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Flowermate Vaporizer is a well established company from Ontario California (U.S.A.) and is bringing the consumer an easy and fantastic vaping experience. All the Flowermate vapes such as Hybrid VaporizerSWIFT Pro, iHit Desktop combines nice sleek modern design with portability, creating an experience unparalleled among the entire vaping industry in Canada and across the globe. With many different products to select from, Flowermate have a product that will meet all your taste and vaping needs. All their vapes are good quality and affordable.

Flowermate Vaporizers have been around for many years in Canada, and it’s fair to say that thousands of very satisfied customers are using and recommending Flowermate vapes all the way. Their vaporizers are probably one of the most simlpe vapes to use on the market and this is one of the reason they are so popular in Canada when people are buying a vaporizer. The company manufactures different kind of vapes but one of the most popular is the dry herb vaporizer, the well known Flowermate Vaporizer 5.0. The Flowermate vape 5.0 features a simple single button that controls both the power (on-off) and temperature of the vaporizer at the same time. It’s self-regulated and it’s configured to fonction at a medium-high temperature automatically. The Flowermate Vape 5.0 is an advanced small size aroma-therapy vape that uses a new high-end technology to heat the herb only to the point of perfect vaporization, without no combustion all. By using this heating technology, the product (herb) never burns, it only produces top quality vapor. Vaping with the Flowermate vape is very simple, you simply turn on the vaporizer, fill the chamber with the product of your choice and in less than thirty (30) seconds the vape is ready for use and produces a nice smooth vapor. This small pocket size vaporizer is quite affordable, very good efficiency and really easy to use. The Flowermate vape is very compact (approx 6x2x10cm) and it fits right in the palm of your hand comfortably. There is a hidden compartment inside the vape that provides space for the mouthpiece, or you can also use it to store other items of your choice. Buying a Flowermate vape 5.0 is good choice for all kinds of vaping enthusiasts.

Another awesome Flowermate vaporizer is the new Pure Hit model, finally available in Canada. This vape is a very unique vaporizer that blends really well between e-liquid and herbal vaporizers. The Pure Hit device is built with strong stainless, and comes with a super resistant ceramic heating chamber that will create perfect vapor all the time. This is totally top quality, high performance herbal vape that really looks, feels and smells like a high-end e-liquid vape.

If you are in Canada and looking to buy a powerful portable vaporizer, buy Flowermate vapes. They offer great products at a very good price backed by a good warranty and they have excellent customer support. If you should requiere assistance for any reason, customer service is really easy to contact and the staff are totally commited to achieving total customer satisfaction.

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