Top Best Must-Have Pax Accessories

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Namaste Vapes Canada 07/07/2017

Since the debut of the first Pax vaporizer people have been asking for little changed. While the vapes themselves are stellar, everyone has their own preferred way to enjoy a session and it makes sense that a wide array of accessories has been made available since! The Pax vaporizers are the perfect base to build off; strong and consistent, they don't need the accessories to be great! But with personal preference comes customization and that's where we come in. With a large selection of pax accessories available on the site already, we narrowed down the list to our favorites so we could show them to you! Here are the top must-have pieces to help make your Pax the best, no matter what style of vaper you are! Whether you are just new to vaping or you are experienced, there is guaranteed to be something here to improve your session.

NamasteVapes Water Tool

This 14mm water tool might be slightly complicated looking but nothing could be further than the truth! If you are transitioning from bongs to vapes this is ideal for you; the adapter sits snugly on top of your mouthpiece and the water tool works similar to the main body of a bong, helping cool the vapor that extra step before it reaches your mouth. Vaping can be slightly daunting for beginners and this 14mm water tool can be a great addition to your collection for helping you adjust. Equally, this is a great tool for people who are used to their vape and want to experiment with different techniques for tastier flavor and vapor. Don't forget to grab an adapter too, otherwise, the water will enter your vape!



Multi Tool

This handy Pax multi-tool is the perfect on-the-go companion to your vaporizer! Hanging on a keychain, it can be simply carried through your day-to-day life without any suspicion, the only clue of its true use being the familiar Pax logo printed on the front. With the black section being used as a tamper and the silver section handy as a pick, this isn't necessary for the casual vaper but as with the iPhones, it's nice to complete the look with iconic brand accessories rather than using any old thing to press down your herbs! This item has received rave reviews across the internet; though it might not be central to everyone's vaping needs, it is one of those items that just make your life, and by association, your sessions, that much easier!

Half Pack Oven

When the first Pax vapes came out, one of the first issues on many experienced vapers minds was about oven size. The original oven size was a perfect middle ground for many people but for those who wanted to enjoy their herbs in smaller amounts, say while out for the day or even for review purposes, it was too large to successfully pack small ground herb into. That's where the half pack oven comes in: a smaller oven compartment for you Pax that can be packed tightly with ground herbs for faster sessions. With larger ovens a small amount can burn out faster, leaving you unsatisfied and annoyed which is the last thing you want from a session! 


Titan 2 Hydra Vape Case

The Hydra Vape Case is the mothership of Pax accessories. Complete with a blend container, a charger slot, a cap, and a stirring tool, this hard as rocks case is ideal for carrying around your vaporizer outside the house. There are few things more irritating than having to rummage through your bag for a certain tool or piece while on the go, and this nifty case eliminates all of that! The Hydra Vape Case is one of the best accessories on our site; not just for Pax vaporizers, but across all the accessories we sell! As well as simplifying your life, it helps keep your Pax safe and sound which is the most important thing at the end of the day. Last thing you want on the classic Pax design is scratches!


This is only a small fraction of what we offer for Pax accessories. Hopefully as the Pax 3 gains even more popularity, there will be even more pax accessories in the next few years, but for now, these are the best of the best! Don't be afraid to experiment with different styles and pieces, vaping is a personal experience and the best thing about it is the variety you can avail from. Enjoy yourself!