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Abrar Odoo 10/02/2017


Is vaporizing better than smoking your herbal? this is the big question that everyone wants to know.  As someone who has spent many a year using both methods I can honestly say that both methods have their moments.  I can remember the day when I 'd go around to my mates house and we'd roll up joints all day long and get off out heads- these where special moments. But like everything in life things evolve, things change for the better, and technology improves to offer you a superior service to what you might have previously been accustomed to. For me, vaporizers offer an experience that is without comparison. With vaporizers you'll have a level of control over your herbal that smoking simply could not afford you. Nowadays I can take out my Pax3 or my Mighty Vaporizer and I can control the temperature, I can control the buzz, I can decide how many vapours I want to take.

Owning a vaporizer affords you so many fantastic options that you'd nearly need to write a novel if you where attempting to summarize all of the benefits. Many of the options I've mentioned above simply aren't available with smoking, which, quite frankly, can be a hit and miss. If you take a pull from a joint you really don't know what you're going to get, but with owning a vaporizer many of these grey areas, and don't knows, are eliminated. But this is not to completely denigrate  smoking your herbs which can have their moments, but for me, its just that vaporizers offer a better overall experience. In this blog I'll attempt to summarize the benefits of both vaporizers and joints and why one is better than the other.


There is no comparison, vaporizing your herbs is far far better for your health than smoking them.  The reasons for this are multiple and varied, but one of the main reasons is because combusting your herbs leads to a whole host of carcinogenics entering into your lungs and bloodstream. Tobacco has been shown to be one of the most harmful products in the world leading to cancer and a whole host of other nasty diseases. But if you purchase a good quality vaporizer many of these issues can be avoided.
Vaporizing rather than combusting your herbs heats them up just enough so that they are vaporized, and this method has been proven to be way healthier than  smoking. Vaporizers ensure that your body will receive the minimum amount of toxins and the maximum amount of benefit from substances. Another reason why vaporizers are superior is because they virtually eliminate many of the nasty smells commonly associated with smoking. When you have visitors coming around to your house there is nothing worse than people walking into a dirty house which stinks from herbal and tobacco smoke- with vaporizers this issue  has become a thing of the past. 


The main benefit of vaporization is that your plants are never burned. Your plants wont actually produce smoke- they'll produce a vapour which will have an outstanding taste to it.  With vaporizers you wont experience any of the harsh rancid like draws that you sometimes receive from joints. One point of caution I would have is that some of the lesser quality vaporizers can result in draws falling in quality the more draws you take.  But to overcome this all you have to do is make sure you are investing in a good quality vape that will get the job done.  From my experience, I've discovered that if you vaporize oils your flavours will go through the roof- with some truly exceptional buzzes to be received. But because oils are extra potent you'll need to be aware that it will take far less of them to get you buzzing.  


This is a closer one to call than many would think with both methods offering pros and cons in their favour. First of all, some vaporizers may be far more difficult to use than others depending on the brand that you purchase. The problem with many of the older and cheaper vapes is that there is a lot involved in taking them apart, cleaning, and other issues. Also with some vapes it may take a while to get to know how use them.  But with some of the more modern vaporizers such as the Firefly 2, the Pax3, and the Mighty, many of these issues can be avoided. For pure functionality and use in a public arena I'd always side with a portable vaporizer as they look far more professional and sleek looking than smoking a joint.

Vaporizers also allow you a whole host of features that a joint never could or would, such as: Temperature control, flavour settings, USB access, and remote control manoeuvrability. On the other hand rolling a joint, for many people, only takes a few seconds and then they'll be happily puffing away. But the problem is many people don't know how to roll properly.  At the end of the day, rolling a joint can be a chore too with a loose joint falling over the place and the ashes falling onto the floor making a dirty mess. When you have a vaporizer these issues are usually avoided. But in finishing I have to say that as far as ease of use goes, it a very close run thing where I'll score it a draw.


There simply is no comparison, with vaporizers being better than smoking in nearly every way. Owning a vaporizer will be cleaner, healthier, and it will result in a more happy you.  Vaporizers are also more discreet and offer users the better overall package.  Once you start using vapes you'll no longer have to endure disgusting odours permeating every corner of your house. You'll no longer have to contend with vast amounts of toxins into your bloodstream making you sick, tired, and feeling lethargic. In finishing all I can say that you should get your finger out purchase a vaporizer and find out for yourself what all the fuss is about.