NamasteVapes are now stocking a variety of bongs to complete your session collection. Bongs provide a unique experience - the bubbling water display is often the highlight of any session, and there is a unique taste from your herbs deriving from the water-filtered, aerated pressure that the smoke path is forced to that really gives it a crisp, fresh taste. Check out our Bongs collections below, and remember, we stock a variety of 14mm and 18mm adapters to help you connect your bong to your personal vape too!

Glass Bongs

Glass Bongs are the traditional and most frequently seen style of bong on the market today. Glass bongs have the advantage of endless possibilities when it comes to design. All sorts of shapes and sizes are appearing and since our selection comes in a wide range of different thicknesses and designs you are certain to find a glass bong grabbing your attention in our ever-growing vast selection. At NamasteVapes, we take great pride in the ever-growing selection of glass bongs we have for sale. Not only are the prices unbeatable, our collection at stock is too.

Acrylics Bongs

Acrylic bongs are the cheap and cheerful alternative to the sometimes more expensive glass bongs. Since acrylic bongs are significantly cheaper to produce, these durable and affordable pieces are perfect for the beginner. By taking a chance on one of these cheap acrylic bongs, you can discover a whole new world of smoking or whether this style of Smoking is right for you before purchasing a more expensive premium model. Perfect for passing these cheap acrylic bongs are easily shared among friends and are certain to be a hit.

Percolator Bongs

With the smoking community growing so vastly in popularity in recent years, the introduction of more intricate paraphernalia was inevitable. Percolator bongs are the cream of the crop when it comes to only the smoothest hits. Percolators act as a means of both cooling and filtering your smoke. They can come in an ever-growing number of forms. Honeycomb percs, showerhead percs, tree percs, inline percs, UFO percs, turbine percs, slitted disc percs, spiral or coil percs, matrix percs and even the old familiar downstem are only a few examples of the percolators used in bongs today. Get yourself one of our top quality percolator bongs and experience truly impressive rips every single time.

Premium Bongs

We stock only the biggest and best brands when it comes to bongs. By ensuring the stock we sell is of the highest quality we feel safe in the knowledge that another happy customer is satisfied when they choose they purchase their bong from us at NamasteVapes. We stock a number of premium brands including, Grav Labs, Famous Brandz; Pounds by Snoop Dogg, Cheech & Chong, EDIT, Basil Bush, Grace Glass, RooR, Black Leaf and many many more. Have a look through our wide range of bongs, glass Bongs, percolator bongs, premium bongs & find your perfect smoking companion.

Cheap Bongs

Not all of us can afford to purchase premium bongs, percolator bongs or the higher end expensive bongs. Luckily, we at NamasteVapes acknowledge this and consciously stock a wide range of inexpensive, cheap bongs which are still of only the highest quality. Take a look at our vast selection of cheap bongs which come in all styles from acrylic to glass and in some cases even percolator bongs. Don't feel you have to miss out on the endless fun bongs can create.