Vape review: Pros and cons of the Pax 3 vaporizer

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By Spencer Brooks

PAX Labs is one of the most trusted vaporizer manufacturers on the market, and their third-generation vape, the Pax 3, has become a go-to vape for a lot of cannabis patients. 

The Pax 3 is a superb mid-tier vape that offers several high-end features at a more affordable price. It’s small, portable, well-made, and designed to vape both dry herb and concentrates. It also has a 15-second heating time, making it a convenient all-around vaporizer for everyday use. 

Here’s a breakdown of the pros and cons of the Pax 3, as well as a guide to its features. 

Pros of the Pax 3 vape

The Pax 3 excels in a number of ways:

  • Compact size. You’ll have a hard time finding a more portable vape than the Pax 3. It’s big enough that you won’t lose it, but small enough that you can slip it into your pocket for the day. The Pax 3 also has a sleek, sexy, minimalist design with no sharp corners or seams that will snag on clothing. It’s the quintessential vape for all-day carrying.  
  • Fast heating time. The Pax 3 heats up in only 15 seconds, making it one of the fastest vaporizers on the market.  
  • Quality construction. The Pax 3’s heating chamber is made of surgical-grade stainless steel, which increases both durability and vapour quality. The external shell is sleek, high-gloss aluminum and the mouthpiece is silicone, a heat-resistant rubber that will protect your mouth from burning during extended vaping sessions.  
  • Excellent battery life. The Pax 3’s battery powers about 150-200 draws when fully charged, and about 110 minutes of total heating time before it runs out of power. That’s very impressive, especially considering the Pax 3’s smaller size. 
  • Dry herb and concentrate options. The Pax 3 accepts both dry herb and concentrates -- a feature that’s usually reserved for much more expensive vaporizers. The Pax 3 has three removable chamber inserts: full-pack, half-pack (which takes less dry herb for shorter vaping sessions), and concentrate, which allows you to use cannabis concentrates. The Pax 3 vaporizes both dry herb and concentrate effectively. If you’re going to use a concentrate, you’ll likely want to use a higher temperature setting. 
  • High-fidelity flavour. The Pax 3’s stainless steel heating chamber and silicone mouthpiece are both nonreactive, meaning they preserve the taste and terpene profile of any cannabis you vaporize. You’ll be able to fully enjoy the nuances in flavour between cannabis strains.
  • Temperature presets. This vape comes with four temperature presets, ranging from 180-215 degrees Celsius. Lower temperatures produce milder, more flavourful vapour, while higher temperatures increase cannabinoid content and create richer vapour.  
  • PAX Vapour app. The Pax 3 can connect to a smartphone app via Bluetooth, giving you several additional heating modes and more control over your vaping. App heating modes include Boost mode, a high-temp mode that’s great for concentrates; Flavour mode, a lower-temp mode that maximizes vapour flavour; Efficiency mode, which gradually increases temperature throughout your vaping session; and Stealth mode, which cools down faster so you can take quick, discreet hits. 
  • 10-year warranty. Pax has been synonymous with quality since the company started making vapes, and they stand behind every unit they produce. The Pax 3 comes with a 10-year warranty that includes repairs and replacements if anything goes wrong. It’s hard to beat that. 

                  Cons of the Pax 3 vape

                  • Semi-frequent cleaning and maintenance. The Pax 3 needs to be cleaned after every 8-10 vaping sessions, otherwise you’ll start to experience increased draw resistance, meaning you'll have to take harder pulls on the mouthpiece to produce vapour. Fortunately, cleaning is quick and very simple because the Pax 3 has so few moving parts. Even so, you’ll have to clean the Pax 3 semi-regularly. 

                  Is the Pax 3 right for you?

                  If you’re looking for a sleek, pocket-sized vaporizer for everyday use, the Pax 3 is an excellent choice. It heats up quickly, holds a charge for a long time, and is small enough to bring with you just about anywhere. 

                  When you add in the fact that the Pax 3 can vaporize both dry herb and concentrate, this vaporizer becomes one of the most attractive mid-tier vapes on the market. It’s not surprising that so many people have chosen the Pax 3 as their go-to portable vape. 

                  You can buy the Pax 3 here. And if you want a less expensive option, you can also try the Pax 2, which is also excellent recently saw a decrease in price. Here’s a comparison of the Pax 3 vs. Pax 2