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Grenco Science Vaporizers (U.S.A. based company) is well known for connecting the entertainment business world with the vaping industry. The most popular Grenco Science vape is the famous Snoop Dogg herbal portable vaporizer. The company gain a lot of popularity around the globe because of all the events they attend such as; music concerts, shows, snowboarding and skateboarding competiton and all other sorts of events, but it’s important to recognize that they do manufacture incredible vaporizers.

Grenco Science Vaporizers is a very creative company full of ingenuity and aptitude, always engineering some of the most technologically advanced portable vaporizers around the world, no surprise they became so popular in a such a short period of time in Canada. They we’re one of the first vape company to distibute a tank-system specifically built for personal aromatherapy regimens. Grenco Science vapes combines top superior functionality with the convenience of portability. Since all of Grenco Science vapes are portable pen-style, they can easily be enjoyed anywhere and everywhere you go. All the vapes are classy, discrete and produces excellent vapor due to the an oustanding heating system technology that only Grenco Science Vaporizers knows how to manufacture.

Grenco Science Vaporizers manufactures five different models of vapes; Elite, G Pro, G Pen, Micro G, G Slim. All models are small pocket size portable pen-style vaporizers.Both the dry herb and the e-liquid enthusiasts will be delighted by these top quality vaporizers. The famous G Pen Elite is a portable full convection vape, featuring a LED (light) display with full temperature control, battery-life indicator with a quality ceramic heating chamber. It’s a top of the line quality vape built with only the best components available. The most popular Grenco Science vape up to this day is obviously the G Pen Snoop Dogg portable pen model. The vape is totally customized with a Snoop Dogg signature engraving, The G Pen Snoop Dogg material tank is built with stainless steel so it’s robust and will last a long time. The battery has great longevity and recharges quickly. The heating chamber is made out of ceramic so the vapor comes out at the right temperature, smooth and tasty vapor, everytime. The vape itslef comes with a designed roadmap of Long Beach California (where Snoop Dogg is from) on it, which makes it a pretty cool looking device. Altought the Snoop Dogg vape model is very popular, it’s important to say that all of the Grenco Science vapes are great vaping devices, all built with quality components, perfect dimensions, awesome designs, and a great choice of accessories. Another oustanding model that Grenco Science manufactures is the G Pro vape which is a little more compact and was built for people who prefer to be more discrete. The G Pro mode is one of the most affordable portable convection vape available on the market today, that makes it a very popular choice first time buyers.

All of Grenco Science vapes sold in Canada comes with a one year product warranty on electronic components. They have an incredible customer service department always ready to attend their customers for any issue that might arise. Buying a Grenco Science vaporizer is a very smart decision.

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