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LINX Accessories

Linx Accessories

Linx is one of the fastest growing vape brands on the market. Linx has been doing pretty good since last 2-3 years and continuously to do so that helps them to create unique footprint with their impactful line of vaporizers. Whether it is Ares, Gaia or Hypnos zero, they earned great customer trust with their unique value proposition and commitment to generate quality products.

To ensure maximum efficiency and performance through Linx Vaporizer, you may need to replace serval parts over time due to various reasons such as clogging over time, breakage or misplacement. Namaste Canada understands the need of our aspiring linx customers and offering a wide range of Linx accessories and replacement parts to fulfill all customer needs. Browse through our complete collection of linx accessories and replacements parts designed to use with Linx Vapes. Here is a list of accessories that we currently stock for the Linx Vapes: Mouthpiece, Charger, Atomizer, Battery, Filter, and Cleaning Brush.

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