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Budget Vaporizers for Beginners

Black Mamba - Ideal for Beginners

The Black Mamba is a portable vape that has gained popularity in the last year! For what you're getting at this price, you won't be surprised why.

With a price that won't make your wallet cry and a size that makes it easy to carry around, the Black Mamba is ideal for beginners looking to get started and veterans who want a portable to carry them through the day.

Why Black Mamba?

Black Mamba - Ideal for Beginners

Ideal for Beginners

Made for pure dry herb conduction vaping, enjoy silky smooth vapor with this fully ceramic chamber. The consistency of the ceramic makes it the perfect material for vaping and gives out pure vapor without burning the herb like other cheaper ovens can.

Typically only found in top-shelf vaporizers, this ceramic chamber is featured in the Black Mamba at a fraction of the price and is a true testament to how well-made this vape is. This is one vape that is guaranteed to provide a smooth vaping experience time and time again.

Discreet and Easy to Use

Easy to use, this vape comes in a fascinating teardrop shape. There are very few vapes in this form, but it is ideal for discrete public vaping. The body of the vape fits comfortably in the palm of your hand, with the mouthpiece reaching above your hand.

And with a matte black exterior that is soft to the touch and very easy to clean, both usage and maintenance for the vaper become a breeze.

Black Mamba - Discreet and Easy to Use
Black Mamba - Clean Vaping

Clean Vaping

Like many vaporizers, the interior can be cleaned in minutes with some cleaning alcohol. But with a 65g chamber, you shouldn't have to worry about cleaning your Black Mamba too often.

Featuring such a large chamber, the Black Mamba also positions itself as one of the best options for transitioning from bongs. A lot of vapes have smaller ovens for less material, and if you're used to big hits, this can make them unsatisfying until you become accustomed to the size range. Fully pack your Black Mamba for a seamless vaping experience.

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