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Festival Survival Collection

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The sun’s out, and festival season is here. You’ve got North by North East and Tall Tree coming up fast. Time to head out and gig it up and the latest festivals, but you’re obviously gonna want a good smoke or a vape while you’re there. Hell, getting a good high going and just chilling out to the tunes is half the fun, but you’re going to need to know what kind of gear you’re going to want. Now, we’re not saying you should start rolling joints in the middle of a mosh pit, but you won’t be the only person smoking at this thing, so if you grab a couple of minutes somewhere private, you could probably get a really good high going and no one would care. We’ve got everything the Canadian festival child could need this summer of music here at NamasteVapes.ca.

Music Festivals 2017 - NamasteVapes has your back

A good vape could be your answer. Something portable, efficient, discreet if needs be. Something with an amazing amount of battery or something with USB chargers and some power packs, or maybe even something that doesn’t work off of battery at all.

Maybe when it’s later at night and things are kicking off more you can spend some time with the mac-daddy of all pipes real quick and get yourself nice and baked before the act you’ve been waiting all day comes on. This collection also has everything you’ll need for pipes, from smaller hand pipes and steam rollers to strong and durable water pipes.

Namastevapes Festival Essentials Collection | Get prepared for festival season with Namastevapes

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