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Are you looking to buy a vaporizer? Or is time to buy a better vape? Make sure you check out the new Elevape Smart vaporizers now available in Canada. This American based company (San Marcos, California) came out with probably one of the most technologically advanced vape on the Canadian and international market. Their one and only model, the Elevate Smart vaporizer, is a complete computerized vaporizer that allows you to vape instantly whenever you want and wherever you want. They even have an app you can download on your computer to control the actual device. Soon they will be launching the mobile version of the app so you can download it to your smart phone (android & ios). This is trully the future of the vaporizer industry, and it’s here now in Canada.

When you buy the Elevape Smart vape model, your buying the most developed and sophisticated vaporizer available. The Elevape Smart vaporizer is nothing fancy. It’s a simple, discretely elegant very powerful portable vaporizer. One really unique feature of the Elevape Smart vaporizer is that there is literally no heat time (waiting time) at all because it turns on automatically when you start vaping, so you can enjoy it right away on the spot. The heating system gets automatically activated when you inhale, and it reach optimum temperature in less than two (2) seconds. If you like to be discrete when you vape, you will love the fact that the heating system of the Elevape vape controls the heating process and ends up producing a minimum amount of vapor scent. When you buy a vaporizer it’s important to know excatly what piece of equipment it’s made of. One of the most important piece of a vaporizer is it’s battery. A quality vape cannot function properly without a good and long lasting battery, and the company Elevape Vaporizers did taugh of that, as they include a rechargeable lithium polymer battery with every Elevape Smart vape. This battery provides long lasting vaping session time and the recharging process is really quick. It’s also really easy replace the heating coils so you can keep your vape functioning properly for many years and make the most out of your investement. The Elevape Smart vape is built from airplane aluminum with stainless steel screen, a really tough material that will protect the inside heating system against almost anything. It is well designed, user-friendly, easy to use, and it’s shape makes it really easy to clean. Cleaning and maintenance is always recommended. The Elevape Smart vaporizer is built from airplane aluminum with stainless steel screen, a really tough material that will protect the inside system against almost anything.

All Elevape Smart vaporizers comes with lifetime warranty against any defects that could be found in the material or in it’s structure. The coil and battery both have a one (1) year warranty from the date it was purchased. It is always good to well investigate the company’s warranty when buying a vaporizer. Elevape Smart vaporizer in Canada does comply with the “100% customer satisfaction guarantee” policy. Great company with a great product, you can buy Elevape vaporizers with no worries.

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