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Sales: 6AM - 7PM EST
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Tel: 1-800-892-3695

Sales: 6AM - 7PM EST | Monday - Friday

Sales: 6AM - 7PM EST
Monday - Friday

Bongs for Vaporizers

Brand new to the NamasteVapes collection is our range of some of the best, affordable bongs for sale online. Take a look through our current collection of bongs that will be updated regularly, make sure to check back in to see what new pieces we have decided to add. 

While we are a Vaporizer company first and foremost, NamasteVapes appreciates all elements of smoking and we aim to provide our customers with the very best smoking experience that we can make possible. So here come the bongs. Bongs are intriguing pieces, while the technical term would be that they are no more than functional scientific pieces of glass we have a much more different view. We view bongs more so as works of art and that each and every individual piece has its unique elements to it. 

Bongs for Sale online - New to NamasteVapes

Bongs have been around for years and years, and have become a lot of smokers first choice as their way to consume their dry herb materials. Bongs (also known as water pipes) are a filtration device for smoking herbs and can come with an array of different filtration devices, styles, designs and all sorts of shapes and sizes. Take a look below at the current NamasteVapes bong collection and let us know what you think. 

How to get a bong for your vaporizer...

  1. Add an adaptor to your cart
  2. Choose a Bong
  3. Fit the adapter to your vape, put it into your bong stem... Enjoy the smooth vapor

See Kory use his Davinci IQ with a Bong, see how it works.

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