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What vaporizer should I buy? Portable or desktop vaporizer? Easy answer, buy Firefly vape!

Those are all common questions in Canada when people are buying a new vaporizer. Buying a vaporizer is fun and exciting, but you need to know what vape to buy before you make the final decision. Firefly Vaporizers came out on the market in 2012 and we’re immediately recognized as one of the best vaporizer company in the world. They simply focused on one model, which was the Firefly Vaporizer 1, and they did an amazing job becoming an industry leader in such a short period of time all over the world. The main founder of the company was a design manager at Apple, so he knows a thing or two about creativity and technology. His experience from working over twenty (20) years in Silicon Valley (California) totally reflects in his work with Firefly Vapes.

After spending many years gathering comments, reviews and suggestions from their customers who we’re using the first model, the Firefly vaporizer 1, they finally upgraded and re-invented their vape and came out with the famous Firefly vaporizer 2 and it’s finally available in Canada. The new Firefly vape 2 is a portable vape that can be use for vaping wax, herbs, oils or different concentrates. No matter with what blend you use it, only pure satisfying vapor always comes out smoothly and tastefuly. It is one the smallest vaporizer in it’s category, but also one of the strongest. The exterior of the Firefly vape is rock solid, the finish is truly elegant and they come in many different color options. Although it’s a strong and powerful vaporizer, it’s small and very discrete and fits perfectly in the palm of your hand. The Firefly vaporizer 2 is 50% lighter and 30% smaller than the first Firefly vaporizer that came out a couple of years ago, it comes with customizable temperature setting options, a real efficient long lasting battery which recharge in less than one hour.

Another reason the Firefly vapes became really popular is for it’s outstanding dynamic heating technology that only heats your ingredient as you inhale or vape, so you instantly enjoy the quality delicious vapor and aromas at the very moment they are vaped. Like we mentioned before, technology always been on the founder’s mind. That’s why the company created a mobile application that allows you to control your vape’s different heating options directly from the app.

Bottom line, for Canadian consumers this is probably one of the best if not the best portable vaporizer available in Canada. It’s powerful, well built with strong external material, great heating system, versatile for many vaping style, user-friendly and pocket size so it goes anywhere you go. Some say that if James Bond had a vaporizer, it would be this one, the Firefly vaporizer 2 model. Obviously it comes with a complete product two (2) years warranty against defects in material and workmanship. They offer top notch customer service and it’s really easy to get a hold of them, for if you should require any assistance from the company.


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