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Why an All Glass Airway is Good!

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CSR Team 25/05/2017
Firefly 2 - NamasteVapes CA
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Using glass or rather incorporating glass into the design of airways, air path and vapor path in vaporizers have long been in existence and it is obviously as old as vaporizers itself. glass is one of the most desirable material used in the heating chamber of vaporizers today because it is cleanest way to vaporize herbs or concentrates. Because glasses are inert, they do not participate in the reaction or production of vapor which implies that nothing tempers with the vapor produced from the heating chamber irrespective of the type of vape. Plastics on the contrary could affect the taste of your buds because plastic releases harmful fumes especially when in contact with high temperatures. If you are observant, you would discover that some types of plastics are not encouraged in the food industry simply because they are unsafe. Nevertheless, some plastics are safe for food which means they can be incorporated in the airways of vaporizer without fear of inhaling toxic fumes. Because of this challenge relating to plastics, most manufacturers have resolved that glass airways are better than other material inspired airways.

Some vaporizers employ partial glass airways meaning that they feature some other materials like ceramics or plastics in the airways while other vaporizers employ all- glass- air path and believe me that vapes such as this would certainly deliver tastier vapor flavors. Other advantages of the all glass air ways is the fact that glass as a material due to its nature can be cleaned easily meaning that you would not need to scrub too hard to get rid of clogged herbs in the herb chamber.

So many advantages of glass air ways but it also features few demerits and this is the fact that glass as a material is very fragile and can easily crack when it falls or in the course of a thorough cleaning session but the consolation we have is that glass can easily be replaced.

DaVinci Ascent - NamasteVapes CA

Finally, all glass airways or glass inspired vapor paths are quite popular in the vaping industry and the best of vaporizers you know feature all in glass airways particularly borosilicate glass. Note that plastics in airways can create an unpleasant flavor, ceramics in airways usually results in a frequent blockage of holes by materials {herbs or concentrates) while stainless steel poses threat to portability and affordability. You would discover that glass airways give you all the advantage. Some top vapes that feature all in glass airways include the Firefly 2, the DaVinci ascent,Arizer air,Vapexhale cloud evo and many others.

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