Which Great Canadian Vaporizer Are You?

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Namaste Vapes Canada 16/10/2018

We enjoy a relaxed Canada Day just as much as the next Canuck, and there's nothing quite like a vape session to get you nice and chill! But as the day gets nearer, we start to wonder about which Canadian vaporizer would suit us best. Canada is such a melting pot of people and hobbies, and there's a vape for everyone! Which great vape are you?


Arizer Solo 2 Canada

Arizer Solo 2/1

You like the newest, shiniest thing, but don't mistake that as being showy! You value quality and like to get your money's worth, and that is no bad thing. You like to research before you buy (hello!) and spend hours reading different articles trying to compare features and appearance. You pre-planned your entire Canada Day weeks in advance, with times and places written down in your phone. Organized and prepared, people know what they're getting when you come on board projects or plans. That's why the Arizer Solo vaporizers are perfect for you! With the success of the original and the recent release of the second, it's reputation precedes itself and that's something you respect. You want something reliable and solid, while delivering top quality results just like you do!

Twisty Glass Blunt Canada

Twisty Glass Blunt

You're an old school kinda person, a bit of a traditionalist. If it isn't broken, why fix it you know? You like to go with the flow and aren't impressed by big bells and whistles. That said, you know something good when you see it. Your Canada Day is pre-planned, but in a different way to how the Solo Person planned theirs: you've done the same thing for the last few years and it suits you to the ground! Tradition is tradition because it works, and you appreciate that. The Twisty Glass Blunt fits into your lifestyle, being familiar but pushing the boundaries just enough to excite you! The twist technology inside is perfect for lasting you the whole day, meaning you can bring it to your annual bbq or out to the fireworks without having to fiddle with anything. At the end of the day, it does what you want and that's perfect for you.

Buy the Twisty Glass Blunt here!


Grizzly Honey Dab Pen Vaporizer Canada

Grizzly Honey Dab Pen Vaporizer

You're ahead of the curve, but in ways other people aren't. You enjoy some of the weirder things in life, and you love to experiment! Poutine flavored doughnuts? Sign you up! You've no problem experimenting in the kitchen and you know full well that Canadian flavors are some of the most varied in the world! Why limit yourself to a smaller palate? How will your Canada Day go? You might check out some new restaurants or modern art exhibitions, the world is your oyster! The Grizzly Honey Dab Pen is your vape of choice, two types of atomizer appeal to your inner scientist and the idea of tasting a whole world of dabs are your dream come true!


Vapor Brothers Vaporizer

Vapor Brothers Vaporizer 

You're cautious and careful, maybe a bit of a health nut. You like to know things are safe, and that's a good thing! The world needs more careful people, as you know fair well. You like to read up on products before you buy them too, less about finding the shiniest thing but the one that's best for you. You don't want to be vaping around town on Canada Day, you like having a session at home where you're comfortable and happy. You might not openly vape either, which is why the Vapor Brothers Vaporizer is ideal for you. The intense research and testing Vapor Brothers put into their devices guarantees a non-toxic vape and a safe session all round, and you love that.

Buy the Vapor Brothers Vape here!


Arizer Extreme Q Vaporizer Canada

Arizer Extreme Q

You also like to vape at home, but for very different reasons to the person above! You love a good session; your motto is "Go hard or go home", which suits you to the ground as the party is usually at yours! People trust you to throw the biggest bash this Canada Day, and you're ready with 2-4 and a fresh batch of beaver tails as well as some quality kush. The party doesn't stop til you do, and that's why you would love the Arizer Extreme Q. This is a vape that will go the distance and won't let you down, and when you start bursting out the balloons or flexing your whip people will be delighted! The Extreme Q is one of the great Canadian vaporizers with good reason, get ready for a next level session!


Arizer Air Vaporizer Canada

Arizer Air

You know about the different parades and shows around your town, but they aren't really your thing. You might go to a bbq or a fireworks show but more than likely you'll be found out in the open somewhere, enjoying Canada Day with a picnic or a day at the beach! You like escaping to nature, and what better time to appreciate the beautiful Canadian landscape than on the 1st? You want to spend the whole day outdoors without having to run back to your car to recharge things, your phone can last so why not your vaporizer? The Arizer Air is here for you, with a long lasting battery and a sleek design it fits right in your pocket without weighing you down and the replacement battery isn't half bad either! It can go for as long as you can, perfect for exploring the Canadian outdoors.