and so this results in a far superior experience. When you own a good quality vaporizer the vapes that you'll receive tend to be aromatic, smooth, and mouth-wateringly delicious. With a vaporizer you wont be burning your plants to a carcinogenic crisp that will be foul tasting and will leave a bad taste in your mouth. We all have experienced that feeling where you take a draw from bong or a joint and the next thing you take a coughing fit like you're about to have a cardiac arrest, but fortunately when use you use vapes issues like this will become a thing of the past.Trust me, vaporizing is the far superior method when it comes to taste.

Its Better Value


Once you purchase a good quality vaporizer like the Pax 3 or the Firefly 2 it will be like an investment that will last you a lifetime. Unlike combusting your herbs with vaping you'll be able to use far less plants, and so, this will result in you saving masses amounts of cash. Make no mistake about it owning a vaporizer is a long term investment that will pay you dividends now and into the future. Smoking vaporized herbs allows you to receive a far more potent version of your herbs.

The High Quality Vaporizers


There are some vaporizers out there in the marketplace that are of astonishing quality- machines like the the Pax 3, the Firefly 2, and the Da Vinci IQ are vapes that offer a truly exceptional vaping experience.  The Pax3 is a vape that looks sleek, professional, and most importantly provides buzzes of exceptional quality. Utilizing conduction technology the Pax 3 performs superbly with both dry herbs and concentrates. Similarly, when the Firefly 2 hit the scene it just blew away all of the competition with the overall  experience that it offered. Each draw from the Firefly 2 is a thing to savour and enjoy as this vape will provide you with the very best of vaping nirvana. The Firefly 2 utilizes cutting edge convection technology that vaporizers your plants at the perfect temperature time and time again.  The Da Vinci IQ is another vaporizer that just excels time and time again and will sure to supply you with many precious vaping moments. Overall if you're intending to smoke vaporized herb there are no shortage of top quality vapes that you can get your hands on.

The Buzz

The buzz that you'll receive from smoking vaporized herb will be outstanding. At the end of the day, isn't that the whole point of using a vaporizer? To get that all important buzz? Another benefit of using vaporizers is that you can choose the type of buzz that you'll want to get. With many vaporizers there are temperature settings which you can play around with which allows you to choose the type of buzz that you want. Of course, some of these buzzes vary in strength and power, but sure isn't  that the beauty of vaporizers you can choose the buzz that you want to receive. Portable Vaporizers can give you a less potent experience, but if you're looking for a real powerful hit a desktop vaporizer Is the way to go as these machines have the power to blast you off into orbit. This is one of the real beauties of smoking vaporized herb everything that you need will be at your fingers tips- there really is something for every vaping enthusiast. If you're looking for a mild buzz vapes can do this, if you're looking for a buzz where you'll be laughing and giggling vapes will accommodate you, and if you're looking for a buzz that will knock you on your back vaporizers can once again can do the job. Using a vaporizer truly is the way to go if you're looking to get that perfect draw that we all aspire to achieve.


There are many reasons why you should be smoking vaporized herb and not least because vaporizing is just so damn good.  Everything about vaping is superior to the older methods of taking your plants- vaping is just a superior all round experience.  When you consider that vaping results in health benefits, cash benefits, and superior overall buzzes you begin to appreciate why you should be using this method of taking your herbs. Nearly every facet of vaping is superior to combusting your herbs. For example, with a joint could you control the temperature and decide what level of a buzz you're going to receive? Of course not!! But with a vaporizing you can!! When you own a good quality vape you can decide what temperature you're going to be vaping at and what type of a buzz you want to receive. And during the whole process not one strand of your herbs plants will be wasted. So in finishing all I can say is that you should get out there and get yourself a vaporizer because you'll not be disappointed.